I hate Mondays. For the past two Mondays, my school and work schedules have been back to back, leaving me with no set time to whip up a column. Geesh. The only brief time I was online was in between classes at school, to which I checked to see if my #1 ranked Fantasy Baseball team was still holding up on points, despite being frozen by a jealous commissioner who is angry for being last place in his own league. So FINGER OF SHAME to both work and school, although, I'll need both to survive in the long run, whereas acting like a former Jackson 5 singer writing wrestling columns won't.

Wow. Interesting feedback on my applauding of Bill Goldberg for ripping the WWF since they didn't send any wrestlers for help or support at Ground Zero in New York City. If you want, you may place me in the same EVIL drawer as Bill Goldberg, but in reality, what has the WWF done in support? What, since they had a Smackdown 2 days after the tragedy, in which they gloated about being the 1st event since the terrorist attacks? Because they CLAIM to be sending money and goods to the relief effort? What, because they place the Red Cross's web address or phone numbers on their shows? Maybe because they have an American flag waving on their background screen? Oh, how about WWF NY? I guess since it wasn't going to make any business that week, why not use it as a pit-stop for the rescuers? The point that Goldberg made was that the WWF is basically a sports entertainment establishment basically set out of New York City (Stamford, Connecticut), and they could have done more.

If you look at other brands of entertainment in New York, like the football and baseball teams, players were sent to help out in some capacity or another, and they continue to help out to this day. The WWF is more or less all talk about helping, which is probably what helped to fuel Goldberg's comments. I support what Goldberg said, and I won't go back on my word for what I said last Wednesday or Thursday. Don't like it, then fine. We all have opinions. It's just sad to see how some people react to my support on this matter, or to Goldberg's comments, in which I feel were justified.

That's all I'm commenting on this situation, and I'm not about to change my opinion, like SOME people always do when they are challenged. I was certainly challenged, but I don't give in or fall to my knees to please anybody. That's why it's called "Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column", meaning that it's a opinionated column based on MY opinion.

Again, enough of this. I'm not changing my mind. Don't like it, then go find somebody that will shill for you every week.

So anyway, we have RAW results to discuss, as we always do on Tuesdays because tradition rules, if you can dig that.

Mr. Tito's RAW is WAR

Yeah, I know that RAW is WAR is now called just "RAW". However, I did NOT want to title this section Mr. Tito's RAW, meaning Mr. Tito is RAW, which could be used for a cheap laugh. Ha! I'm always one step ahead!

Opening interviews are back. Oh lord. Kurt Angle, not as smooth as a talker as he once was as a heel, comes out to question where Steve Austin was. The Rock would come out to talk about how they were screwed out of the World Titles on Smackdown, etc, etc, etc. Shane McMahon would then come out to book a handi-cap tables match between the Dudleys and the Rock. Yawn. That match has soooo been done before. How creatively burned out are the writers these days? I know that two shows a week are a lot, but for a federation that has a vast amount of talent right now, how can you repeat matches or ideas?

The Steve Austin fax messages through Paul Heyman were a bad, bad idea. I just got annoyed whenever Heyman was announcing whatever was sent via fax.

Hurricane vs. Spike Dudley was our first match, which was short. I liked the top rope finisher of Helms to win the match. All throughout the match, Mike Awesome was there to help Helms, since Awesome lost to Spike on Heat last night. Yeah, if you didn't catch that pile of shit show, you'd be somewhat clueless, especially if you were at the arena for this show. Is the WWF ever going to do something productive with Mike Awesome, or will they let him rot away because of bad advice given by the Undertaker to the bookers about Awesome's "wrestling ability"? I guess Molly Holly turned, after being taken away by the Hurricane after getting knocked out on Smackdown. Whatever. At least Molly MIGHT have something productive to do now. Lord only knows that hanging around Crash Holly or Spike Dudley just made her stand around for matches, excluding the early Spike-Molly relationship where the Hollys were pissed. Plus, it could keep her off Heat, where Spike and Crash play. What the hell was the Big Slow saying afterward?

Test/Booker T/Rob Van Dam vs. Undertaker/Kane/Chris Jericho was alright, but you knew heading in who would be losing this match. I remember a time, in the WWF, when matches weren't so easy to predict. Oh yeah, that was around 1998 or so, only 3 years ago. Wow. Anything involving Undertaker and Kane amazingly makes the match worse, no matter how many other good performers you throw into it. But yet the blind WWF officials can't see that.

Blah to the handicap tables match between the Dudleys and the Rock. Bad finish to it, too, as a WWF referee ran down to reverse the decision about the WCW title. Who knows if it was on the line anyway? I don't like how the WWF screws around with WWF sanctioned or WCW sanctioned matches about the referees, especially for titles.

If you caught Mtv Heat yesterday, then the Tazz/Stacy Keibler vs. Tajiri/Torrie Wilson match was boring. Torrie, for what she is, hit some decent moves on Stacy in this match. Yawn, the Ivory run in made me sooooo mad (sarcasm).

Best backstage segment of the night: Tazz turning out to be Maven's opponent on Smackdown. Now that's a dirty heel turn if I ever saw one. Poor Maven is going to take a whippin' for an excuse to disappear out of the spotlight to be developed more.

The Christian interview segment was decent. First, Christian yells about getting no respect now that he's a singles wrestler. That prompts X-Pac to come out, and then tell Christian that the same thing happened to him. I really don't think that X-Pac's new theme fits him. After jawing for a while, Edge comes out and just rips X-Pac a new asshole. Edge seemed to be shooting, but it's all in good fun. Edge is just an incredible talker. Segment ended with Albert attacking Edge, and eventually, X-Pac, Christian, and Albert were chased out by the APA. Can you smell a six man match on Smackdown?

Yikes. Lance Storm was just manhandled by William Regal. Regal seems to be winning these singles matches very easily, which makes me wonder if he's slowly coming back to in ring action for every week. I certainly hope so. Looks like Storm is an official mid-card jobber, now that he's no longer associated with the Hurricane. After the match, Regal took a shot at Heyman for annoying us with the Austin fax messages.

Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle.... not a bad match, whatsoever, but man, where's the originality in Shane booking himself against a top face? No Austin return, either, as I figured Austin would have attacked Angle as he walked backwards up the ramp.

LAST WORD: Incredibly bad show put on by the WWF, wrestling wise. Matches were either too short, weak, or repetitive from earlier shows. I'll give it a


(D Plus), and I feel generous giving that one out. I hope that Smackdown catches my interest more than this show did. At least that's what happened last week.

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