Welcome to the 189th consecutive Phat Daily Column. I got to see ECW on TNN last night, after I missed last week's, therefore, I have some impressions, Phat Stats©, and the biggest heat draw of them all, the grades for the show. So sit back, relax, because you've just entered the PDC!


-Good old Smackdown pulled a rating of a 5.7, which is really excellent considering that Thursday is when all the networks pull out all of the stops. One thing I'll find funny is this new competition of Smackdown just might do exactly what Nitro did to RAW, and that is for RAW to increase the competition, thus making the Thursday Night shows work harder for a better show. Ha, just a thought. Anything in the fives is a great rating in the national television market, especially for wrestling. The WWF has pulled up HUGE numbers this week for both shows, so they better hope they can keep the momentum up.

-Boy is the WWF purchasing many domain names lately. Now they have opened WWFwedding.com in honor of Test and Stephanie McMahon. Alright, to answer the millions...and millions of e-mails that I get about this here goes. This is a WORK, not real life. They aren't together in real life. This is a wedding just for television. Besides, I personally think someone is turning bad during this wedding. Either Test will make the turn, or Shane will turn again and have Test get pounded on for his own wedding. Whatever the case maybe, I think that wedding won't go through.


-This upcoming Nitro should be a very emotional one for the Hitman, as Nitro will be from Kemper Arena, the place where Owen had his unfortunate accident. I have heard that they will have a special match in honor of the Rocket, with Bret Hart facing Chris Benoit. That should be a great "wrestling" match, and that's one to watch no matter how much you mark-out for the WWF. I, unfortunately, see someone running in for this match. It's just too good to be true. (Credit: Ryder and Martinez)

-Thunder whipped out a 1.2 rating this week, as they were at a later timeslot after the baseball game. Not a bad number for Thunder at that timeslot, and it's even more amazing considering that the card didn't look that strong. One thing I don't like, is the fact that the old contracts before Bill Busch had many main event wrestlers not wrestling Thunders. Bunch of babies get pain millions, but they can't show up to help out Thunder. That's probably why ICP was unsure about signing with WCW. They probably didn't want to be on Thunder..like the rest.


Oh my God! A fistfight! One thing about ECW I liked last night, was the fact that they just didn't happen to have a television camera backstage. That's great, because the WWF and WCW just always happen to have a camera everywhere! This added more realism to it.

Mikey Awesome is Awesome! Damn, he's mighty good. People got on me about my comments that he wasn't an over champ. I never said he couldn't wrestle, I just thought newer ECW fans would be clueless when they saw him. That match probably could convince anyone that he's for real.

Spike Dudley! Damn, I was impressed by this match. FBI would have never lost if Tracey Smothers was still there....

Four Wrestlers that I've never seen in action! When this match started, I was like 'this match is going to be so boring', and I was thinking that because I've never seen these guys wrestle. They proved me wrong, especially Doring. That stunner like move impressed the hell out of me. Those other two no namers put up one hell of a fight. I love the Amish gimmick..haha.

Dreamer against all odds I want to know how he can walk right, let alone take all of those bumps. Tajiri is a tough wrestler, who always hits you hard. It was nice to see Raven come down and cause the screwjob as one of the best feuds in wrestling has just fired up!!

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

====$$Not a bad show at all. It's interesting, though, that ECW kept hyping next week's show with Tammy Sytch returning. That felt like Nitro. Anyway, solid matches by ECW tonight, so I'll give it a solid grade of a


for this week's show. I predict, however, a 0.9 when the ratings come in Monday.

@That's it for today's edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Look for another edition of Bad Tito to sometime show up on the Evolution some time soon. So until the next PDC, just chill....

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