Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column, coming to you on this wonderful Sunday morning. Today I come to you on the computer at home that has crashed on my several times writing this column, so I hope this computer doesn't screw me over today. In today's column, we will discuss Halloween Havoc and whatever else comes to mind. Can you dig that?

Bret Hart

Bret Hart has officially retired, and not even thinking about a WWF return. I respect that. For all of the trashing he's done to the WWF after Survivor Series 1997, I'm glad that he's man enough to not go back to that very federation for a big payday. He could have easily came back for possibly a "wrestling" match with Vince McMahon, that would draw HUGE ratings or buyrates. Instead, he's walking away.

But just think about what would happen if he were to rejoin the WWF. If he did, it would make the WWF's case stronger against the Hart family, about the Owen Hart lawsuit. With Bret joining, it would make the incident seem like an accident since Bret, and already Jim 'the Anvil" Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith, have joined the WWF.

I'm glad he's officially out of WCW anyway. I've never seen a federation just mishandle a good talent like that, especially after getting Bret after that HUGE Survivor Series incident. How on earth can you blow that kind of heat? They also didn't capitalize on Bret's Wrestling with Shadows documentary, as good old Kevin Nash tried to bury instead of push Bret at the time. If anything, I saw WCW screwing Bret more than the WWF did for their ignorance.

-Halloween Havoc Predictions

Oh, it's soooo convenient of WCW.com to have Flash on their site now. I don't realize it at school, while on a network, but once I'm at home and on the modem, I get killed by it. Thanks WCW.

I'm also attempting to be a nice guy in these predictions, steering away from any evil WCW rants.

World Tag Team Title Match: Boogie Knights vs. Rey Mysterio/Billy Kidman vs. Jindrak/O'Haire
This will be the MATCH OF THE NIGHT folks, as you have at least 4 guys who can really perform. It's too hard to predict who will win because the future storylines for each of the teams is very fuzzy right now. I'll go with the Filthy Animals just because they were promised a longer title reign last time(with Juvy), and WCW wants Billy Kidman to have something for his career.
Tito's Pick: Kidman and Rey-Rey

Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro
This match should be the Second Best Match of the Night, with two guys who already proved to the world that they can tear the house down together. Their match before Vampiro took time off was spectacular! I expect nothing less out of this one, with Mike Awesome getting on top since he has a title shot tomorrow night.
Tito's Pick: Mike Awesome

The Cat/Ms. Jones vs. Average Mike Sanders in a Kickboxing match
There is actually a good bit of backstage politics on this match, with the Cat wanting to remain commissioner, and the bookers wanting Sanders to win the spot. I see the Cat losing this match, with Ms. Jones possibly turning heel on Sanders. It seems odd to me that a Karate champion needs his escort to help him fight in a Kickboxing match. Very odd.
Tito's Pick: Mike Sanders

David Flair vs. Buff Bagwell, in a DNA match?
Again I question what good Buff's DNA will be until Stacy delivers the baby. I'm really wondering if Buff will remain after this match, because he's obviously not the father. I haven't heard any reports on Buff's good or bad behavior, so it's unknown if he's given yet another chance. I see somebody, like Stacy, distracting the match for Flair, enabling Buff to get the win. Plus, nobody else will take Buff...so why not take a chance?
Tito's Pick: Buff Bagwell

Shane Douglas/Torrie Wilson vs. Tygress/Konnan
I really wish the women wouldn't get involved so that we could have a good wrestling match. But since they are there, expect a quick match on this. I have a conflict here that WCW would want to push Shane to be a stronger heel, but I also am thinking that WCW wants to push Konnan since he's returned in good shape again. Well, Shane is actually injured, and he won on Nitro, so....
Tito's Pick: Konnan the Librarian(anybody guess the movie I'm referring to?)

Hardcore Title: A-Wall vs. Reno
You get it???? A......Wall? Get it? A-Wall? Sorry, just had to poke fun at Shiavone's and Tenay's ignorance on announcing and putting wrestlers over. Anyway, Reno is battling injuries, so that should make for a new Hardcore champion. Plus, I see WCW pushing for the WALL that was trashing wrestlers through tables earlier this year or the year before that. Plus, he should be a good punching bag for Awesome or Vampiro coming up.
Tito's Pick: A-Wall(get it?)

US Title: General Rection vs. Lance Storm/Jim Duggan
*clinches fists, trying to say nice things* Oh my gosh, General Rection.....can't say anything bad, oh I can't! I believe the rumors or turning Hacksaw on Lance Storm, because why would they put him in the match? That's just my logic, and the rumors going around would agree with me. I actually like Duggan as a heel, because it's new and fresh in his career. I also think that with the possibly short career with Rection(concussion problems), that WCW will give him the belt as a sign of good faith.
Tito's Pick: General Rection

Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting
The decision on Thunder should explain who wins this match. Plus, it's a great feud, so I guess why not extend it another month could be the logic with this match. Also, it gives these guys something to do to keep them out of the title hunt.
Tito's Pick: Jeff Jarrett

Bill Goldberg vs. KroniK
This match will be so stiff and out of hand, it will be great! You can't tell me that KroniK is actually willing to both lose in this match. If they do, they won't be happy about that, and tempers will flare! It's obvious that the streak will continue as we head towards Bill Goldberg winning the World Title at Starrcade. Plus, besides Starrcade 1998, never bet against Goldberg in a Pay Per View!
Tito's Pick: Bill Goldberg

World Title: Booker T vs. Scott Steiner
Nitro kinda gave away the result of this match on Nitro, by having Mike Awesome and Scott Steiner wrestling. Now why would they do that, and have a rematch for next Monday? They won't, and we'll get a nice, fresh match of Booker T vs. Mike Awesome for the World Title.
Tito's Pick: Booker T

Of course, I've been down lately on my WCW predictions, so don't take my word for it.

Wrestle Palooza Audio Show: Possibly a Halloween Havoc Preview show, later today!

@That's all for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, with some Monday Night Hype and feedback from tonight's event. Until then, stay out of trouble!

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