Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Lots of stuff happening on Smackdown tonight, and I guess a few things happening on Thunder. At least it generates some news, which is what I'm up for. It's been a rather slow news week, but you never know what happens on Fridays..so keep an eye out for late breaking news. But anyway, on to the PDC.


-Well, it finally happened. X-Pac turned on Kane after a long relationship which produced many tag team championships. This turn was for the better, as both wrestlers were being 'held up' in their careers together. Now that they are broken up, they can begin a very good feud, which will put X-Pac more over in the rankings, and Kane will be able to step it up in the main event circuit..which he can easily compete in when given the chance.

-Well, the European title went to an actual European tonight, as the British Bulldog won the title off of D'Lo. Of course, as a D'Lo mark, I'm sad to see him lose the title as he is the best European champ of all time. I just hope the British Bulldog can make this title get some more prestige, as it's seen better days. Yes, I have been bitching about the Bulldog getting no heat, but I apologize for that because it seems like his boos are lower on television rather than live which many people tell me.

-Yes! Stevie Richards defeated Chris Jericho! I really wish I had UPN now. It's funny how the both of them came in around the same time, and Stevie gets no pyro for his entrances, but yet he wins against Jericho. Nah, Chyna did help him win that match, and I expect a rematch where Richards will unfortunately get his ass beat. Poor guy, but that win will really help his career.

-Man, the WWF websites grow by the day! On WWF.com, they announced that they just opened WWFnewyork.com in favor of a site-based entertainment complex located on Times Square which will open in a few weeks. This is just another domain name that the WWF has purchased, as they keep adding and adding them. How many people do they expect to get on each site? Oh well, they are raking in the cash these days, so they can buy all of the domain names for all it matters.


-Once again, ICP is out of WCW. Let me wait another minute for them to come back to WCW again......................oh wait, this time it's for real. I guess now they can really focus on what they do an excellent job at, and it's making music. Like I've said before, they don't really seem to belong in wrestling, as they cause too many problems. It's a shame they couldn't work with WCW more, as they had more potential there than they ever did at the WWF. Well, so long ICP, and good luck in the music business.

-Great to see the Cat come back (with no Sonny Ono) on Thunder tonight, as I missed him ripping the hell out of the crowd. He said he was going to whip everyone in the World Title tournament when he comes back to wrestle Monday. I think the new creative team could use the Cat as a great heel, because all he needs is the right push, and he'll be totally over. His knee, I heard is getting better, but he won't be wrestling at 100% Monday, but it's nice to see him come back anyways.

-According to Kirk Huffman yesterday, Shane Douglas won't be wrestling for a long time! He's going to need his arm immobilized for two more months, and he'll have to have it in a brace for an extra 4 months. That's a damn shame, because Shane can be best utilized when he's able to wrestle. All he can do now is work the mic, but working the mic is much better when you have wrestling to back that up.

-Wow, I was impressed by the Thunder main event with Benoit vs. Sid. Ok, an annoying run-in by the Revolution happened, but this was the first time that I saw a really good reaction from the crowd about Sid. After the match, Sid helped rid Benoit of the Revolution by powerbombing both Malenko and Saturn, and then he powerbombed Benoit after that! The crowd went nuts for this. Hey, why not turn Sid face?


-Tonight, we have ECW on TNN which is, for those who don't know, at 8 pm Eastern. I encourage you to watch, as I will try my hardest to have ECW impressions tomorrow. Many ECW readers, who know the ECW arena results have questioned me why I havent' had any news fromt that show. Well, lots of that show will be mostly used for ECW Hardcore, while little of it will be used for the TNN show, so I didn't want to ruin anyone's shows keeping the no spoiler rule of my column. Lots of surprised have come out of that show, as many say that it's been the best ECW arena show in a while.

@That's it for today. I'm hoping to finally have ECW impressions for tomorrow. So until the next episode, just chill. Thank you very much for reading! This is Mr. Tito, coming to you 7 days a week, signing off!

New Bad Tito coming your way soon!

Take Care, and Have a Great Weekend!

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