Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Nothing much these days in the world of wrestling, with the exception of the Thursday Night shows tonight...and I'm not about to give away spoilers. Others will tell you all of the results, but I won't go there. Well, anyway, on to the PDC.


-Alright, Smackdown looks to be a very good show by the WWF this week, as you should expect lots to happen. Expect some things with the newly reformed Degeneration X this week, as they hope to generate some heat now that they are back as heels. Also, expect a couple surprises thoughout the night...but I won't spoil it for ya. It looks to be a good show on paper, but whether or not spots are done correctly and effectively is another story. Enjoy.

-Alright, here are my thoughts on the reformation of DX. For one, it basically saved the career for X-Pac. Now I was NOT saying that his wrestling skills were going down, I was just saying that he won't get any more successful than Tag Champs or European title on the side of Kane. X-Pac is better as a heel, as he's very cocky and dirty when he's the bad guy. Remember him as Syxx in WCW? That's the Sean Waltman that was cool. It will also help the New Age Outlaws return to their roots. They are much better to watch as a heel team because they always cheated to win..and that made them famous! As for Triple H...I don't know if his current attitude will fit with DX, but it will serve as a great purpose when he drops the strap because I don't see what he could really do after that. As a group, I feared that this could be just like the NWO reforming and become a complete failure. Well, after saying that, many, and I repeat many DX fans e-mailed me saying how their life just got better by DX reforming. I guess this return of the group has been long awaited, as it differs from the NWO reforming when everybody was sick of them. I guess the WWF gives the fans what they wanted, and that was reforming DX. As for Chyna, the WWF is happy with her on her own. Also, no HBK returning to lead them either, even though he helped out Triple H earlier. HBK is still in heat with the WWF for his Byte This comments. (wwf.com for Chyna and HBK news)

-Wow! Mick Foley's book is now #3 on the New York Times best seller list!!! Holy cow! It shows that wrestlers too can write good books, and I have heard nothing but good things about the book. I've got many e-mails describing the book, and it's pumping me up to go out and buy it. I could even start "Mr. Tito's Phat Book Review"..a first! (wwf.com)


-Was Hogan's job at Halloween Havoc a work or a shoot? I can't tell you that, but there could be a few reasons, as stated by Al Isaacs yesterday, that could have made it a shoot. For one, Hogan was told that with Bischoff gone, there would be no TNT movies for him to star in. That's rather odd, as I don't see how Bischoff could be involved in this as Hogan's movies have done well for TNT...and why he's not getting those is unknown. Maybe Bischoff was always lobbying TNT for Hogan to star in a movie..which I bet was the case. Also, Hogan was furious for his match with Sting, which happened to be for the world title, not being the main event at Halloween Havoc. Hogan's attitude is that he should be in the main event, but I agree with him on this because it was for the World Title! But anyway, the debate continues to whether Hogan will return as many rumors keep popping up. I hear stuff like he'll come back in 2 to 3 months and also that he's forming a federation with FOX television. Whatever. Only time will tell with Hogan.

-I have heard everywhere about Nitro now turning from a TV-PG show to a TV-14 show. Yes, RAW has been reborn, but on TNT. But really folks, this is the show that Turner wanted to be "wholesome family entertainment" and this is the show that bashed RAW for grabbing ratings. Ratings is what makes the world go round for wrestling federations, and this new WCW attitude is getting them! They better get ratings for that matter, because I know of a few core WCW fans that are very upset by the new format. Times are a changing, and WCW just moved with it.

-Rather odd that Norman Smiley is getting this hardcore push, since he is a complete panzy in WCW. But it is funny to see a panzy like him beat Bam Bam Bigelo. As for those who say he'll evolve with the division, I doubt that. There's no way that man could get a nasty enough attitude for the division, nor would he have the guts to strike another with a chair. I only wish Hak was still with WCW, and was pushed to make this division somewhat creditable.

@Well, that's all for today. Not much news going around, so I ranted a little extra today if that's cool. I'll be back tomorrow with some news after Smackdown and Thunder, so just chill...till the next episode.


Take Care, and Thanks for reading.

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