Welcome to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Today is WWF Day, which means we'll discuss the WWF in some capacity....at least that's my goal every Friday. Also, we will have the FINALLY of the PDC reviews of the Regis cooking segments, since I've been all over the first four days with Chyna, Triple H, Lita, and Kurt Angle. No "Smackdown for Tito", since the fools at the site where I get my polls were sort of struggling to work this week. Don't worry, I have an old idea to use....

But first........................... I've put a full 2 Years in here at LordsofPain.net. Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary of the very first day I started writing at LoP, and I'm very proud to say that I'm still here. First off, I want to thank the Calvin Martin, who gave me the opportunity to write back in 1998. He's the best wrestling webmaster on the net, and there are no other webmasters out there that even come close to his dedication or excellence. Secondly, I want to thank the readers for their support during the past 2 years. I appreciate everything, and a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone for the past 2 years.


FINGER of SHAME at the people at FreePolls.com for being down when I needed them this week, but in some ways, it's good. Why? I haven't done one of those wonderful Angle prediction columns in quite some time, so I shall return to my roots of one of my more popular columns back in the day. Remember, this type of column is NOT fact, but just speculation on what could happen next for WWF wrestler(s). Please understand that.

WWF Angle Predictions

Chris Jericho- I don't know what it is, but this man seems to be in the doghouse 24-7 at the WWF. I've heard several rumors that the deal for his feud with Triple H was to feud instantly with X-Pac. Could it be true? After 2 Pay Per Views, I don't doubt it. The WWF needs to do something productive with Jericho, but I think they are just getting his attitude in check right now. It's said that he's getting too stiff in the ring again, and that's why Jericho is getting depushed like he is. With Stone Cold back, I don't see Jericho hitting the main event area again, but I wouldn't doubt he'll start feuding with any of the former Radicals, or someone of that stature. This current feud with Kane could be what takes Jericho to the next step though, or maybe it's what the WWF wants Jericho to prove them on?

Kane- Jobbing is his bag baby. Probably going to put Jericho over, and go on to the next guy that needs a boost. Maybe bothering his returning "brother"? No way is he getting any titles anytime soon.

Perry Saturn- I still don't see where his career is going in the WWF, as in if it's actually better than his WCW days. The only help I could see with Saturn is if someone like Chris Jericho were to come along and feud with him, thus helping to put him over. I'm hoping that the WWF sees the WCW tapes of Saturn working with Raven, that's doubtful since the WWF enjoys Raven and Tazz together...and you know what happens with Tazz and Saturn when they get together, right? Lots of heated moments together. Rumored to be also reforming the Radicals.

Right to Censor- As far as Steven Richard, Goodfather, and Bull Buchanan are concerned...their careers are going to remain at a nowhere stature, but they have an advantage to make them look good. Ivory was a hot pick up for the group, and she'll be going after not only Lita's title, but Trish Stratus too! Also for the women's division, don't doubt that Mona will make her WWF debut as a member of the RTC. Think about it....Trish could turn face and join Lita, and a tough women's division will form with Ivory/Mona against Trish and Lita. I'm not sure if it will happen, but that Women's title will come to Ivory soon.

+Also, with Val Venis.....look for the WWF to keep trying to shove Val in good feuds and good matches to eventually break away from the group. The WWF realized how worthless the lame Venis was, so they shoved him into the RTC to prove himself. When he does, expect a break from the group.

Dean Malenko- I don't know what the WWF is trying with this "James Bond" gimmick, but it's obviously not working. As some kids are speculating, maybe a Radical return will be good for him. He'll remain the Lightweight champ for a while, unless an X-Pac figures out his true weight division.

Chyna- Don't treat me like a Woman....don't treat me like a man... I think the WWF period of making Chyna look like a "precious woman" are over since they don't have to sell those Playboys anymore. I'm thinking she'll do one of two things: 1) She'll stick with Billy Gunn, and help him generate some crowd response OR 2) she'll swerve, and join Eddie Guerrero again. I'm picking #1 because Billy Gunn could sure use some help.

Road Dogg- Probably going to keep "trying" his singles career, until possibly feuding with Billy Gunn....and as history shows us, the two of them split up just doesn't do magic in that very ring. Do NOT doubt for a second that they rejoin. Nothing big for Road Dogg, unless he one day returns to the Hardcore Division.

Al Snow- If someone knows something "good" for this guy to do, please tell me now! I just expect the usual from Snow, with many attempted gimmicks that will always fail with the WWF crowds. He was once popular in ECW you know.

X-Pac- Somebody really needs to come to realization on this guy. His current wrestling style and attitude just are NOT over in the WWF, nor is it gaining any attention. He'll probably start feuding with someone like an Eddie Guerrero, who put on an excellent ladder match with at Souled Out 1997, if you can remember that.

Eddie Guerrero- He too will possibly make his Radical return after this feud with Chyna and Billy Gunn. That's somewhat of a shame, since Eddie has proven to get over on his own.

The Undertaker- I have a feeling that this man is retiring very soon, with injuries already haunting him. I wouldn't doubt that he'll go back to feuding with Kane again for one last time...

Test and Albert (T&A)- This thugs will continue to feud with the likes of the Dudley Boyz, or whoever needs to get over. I think the WWF has realized that these guys aren't a tag team that should get pushed to the top, even with Trish Stratus on their side. I'm betting that Test drifts off to persue a full time singles career, and I wouldn't doubt that Albert disappears into the WWF minor leagues to improve.

The Rock- No World Title, but NEVER FEAR!! Wrestlemania isn't that far away, right? He'll probably feud with Rikishi for quite some time, until revealing he had an odd part in the Stone Cold scenario.....or just somehow feuding with Austin. Whatever he does, he's fighting Austin at Wrestlemania, and that's a given.

Tazz / Raven- Two former great ECW champs, jobbing in the WWF. I think that these two guys will still need to keep impressing the WWF higher ups, until the right push comes along. The WWF will continue to test the waters with these guys until they achieve superstardom each. I'm thinking a feud with the Dudleys would really be HUGE.

The Acolytes Protection Agency- Right now, recovering from injuries. When they return, lots of Heat action for them! I really don't see much stock in this team right now, especially since they fight every so often.

Billy Gunn- Possibly your next Intercontinental champ, which puts me at odds because I thought the WWF wanted to make Gunn earn his return? I guess not, as it's probably another boring IC run for this former King of the Ring winner. Chyna will probably help him get "over" this time around, especially since Mr. Ass gets the pops on everything except when he starts to actually wrestle. Never doubt a return of the New Age Outlaws either! By the way, does Gunn remember that DX kicked him out last time?

Edge and Christian- You think you know me. These guys will eventually become your next World Tag champs, but first, they must find out a way to pull another fast one on the Hardy Boyz. These guys are just too over as heels to deny it, but that could keep the titles away because the Hardys need the titles for some respect to their tag team. I still don't see their feud with the Hardys over by a long shot!

Chris Benoit- Oddly enough, he's probably returning to his Radical roots...this after proving he could take the Rock and Triple H to their best matches of the year. So the way to solve that is to shove him in a stable again? Please. This is one of the guys who will really suffer with the returning Austin, now probably getting the de-push. No way he'll get that world title any time soon.

Too Cool- They'll try to be involved with the Rikishi feud, but just end up wrestling their usual. Gee, Too Cool's stock is certainly down, now isn't it? The WWF tried them as champs, and sure enough, they lost the titles rather quickly. Hey, doesn't Heat need ratings?

Crash Holly- Ummm, usual Heat wrestler? I have no idea where Crash's career is going.

Mick Foley- He will NOT return to wrestling, nor will he turn heel. I think he's to a point where he wants his children to watch what a great guy he is, and I couldn't agree more. Just end those 20 minute interviews, please!!

Dudley Boyz- I don't see World titles for these guys, because quite frankly, do they need them to be over? The crowd is always into any match these guys wrestle, so don't expect any high profile feud anytime soon. I wouldn't doubt that the WWF tries to put them up against Raven/Tazz for a very good and violent feud.

Trish Stratus- If Ivory doesn't get the Women's title, then Trish Stratus will then eventually get it. I thought Trish was going to win it on RAW, but like Monica Lewinsky at the White House, her clothes came right off! If the RTC gains Mona too, then look for her to side with Lita for a good women's 2 on 2 feud.

Lo Down- So whatcha gonna do? The Great Nick Ponton said that Lo Down gained a HUGE pop when coming out for Heat one night in Chicago, which makes me wonder if the WWF could achieve that everynight. That was the point of them wrestling on recent RAWs or Smackdowns, as a way of proving themselves. Ross said something like "Lo Down needs new ring attire", meaning that they could get repackaged somehow. It would seem like an idea, because Chaz and D'Lo work well as a team.

William Regal- This man is your European Champion until he's ready to move up the ranks! Now that's up to him, if he's willing to keep performing at the level he's currently at in the WWF.

Triple H- I wouldn't doubt that he'll defeat Kurt Angle for the World Title at Survivor Series, but if not, maybe he'll get involved with the title race once Wrestlemania hits. I expect for Triple H to either get back with Stephanie, or have some kind of divorce, a wrestling first, to possibly spice up his career. He'll probably get involved with the Stone Cold/Rock feud, easily.

Hardy Boyz- They will continue their title reign, until Edge/Christian take the titles away. I wouldn't doubt if the WWF tries to build up Lo Down, somehow, to also feud for the Hardys' belts. I do not, however, see these guys breaking up anytime soon, like once assumed.

Steve Blackman- Hardcore Champion forever.

Naked Mideon- He'll just be naked.

Kurt Angle- Your Olympic hero will either lose the title to Triple H next month, or I'm thinking to Austin on RAW or something. If he loses to Austin, I'm sure a nice group of fans won't be too thrilled with the WWF for a while. Anyway, our Olympic hero will get his taste of the World Title scene, and probably get depushed to feuding with someone like Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit.

Wrestlers like: Jackie, Viscera, Debra, Gangrel, Essa Rios, Kaienti, Paul Bearer, Bossman, Tori, Moolah, Mae Young, Mark Henry, British Bulldog, and Big Show, probably others: Need not to be discussed. Most will either rejoin who they were currently with when they return, or just continue the wonderful Heat/Jakked tour.

Stone Cold Steve Austin- That title is either his before Wrestlemania, or at Wrestlemania. He'll stun every undeserving wrestler in his path, and his popularity will be truly tested as world champ. I see him totally destroying Rikishi, only to see the Rock somehow involved with the hit and run.

McMahons- Stephanie will continue to work with Angle, possibly turning on him at Survivor Series to reunite with the Game. If not, a nasty wrestling divorce could occur. She'll cost Angle the title at any rate. Shane McMahon won't get involved with anything anytime soon, as his last run just didn't work. Linda is done with WWF appearances. Finally, for Vince.....NEVER count that man out, no matter how "busy" he claims to be. Click Here to listen to what he COULD do.

And finally............how could I forget the Showstopper, the Spotlight, and the main event?

Shawn Michaels- Lots of rumors are going around about the "4 Months" thingy. I personally think that Shawn Michaels is training up for ONE MORE match, which could take place at Wrestlemania. Who he'll face, well, I don't know. It's hard to say if he'll start making regular appearances again, although the fans really want it.

That wraps it up for the latest edition of the WWF Angle predictions. If I forgot anybody of significance, blame WWFSuperstars.com!!!

Steve Austin on Regis

Austin comes out to his theme from Disturbed(no comment). He gives Regis a nice hug... Stone Cold's voice is sort of shot today. He discusses his neck injury, and his match at No Mercy. Regis tells everyone he got married, and they show Debra in the crowd. Austin is very happy. Austin just bought about 100 acres near his hometown. Damn it!

My local NBC station that has Al Gore in town, so they cut me off! Argh!!!! Hmmm, let me make up a recap of what PROBABLY happened.

They probably tried to cook whatever Austin's selection, got a few laughs out of it, and so forth. I apologize for this, and I give the BIG FINGER OF SHAME to WSAZ in Huntington, WV for doing this to me...oh wait!

It came back on, and they are chopping up garlic! Now they put JR's BBQ sauce in the dish. Stone Cold stirs it up really nice, and adds hot pepper sauce. Regis tries that very pepper sauce, and is in pain afterwards. Stone Cold is really losing his voice here. Austin has a beer to drink to help him make an ass otu of himself. He takes the ribs, I guess, out of the oven, and puts the sauce mixture on the ribs. Both hosts enjoy the ribs, just like the other food by the other wrestlers this week.

I hope I didn't miss anything significant with the brief breaks for this local area's Campaign 2000 coverage.


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