Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Oh joy, the ratings are in. Did WCW gain more ground this week? Did the WWF jump back up from last week's ratings deficit? Well, let's find out along with other wrestling goodies. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.9
Second Hour: 3.3
Third Hour: 3.2
Composite: 3.466666


First Hour: 5.5
Second Hour: 5.6
Composite: 5.55

Head To Head

RAW: 5.55
Nitro: 3.25

-Alright, this week proves that Nitro does have a few RAW fans watching their show. So they have stole some viewers, but not everyone is buying WCW's ratings ploys. I thought Nitro tried to damn hard to get ratings, when they don't need sleeze to attract viewers. They did get a strong rating during the Outsider segment, getting a 3.5 to RAW's 5.1. Whether or not Time Warner officials will keep this up is another story. WCW, however, is doing the right thing in Monday Night competition. They are putting pressure on the WWF by putting up tougher Monday Nitros in order for RAW to start paying attention to it. That causes strain on wrestlers and storylines. Like I've said before, don't count the WWF out yet since their ratings are lower. When you have Vince McMahon on your side, you are a very powerful force who will fight when you are down. So if WCW does keep growing in the ratings, Vince will have something done to keep the WWF on top.


-God, why does the WWF keep Terry Taylor around? Cut that worthless piece of trash! He obviously doesn't want to commit to WWF, so why keep him? If he's unsure about signing the one-year clause to his contract, that means he has his mind elsewhere. Besides, if you say the WWF is losing a booker, well, they would be losing the most conservative booker to date. He usually books shows that are sooo boring, and the matches usually have the dumbest endings. Like I said WWF, cut the fat!

-Everyone has heard by now that Dr. Death Steve Williams won his case about fathering a child, but I really wonder if the WWF would ever consider using him now? Now, I have heard that he's been released from the WWF, and I've heard he is still under "creative evaluation". Whatever the case may be, he's never had his fair chance in the WWF. If you watched the classic NWA back in the day when he was a part of the Varsity Club with Sullivan and Rotunda, you would understand that this man can make an impact. Of course, that was around 10 years ago, but he can still perform today. I guess Bart Gunn could be the man to blame for this situation, as it was very unexpected for him to KO Dr. Death. The WWF then was expecting Steve Williams to win the whole thing, thus starting his push in the WWF..but that didn't happen. It is a shame to say the least, and hopefully he gets a second chance.


-This whole Earnest the Cat Miller situation was wrongly approached by myself. I thought that the new WCW management was holding the Cat back, but really he has a nagging knee injury. Doh! That explains it though, as the creative team would be smoking something not to recognize his talent and especially his mic skills. Hopefully, when he comes back, he gets that title push that he most certainly deserves. Russo and Ferarra can take the Cat to the next level, and make him more over than he is now by putting him in some good angles.

-It's rather funny to see how pissed WCW is at Ric Flair for blading at Halloween Havoc. I don't think it's anything else but getting precious Sid some recognition for bleeding at Halloween Havoc, and the excuse is that Ric Flair's bleeding made him look bad. Whatever. If WCW caves in on Flair now for doing this, they are caving in on one of their best stars ever, who has been in WCW for the most part. He probably only did it because he's frustrated with where his character is headed, so he wanted to give oldschool Flair fans a showing by letting that bleech blong hair get soaked with blood...the Classic Ric Flair. It just seems like it's always an uphill struggle for Ric Flair anymore...


-Well, I have heard that this past weekend's ECW Arena show was one of the best shows they have put on in ages. Of course, they had some cameras on hand, but I got the word that they are only using portions of that show for their ECW Hardcore show!! What the hell?!? Why not use it for the TNN show and attract viewers? You see, I don't understand ECW sometimes. They hold back their best stuff on their TNN show, which is their real money maker. That makes no damn sense, and they wonder why that show can't get a good rating. It's ridiculous of ECW to do...but if they want a television deal to sink, that's their decision.

@Well, that's it for today's edition of the PDC on this very SLOW newsday. Thanks for all of the great feedback yesterday, as it was greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode.

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