Welcome, everyone, to the column that is still kicking after 3 long years. That's right, and thanks to the feedback I requested, I'm sure we'll keep the ball rolling for a little longer. The ideas sent in were quite interesting, and I'll take all of them in consideration. One idea will be present here, as the Jackson 5 or my top 5 wrestler list shall return to the Weekend edition of the PDC!

One idea, though, is for me to do a fantasy column on how I'd book the shows. I guess since I rip apart the WWF writers, many want to see me put the money where my mouth (or fingertips) is. I'd have to think about that, but I do suggest feuds or ideas throughout my show reviews or whatever else. Take for instance the suggestion of Christian becoming the Hurricane's new tag partner. Not only would they become a great tag team, but they could very much play off each other's comedy. Maybe I could put more ideas into my column about how I'd book a show or play out a feud. Writing an entire column, just trying to write WWF storylines, would be annoying, to me, after a while. But we'll see.

Other ideas, from the early set of feedback e-mails, included adding more comedy to the column and to maybe take a column to focus on one wrestler in the WWF. The comedy part stems from my own parodies that I used to do with the 20 minute interviews. For some reason, I haven't done them recently in my RAW Hypes. If I find a moment to whip out a parody interview, I'll gladly do it. I like the wrestler idea. I just need an appropriate day and format to make it seem really good.

Also, a few of you suggested to cut down on the swearing. At times, I'll admit, I can curse like a truck driver when I get mad, especially about some recent editions of WWF RAW lately. I'll at least give an honest effort to cut down, although I could yield to temptation.

As for ALL of the feedback. I'll give more of my replies to the e-mails once I get on a high-speed connection at school. My beastly Compaq from Hell only has a 56K connection, still, which isn't very good for reading hundreds of e-mails. Well, I could read them here, but I'd lose several hours of my life doing so.

Oh, and speaking of hours.... be sure to set back your clocks an hour, as it's that time of year where you will have an extra hour of sleep or whatever. My extra hour is used to write up this column.....

In Multimedia news, I'm nearly halfway through the Dudley ECW video, and I'm churning along through Mick Foley's second book. I was able to finish a paper due for school on Friday, so I have some free time when I'm not working or seeing the extremely lovely Mrs. Tito. Getting done with your homework, early, does pay dividends.

In today's PDC, we are going to beat a dead horse. Why? Well, it's time to do one of those "how to improve the WWF" type columns. But I have reason... Several individuals are challenging critics to openly state how the WWF product could be improved. I have a nice amount of ideas in my head... Also, we'll do the returning Jackson 5, as I promised above.

Works for me. On to the PDC.

-Fixing the WWF-

  • Get rid of the McMahons on television. Yeah, I know they are the owners of the company, but understand this. How many times can they turn on each other? How many times can they fight over power? How many times can they rejoin for some evil plot? How many times will Shane McMahon try too hard to act like a wrestler? How many more times can Stephanie act like a spoiled brat? How many times will Vince try his "boss screwing the wrestlers routine"? Aside from my personal annoyance of the McMahons, review those questions. The McMahons have done everything humanly possible, to each other and to the wrestlers, as their act is becoming extremely stale. How about allowing the wrestlers to tell the story for a change?
  • Actually PUSH the Alliance wrestlers over WWF wrestlers. This one seems very simple, but instead, Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page find themselves as punching bags for Kane/Undertaker. Same goes for all of the other wrestlers in the Alliance, including Rhyno, Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Hurricane, and many others. The Alliance is a big joke right now, insomuch as they had to add Stone Cold Steve Austin in hopes of generating interest, while it's actually hurt the cause. Very simple here. Push DDP, Booker T, and Rhyno as legitimate threats out of the Alliance faction. (Note: Rob Van Dam is somewhat out of this category, in my opinion. His natural ability with the fans has pushed him more as a WWF wrestler than someone out of WCW/ECW)
  • Get rid of the Undertaker. As I've always said, I DO NOT wish unemployment on anyone. With the Undertaker, his on camera presence and backstage antics are really hurting the WWF as a whole. The Undertaker just can't move like he used to, and his fanbase is diminishing. Using seniority as his weapon, he's already ruined many wrestlers, such as Diamond Dallas Page and Mike Awesome, from even having the chance to become superstars. Even worse is when he'll tag up with his brother Kane. Kane's role, as the tag partner, virtually makes him another Undertaker. The Undertaker MUST be somehow put on the bench for the WWF.
  • Find creative writers. Stephanie McMahon is NOT a storyline writer. Neither is Shane, who contributes a little, and the same with Vince, who finalizes all storylines. Instead of searching for young writers who will work cheap and work many hours a week, the WWF should look for writers who have creative minds to really make a storyline compelling to watch. I remember, before Eric Bischoff was fired as President of WCW in 1999, that WCW was talking to several writers of the HBO hit show OZ to possibly write creative storylines for WCW. The WWF should start talking to some good writers to replace the young and inexperienced ones they have right now.
  • Remodel RAW. If you are going to give Smackdown, with a show life of only 2 years, a new makeover, then you should give WWF RAW a new one too. Personally, I'm tired of seeing the same old introduction, and the same boring set on RAW. It's just simply time for a change, and most likely, worth it in the long run.
  • End the Good Ol' Boy Network©! The Good Ol' Boy Network© consists of veteran wrestlers or long time WWF road agents not wanting change. Their suggestions or "pull" with Vince McMahon has helped to cripple and nearly exterminate the Invasion movement. The Alliance is on life support because none of its wrestlers have any credibility, thanks to the Network's influence to purposely make them look bad. It's time for Vince McMahon to tell, all of them, that for the WWF to really survive, change must be instituted! The Invasion angle could have and should have been the money angle that the WWF has been lacking for a while, but it was blown by several stubborn individuals.
  • Lightweight/Cruiserweight divisions to be reformed and pushed. This is a no brainer, but since Vince McMahon has a major hard on for the larger wrestlers, it never becomes a reality. You could make a very sweet division with such wrestlers as Billy Kidman, Tajiri, X-Pac, Spike Dudley, a future addition of Rey Mysterio Jr., and even the PDC favorite, Crash Holly. Hell, even better, there are plently of Cruiserweights in HWA to dip into, as well. Doing these matches, out of no where, like Kidman vs. Tajiri, aren't helping the division much. The WWF must give storylines for the matches, so that fans could gain an interest for the division. The Cruiserweight division was a MAJOR part of the WCW run, giving Nitros an added element that RAW was lacking back in 1996-1997.
  • Improve the Tag Team Division. You can't do Dudleys vs. Hardys forever... The WWF badly needs to add some set teams in the division. Who knows, maybe grab two hosses from Ohio Valley Wrestling and make them a NEW tag team force to contend with. When I saw the Dudleys win the WCW Tag Titles from the Hardys on RAW, I was like "so what". If you add new teams, then the tag team division could get exciting again.
  • CONCLUSION: Those are just a handful of ideas that I've thought of lately. Here are some more, but brief ones. I believe that the WWF should look into improving the role of Stone Cold Steve Austin. His backstage segments have really become stale, as has his intimidation of fellow Alliance members. Maybe have the Alliance turn on him? Keep pushing Rob Van Dam, but be sure to warn him or threaten him that if he busts anyone else open, he'll pay for it. I really like the role of the Rock lately. His recent feuds have been really intense, and he's wrestling much better than I've ever seen him. Keep it up! Also, keep Chris Jericho as WCW champion for a while. It appears that the title means more to him than what it did for the Rock. The Rock vs. Jericho feud is total money. Get rid of Stephanie's involvement in the feud, and let the wrestlers tell the story!


    #5 Edge - This guy has the potential to be one of the big future main eventers in the company. I really hope that the WWF makes him a good Intercontinental Champ, this time around.

    #4 Kurt Angle - Depushed, unfortunately. Too bad the WWF can't blame its own storylines instead of Kurt Angle for its ratings downfall. At least the midcard division will improve?

    #3 Rob Van Dam - The Whole F'N Show continues to amaze me with his ability to work quite well with the WWF main eventers. The fans absolutely love this guy. As they say in Spaceballs, it's all about Merchandising! Get RVD some t-shirts, fome hands, and much more!

    #2 The Rock - I believe that Rocky is at his best ever right now. Possibly peaking for all of his potential. His wrestling has much improved, and his right hands don't bother me, as much. His feud with Jericho is total money, and the Rock's willingness to put over other wrestlers is excellent.

    #1 Chris Jericho - Finally receiving some appreciation by the WWF, and he's fitting the role as WCW champ nicely. Great win over the Rock at No Mercy and the same with Booker T at Smackdown. Oh yeah, he won the tag titles too.

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    @Hey.... that was a very fun column to write! I hope to be back, on Monday, with a RAW Hype to get everyone ready for RAW is McMahon. Oh boy, I'm very pumped for the Shane vs. Vince streetfight (sarcasm). It's not even Monday, and I can smell the ratings! Just chill till the next episode!

    Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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