Welcome to a very special edition of the Phat Daily Column. Why is it so special? If you marked it on your calendars or remembered the date of the very first PDC, you'll know that October 26th marks the 3 Year Anniversary of the Phat Daily Column, originating from LoP. 3 long years of writing columns about professional wrestling. Good lord.

Just from reading message boards and e-mail, the assumption was that this column would be my last; sort of a retirement column. Well, I'll admit, that during the summer time, I was planning that October 26th would be my last day as Mr. Tito. From being very burnt out from school and work, since I go to school during the summer time, I lost the love or the passion to write about wrestling. It especially hurt when the WWF programming wasn't exactly fun, either, with the early and lame Triple H and Steve Austin duo, headlining two Pay Per Views up and until that time. I was like "I'm just going to keep going, whether I force myself or not, until October 26, and then officially retire", but as the Invasion developed, I was sort of interested to keep writing again, and as of lately, I've really enjoyed writing the PDC.

The only problem, now, to keep me from writing daily is the poor WWF content right now. The shows aren't up to par, anymore, thus killing any enthusiasm to write. I'm mad at the WWF for blowing the Invasion angle, for the continued push of the Undertaker, the overbearing McMahons on television, and other issues. It's stuff like Chris Jericho vs. the Rock, and other wrestlers like Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Steve Austin (at times), Hardy Boyz, Hurricane, Lance Storm, Edge, Christian, Dudleys, and many more that keep me watching.

But it is hard to write daily, anyway. I don't import tapes from Japan or Mexico, nor do I especially care for the Indy scene right now. Therefore, the WWF is the only federation that I really comment on, 6 or 7 days a week. As of lately, I have at least pushed out 6 columns per week, in which some of them have been quite hard to write. It's not like the old days, where WCW, WWF, and ECW were competing with each other, and the Invasion angle has been blown, thus killing lots of interesting discussion.

I've thought, to myself, many times that I should drop the Daily tag and go weekly. That could be a good idea, maybe in the future, but as of right now, I really like to write everyday. I WANT to keep going as a daily columnist. To become weekly, the WWF would have to produce less content to BS about, along with problems managing my own time. Right now, I have my time managed well, so it's only a matter if the WWF continues to provide news, shows, or whatever else. Content, lately, has been wearing thin, but routine things like RAW Hype, RAW Reviews, Smackdown Hype, and Smackdown Reviews have kept the column going, as has the decision to produce a "Weekend" column instead of Saturday and Sunday columns.

But to really keep going, I'd like suggestions. What could I do to improve this column? What past features could I bring back? I want to know what, you, the readers think of anything that could be done to help the Phat Daily Column. So with that, I want your ideas or honest criticism on how to improve. Please email them to:


When you e-mail me to that location, at least have some dignity to be professional. Don't curse me out, threaten, or be absolutely ignorant. For anyone who does that to me in the e-mails, I gladly do an IP check and report anything to the e-mail providers and/or internet providers. I've busted quite a few. So please, give professional criticism or ideas of improvement, and I'll gladly give a reply to each e-mail that does.

With the 3 Year Anniversary, I want to give out a few thanks. First and foremost, a big Thank You to Calvin Martin, the one who hired me 3 years ago to write daily wrestling columns for LoP. He's the best wrestling webmaster on the net, period. Secondly, thanks to all of the readers. Whether you read my columns from the start or if you began reading them recently, thank you.

So anyway, today IS Friday, which means we do have something to cover. WWF Smackdown was on last night, and we must review it. So on to the PDC!!


Remember how I've said that the Smackdowns have been a lot better than RAWs lately?

Opening interview, with the kiddie McMahons leading the Alliance members into the ring. The two McMahon kids, Stephony and Shane, make sure to act all big and bad, as if everyone tuned in to see them, and no other personalities. WRONG! However, I will say that I did like the set up of this segment, with various Alliance members getting the crap beat out of them. It pissed off Steve Austin enough to where he wanted an Alliance Battle Royal to determine who would fight Chris Jericho for the WCW World Title.

Now here's something that some of you may know about me: I'm a sucker for Battle Royals. Ever since I was little, I looked foward to any Battle Royal that was done. Since they are rare for the most part, it's always exciting to see one come out of no where. Man, what a great idea by the WWF tonight!

I really enjoyed the Alliance Battle Royal. Most of all, I love the finish! Not just because PDC and Coolbeans favorite, Booker T won it, but the ending. The nasty Test boot on RVD was a great elimination, as was Booker T's immediate tossing of Test after that spot. If the WWF has no idea with a large talent roster, then fuck it, do a battle royal more often! Just don't do it too often, like the burn out created by the many 6 man matches. I used to really enjoy a good 6 man match. Not anymore.

Trish Stratus vs. Mighty Molly was next, in the so-called Women's division match. I guess it wasn't too bad, but it's weird reasoning to see a strong "wrestling" push on Trish Stratus. Speaking of pushing, I heard that push-up bras could eventually lead to breast cancer, if used on a regular basis. Of course in the case of Trish, add that to the future problems her implants will give her.

The match between Kurt Angle and Christian was pretty entertaining. It seems like, with many cases with wrestlers being friends, that close pals backstage really love to go at it in the ring. Kurt Angle would eventually win, successfully defending the WCW United States Title. Man, it's going to be hard to accept his depushing.

Good match from Booker T and Chris Jericho. As a big fan of Booker T, I can say that his loss was VERY reasonable to Chris Jericho. The win gives Jericho some credibility as WCW World Champion. Now let's hope that they don't fight often, like Kurt Angle and Booker T seem to do anymore. Good editing, by the WWF crew, on the finish of this match. From what I've heard, it was pretty botched up. They could have acted like WCW and redo the match later on in the show.

Next, it's Al Snow vs. Tazz. Their match got the storyline build up I was hoping for, and then some. In the back, Tazz was all up in Nidia's face for helping Maven to win on the last edition of Smackdown. That sparked Al Snow to get involved, putting himself over as the father-figure of the Tough Enough contestants. He was quite intense, too, which made the segment much better. Thank God. Their match was decent, with some crowd backing of Al Snow. Just think of how popular Tough Enough 2 will be!

Yet another awesome backstage segment between Chris Jericho and the Rock. Who on earth is writing such good stuff for this feud? Good God. I liked how the Rock questioned Jericho about being hardcore, eventually leading up to how Jericho can use chairs. Brilliant!

BLAH to the McMahon segments backstage. Shane and Stephony got Vince away from Linda, to which it made Linda left alone. Stephony and Shane would then intimidate their own mother, and then Steph would slap her own mother for "shock value". Didn't they do this over a year ago? If anyone doubts that the McMahons trying to do too much, themselves, then watch this segment again, please.

Next match was the Hardy Boyz against the Dudley Boyz for the Dubya Cee Dubya Tag Team titles. Typical match between these two, who could work a match, together, in their sleep by now. Dudleys won the WCW titles, probably for no reason whatsoever. I guess someone, backstage, popped a boner from the 4 title changes from RAW, and then decided to have one more on Smackdown. Oh, and speaking of the Dudleys... I just recently purchased their ECW Video, in which I'll provide a review next week!!!! I can't wait to watch it, too, for it's over 2 hours long.

And finally, our main event. Good hardcore match between Rob Van Dam and the Rock, especially since the Rock doesn't normally wrestle matches like these. I liked when RVD and the Rock were on the entrance ramp. Good brawling sequence there. Rock would then take a nice kicked chair to the face in the ring, which is something the company's top star doesn't take too often. When RVD was dropped onto the trash can, from the top rope.... that was quite nasty! We would then get loads of interference, though, but to act like DDP, it's a good thing. It should provide for some chaotic tag matches between Test/Booker T and Chris Jericho/Rock for the WWF Tag Titles. Booker T would eventually just drill the Rock with a trash can, helping RVD to cradle the Rock for the win. Bravo to the Rock. Why can't the Undertaker be so willing when losing?

LAST WORD: Wow, what a great improvement over RAW. It's like the WWF, last night, was a whole different federation, in comparison to what occurred on RAW. Well, maybe not, since the McMahons had their own part on Smackdown. Their part hurt the chances of giving this show a perfect score, thus an


(A) for this week's show. Personally, I like seeing actual wrestlers doing the performances, and not 4 members of the family that owns the company. That's just my opinion though.

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@That's all for today. Please be courteous when emailing me at PDCfeedback@lordsofpain.net. The PDC archives, by the way, haven't been up since LoP made a few changes to its server. I'll find a place to host them in the near future. Without the archives, not many knew that it was my 3 year anniversary. I guess it helped the suspense or whatever. I hope to be back with some sort of Weekend column. So until the next edition of the PDC, just chill till the next episode.

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading for 3 years.

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