Welcome to another exciting edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the about-to-be-sold WCW, since it is usually 'WCW day' here in the world of PDC. I'll talk about Chunder Thunder, the current issues of WCW, and give a Phat 5 of the top 5 wrestlers in WCW. Also, while I'm writing this, Kurt Angle will appear on Live with Regis to make a fool out of himself. Anyway, on to the PDC.


If there was ever a WCW show to miss, it was this weeks Thunder.

But nobody is to blame, especially since the wrestlers were going hard at the Nitro taped before. All of the wrestlers looked to be very tired throughout the whole show, and the crowd just wanted it to be over! I don't quite know if this taping for both shows on one night will work, but I guess that's what WCW needs to do when cutting costs.

Oh damn, a rumor was going around that Reno was too injured to compete against A-Wall (you get it???), but last night, we were rest assured their match would happen at Halloween Havoc. Oh boy, wake me up when that's over please.

I saw this in Calvin's Thunder report, that MI Smooth looked exactly like the Ice Train that WCW attempted to shove down our throats a few years ago. Remember Fire and Ice with Ice Train and Scott Norton??? Remember how tough WCW pushed them to be? Geesh. They should have known all along that Norton was the one carrying the team, and he can laugh about it in Japan now....another WCW missed opportunity. Anyway, Buff Bagwell defeated MI Smooth, who has eliminated the Jung Dragons in less than a minute at the Live Thunder I was at a few months ago. I'm really wondering how long it will take for Buff to A) piss off the bookers and whole locker room B) take a swing at a WCW crew member or C) to go back to doing WCW commercials so he could be out of our lives forever.

Could we make Lance Storm look any more ridiculous?

The main event was sooooo sloppy, with Goldberg, Booker T, and Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett and KroniK. For one, KroniK can't work a match if they tried, and two, the team of Goldberg, Booker T, and Sting shouldn't be a team considering the heat in the storylines with each other. But this is WCW, where you can swerve a guy one day, and team up with him the next.


You gotta hand it to Johnny Ace and Terry Taylor. They are doing a decent job booking WCW for the amount of bad gimmicks given to the wrestlers from Vince Russo. Now if I was replacing him as a booker, I'd say "what the hell? I have to use the Misfits in Action?? What on earth did you do to Mike Awesome??? Why is Goldberg given free reign to do his own angle?"

You see, Ace and Taylor are being put in a bad position right now. Since they are NOT the head bookers of WCW, they must follow the plans of Vince Russo. That means they can't change Mike Awesome to normal, nor can they just hide the MIA in a dark corner. Oh no. With all of the limitations, they've put on two good Nitros in the past week. Of course, naysayers will say that they ratings aren't showing that, but the company was already being flushed in the toilet when they took control.

Especially with the Bill Goldberg situation. You should never let him be the idea creator, because he has NO creative clause in his contract. Somebody needs to tell him that he should FOLLOW rules or booking requests, and not be a bitch about it everytime. I know he's a big, tough, crazy individual when he's mean, but if he hits you, you can just cut him away, and save around $1.5 million a year(or is it 2?).

DO NOT believe what anyone says concerning Kevin Nash. The hotlines and several "inside sources" are claiming that Nash's Scott Hall comments were unscripted on Nitro. Yeah, that's why WCW has about a 30 second delay on their live shows, which they could have cut if they saw Nash saying that. It's an obvious work, and I think the firing of Scott Hall was just so that WCW could possibly hire him on a daily basis, and not having him sit on his ass, collecting paychecks. Something is obviously up. Don't worry about Hall jumping to the WWF, because that's NOT happening. The only place for him to go is at WCW, where they'll get him really cheap if needed, and I predict it will happen. Either that or the firing was a "work".

WCW Phat 5

5. Vampiro- Vampiro Lives! Vampiro Lives! He's come back, and received two good wins over Vito and Crowbar this week. Hopefully, that cancer known as ICP doesn't tag along with him again.

4. Mike Awesome- Decent match with Steiner on Nitro, as that should tell us that Booker T is winning at Halloween Havoc. Nice flop there WCW.

3. Sting- Still a top performer in WCW, with a good feud with Jarrett.

2. Booker T- Don't hate the Player....hate the Game. I hope that WCW someday gives him a new move.

1. Scott Steiner- He won't win the title now, since he already fought the #1 contender. Bad, bad error by WCW.

-Kurt Angle on Regis-

Kurt Angle is making his All American Apple Pie. He's coming out to the NBC Olympic music. He has the World Title with him, and they discuss his 1996 Olympic win. He's been with the WWF for 2 years, and he LOVES it more than anything he's ever done. Rulon Gardner, Regis said, is going to concentrate on one more Olympic run.

Angle said it took him a year, but he finally beat the Rock for the belt. Regis asks him what his finisher is. Angle says "Olympic Slam". He is going to demonstrante the slam on some audience member. Angle is so cocky, not leaving character at all. I love it!


Angle will be signing autographs today at noon at WWF NY. They will be cooking Kurt Angle's All American Apple Pie, and Angle said he usually makes it with his Gold medals on, but not on Regis's show. They specially slice the apples, cutting them in half. They put the apples, flower, cinnamon, and nutmeg in one bowl. Kurt Angle says his WIFE usually makes this, breaking character again like Triple H did!

They throw the mixture in the pie shell, slap butter on it, and put the pie top on it to make warm apple pie. They already have a premade one, just like those infomercials have. They both take a bite, and they love it! Yes, that's what you do with Apple Pie, eating it.....now what happened in American Pie.


NOTE: There will be no Smackdown for Tito tomorrow due tot he fact that the page I get my polls from, just isn't working lately. Sorry.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with an improvised WWF Day, and a review of Stone Cold Steve Austin on Regis. Just chill.....

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