Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in, and without the pressure of a World Series game on Monday Night, we can make a proper analysis about them. Also, we'll catch Lita today on Regis, as I attempt to cover all 5 WWF cookbook days. It will be such an awesome feat if I do it, eh? On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.7
Second Hour: 1.8
Composite: 2.25


First Hour: 5.0
Second Hour: 6.0
Composite: 5.5

-Head to Head-

RAW: 5.0
Nitro: 1.8
Margin of Defeat: 3.2

WWF Weekend Shows

Livewire: 1.3
Superstars: 1.2
Heat: 2.1

WWF put up their normal TNN ratings, with WCW dropping, yet again. Oh, and I just love how the 'marks' are blaiming evil Terry Taylor and Johnny Ace for this drop. Ummm, wasn't this product in decline before they were taking Russo's place? Now I'll agree that the first Nitro was bad in Australia, but the past two have been the best Nitros in a while. Good wrestling, more solid storylines, and so forth. It's just that the whole industry looks at WCW as a joke, no matter what they do now. Of course, I'll blame Russo for screwing WCW in the first place, giving bad storylines or gimmicks to people like Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, or just idiotic moves like giving David Arquette the world title. Oh yeah, don't forget he about ran Booker T's career into the ground too.

This federation is defeated, and the wrestlers know that they will either be sold or shut down in a few months. It's a shame, especially when WCW does have the resources to put on a spectacular show. But continually holding guys back like Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, and just letting Goldberg's ego control the show just won't get it done. That's Russo's doing folks, as some of you really need to get that through your thick heads that he isn't the surpreme booker you thought he could be. Go ahead and write me an email about this, but remember that the ratings don't lie, and the way Russo has run the company in the last few months gives no booker a better chance at making a show a success.

But this is ALL Taylor and Ace's fault, right? Oh yeah, but you don't exactly see Taylor or Ace trying to win the world title, now do you?

1.8 just may be the lowest Nitro hourly rating ever. Now RAW is WAR has the record for an hour, with the famous 1.5 hour, but wrestling ratings have increased significantly since then, so I'll call a 1.8 an equivalent, if not lower, than the 1.5 scored in what I think was early 97. The first hour has been hovering around the 2.7 area for a while, even with Russo's booking. This whole product has been on a rollercoster ride since Hulk Hogan's ego got out of control in late 1997, with the final straw to WCW's success being the Sting match disappointment at Starrcade. Ever since then, booker after booker, or ego after ego, or ignorance after ignorance has sent this company back to the lower depths they were in 1993, and that's a damn shame!

Especially when you've watched WCW/NWA since 1988. I've stuck with this product for a much longer time than most probably reading this, and I always want this company to be successful. To say that my criticism is just being a WWF mark is damn ridiculous. I WANT WCW to be successful, and it makes me mad to see the ratings so low....yet I know why they are so low, with the reasons I've described before.

I actually hope the WWF deal goes down because there are performers in WCW who deserve to shine, and the WWF will certainly lead WCW in the right direction. When the WWF's product was just total garbage in 1996, did they let WCW slap them around? No. They slowly changed their product to compete, and be successful. With the right leader and brainpower in WCW, this federation could become huge under the WWF's wing, and the WWF vs. WCW Pay Per View will be exciting as possible.

It seems like I just get off on a rant anymore in the middle of columns that don't deserve those rants? Oh well.

Back to the ratings, as we'll look at the quarterly segments now. Gee, the WWF's opening interview with Rikishi and the Rock brought the WWF their lowest quarter hour of the night. Wow, I just love being right on that. Why doesn't the WWF try the "hot opener" again, with a match with two good performers. WWF is just so lazy for continuing their boring interview formula everyweek, as I really wish WCW's product was much stronger to pound them for it.

If you didn't notice, the combined rating for wrestling is 6.8, which is insane because the combined rating for this time, last year, was 9.1. That shows you the effect of the lower ratings of not only WCW, but the WWF as well. So maybe I'm right when I rant?

You MUST check out WWF.com's Yokozuna tribute. They have the tribute video from last night, the night Yoko CRUSHED Hulkamania(a personal favorite), and many more Yokozuna moments. Click Here to check it out. The crushing Hulkamania is a personal favorite of mine. I'm glad that the WWF didn't include the ending to Wrestlemania 9, as we don't need Hogan's ego in the way of a Yokozuna tribute.

For those who are wondering, I've seen Yokozuna wrestle live just once. It was at a RAW taping, where he fought Shawn Michaels to a pretty good match. It was just before the WWF decided to have Yokozuna step down and try to condition his weight. During the match, Shawn Michaels tried to hit some Sweet Chin Music, which Yokozuna blocked by crossing his arms, which was cool at the time when you didn't like the face Shawn Michaels.

-Lita on Regis-

Part of WWF Cooking Week....part 3 in the PDC. Lita comes out to Break the Walls Down???? Huh? Lita looks HUGE compared to Regis. Regis looks at her tattoo, and asks her about the wrestling career. She's been wrestling for 2 years, and got interested in it by watching with friends one time.

Lita is single, and she will NOT date any wrestlers. How about wrestling writers? When we come back, we will COOK with Lita!!!!! Tomorrow: Your Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle.


Regis asked if she beat Chyna for the title. No, she beat Stephanie! They show her pierced tongue. Ouch. They put the bacon in the pan, and you are supposed to let it cook 10 minutes until brown. Regis chops the onions, as the other co-host just stands there laughing. Lita is ACTUALLY participating in the cooking. They put garlic in the pan, as it's smoking everywhere! They add lots of spices to the pan, and that means the WHOLE BOWL of crap! Both hosts are coughing from the fumes. HAHA! They add lots of vegetables that would make me puke, and we have a finished product. Lita forces both to eat it, and the hosts "act" like they enjoy it.

End of segment.....


Backyard BBQ: The finest in Backyard Wrestling!

@That's all from me today. I'll be back tomorrow with WCW day, and I'll also cover Kurt Angle cooking on the Regis show. Now ain't that a peach?

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