Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, once again, I got smoked on my predictions, but what can you expect with new creative teams. That's how I got hammered last week...new creative team! Oh well, I'm still getting killed on those...but it shows that I'm only human. From what I've heard, Halloween Havoc was one of the strangest pay per views ever. WCW now can really start their revolution now that the previously booked pay per view is out of the way. Let's get to the PDC.


-What on earth are they doing with the Filthy Animals? They have them win the world titles last week only to have Harlem Heat become the 10 time! 10 Time! 10 time! World Heavyweight Champions of the world. Then, they continue their ambush on Ric Flair. I wonder where the new creative team is heading with this group. I'm also wondering if Flair will return....

-Hogan layed down. After all of my years of watching Hogan wrestle, I would have never thought that he would lay down for anybody. But he did! Many have already insisted that this is real, and not Hogan working it. HA! I doubt that. This has been a work from the start, and this is also a way for Hogan to revitalize his character. Now watch, I'm wrong, and he's heading somewhere else as we speak. If he is leaving, where does that leave Bret Hart and his match with Hogan??

-Bill Goldberg got the ball last night to become the top WCW star. Sid got his ass beat from what I've heard, and I've seen stills of his bloody face. Goldberg then stepped up to Sting's "non-title" match...or was it? I don't know...we'll have to find out tonight, as I hear that he was awarded the World Title anyways. Gotta watch Nitro for this situation.

-Dean Malenko sold Chris Benoit out. That's a shame, but at least they will get to fight each other many times! It also shows that the new creative team doesn't want Benoit with a television title. So he's going to get a monster push! As for Rick Steiner, my money is that he'll immediately lose that strap..and it will probably happen tonight.

-Oh my. Berlyn is a joke! How on earth can you lose a match to Brad Armstrong? Seriously, Brad Armstrong is the worst no-heat wrestler in the business, as he has no spectacular moves nor does he have a decent gimmick. It's funny because the Berlyn character is supposed to seem unbeaten, but a loser like Brad Armstrong, or BA like WCW likes to call him, can beat this so called dominant wrestler. Heck, from what I hear, the bodyguard couldn't help cheap shot BA to win this one. So sad...

-So what on earth will happen on Nitro tonight? Well, I don't know for sure what will happen with the world title, but it's a good guess that it might be up for grabs tonight with Sting vs. Goldberg. That's just a guess, and that's a ratings draw as well. I expect a title to switch hands somewhere tonight..whether it be the World title, tag titles, US title, TV title, or cruiserweight, somebody's losing a strap. Look for some possible appearances by either Hogan and/or Ric Flair to help further their retirements/works. It should be an interesting show tonight since Russo and Ferarra don't have a pre-booked pay per view to be annoyed with.


-Well, like I've said before, when Vince McMahon is down, he'll bust his ass to get back up. According to Kirk Huffman, he is the one writing both RAW and Smackdown now. I guess that shows you who busts their balls in the business, as writing both shows on your own is a pain! Of course, he gets some output from other officials and some wrestlers, but still. He's still in the process of finding some writers, so that's the reason for him writing the shows mainly on his own.

-As for RAW tonight...I expect to see a stronger RAW due to last week's ratings scare. The WWF went down significantly, and don't blame baseball for it because Nitro jumped up significantly. Anyway, I expect some kind of maybe tag match with Rock and Stone Cold. I'd like to see a Stone Cold/HHH vs. Rock 'N Sock match, but that probably wouldn't happen. Whatever happens tonight, expect a much stronger RAW than last weeks because they have 2 powerhouses to contend with now: a Hungry Nitro, and a Steeler vs. Falcon football game..which everyone in this area will watch since they all mark-out for the Steelers. Oh, no baseball game this week to contend with, as it is a traveling day for both the Yankees and the Braves.

@Well, that's all for today. Expect a collossal Phat Daily Column tomorrow, as it will be my one year anniversary of doing the Phat Daily Column. Thanks for reading, and I'll be here tomorrow with some goodies. Just chill...till the next episode.

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