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Welcome back to the column that's armed and loaded with opinions, Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Yesterday's column received quite a bit of feedback, for I wrote with such anger yesterday. I didn't like what I watched, as RAW was filled with McMahons and total crap towards the storylines, and I went off for that sake. My little tantrum will be backed up in a bit, when we discuss the ratings.

For the most part, the general consensus was that RAW was a poor show. Why do we keep watching? Well, the Smackdowns have certainly been pretty good lately, and No Mercy was decent, too. There's your answer, for any one who claims to be a "smart" voice about the wrestling industry. So please, suck on those apples.

The only thing, in wrestling, that really catches my attention is the Rock and Chris Jericho feud. In my opinion, the other storylines are either weak or somewhat insulting to be a wrestling fan. If it weren't for the WWF's continuing of their storyline, I probably would have ended my time as a WWF fan. It's hard to watch a show or a federation that makes you feel like it's a chore to see anymore, which is what the WWF has somewhat become. Obviously, from the ratings, which we'll discuss today, the numbers are there to back it up.

It appears that the remaining WWF fanbase are the ones who watch wrestling because it's a part of their routine (like me) or if they get off on anything that the WWF does. Long time wrestling fans, ECW fans, and WCW fans have left or are about to leave the wrestling world very soon. In the long run, you'd rather have those fans, for the current fans brainwashed by the WWF's programming will eventually leave, like when they grow up and/or if wrestling isn't "cool" to them anymore.

But hey, that's what the WWF asked for when they totally botched up the Invasion angle and decided that the WWF product, and it's stale characters, will be the preference of everyone. Ok, then the numbers will continue to drop.

On to the PDC.


-RAW delivered an extremely low composite rating of 3.9 for Monday Night's show. HA! If you ever wanted proof of how bad RAW was, then look no further than the rating. That's down from 4.1, which was last week. Go ahead and blame baseball for it, especially since there was a playoff game on for last week, too. Football? They were there last week, although the game was slightly better. But they were still there. RAW sucked, and the number shows it. I'm sure some jackass will state that ratings don't mean anything.

Yeah, and the drops in attendance, merchandise sales, and Pay Per View buyrates mean nothing, right? The WWF can hardly sell out any arenas anymore, with an occasional hot spot here or there. Add that to how the WWF doesn't boast about their buyrates anymore, or to the fact that DirecTV laughs at giving the WWF a better deal right now. So I guess the ratings do indicate something, eh? It sure looks like it!

I guess the word is that the rating is the lowest it's been since the RAW after Wrestlemania 14, where the WWF FINALLY beat WCW in the ratings, back in the day. That's when the WWF was still climbing, and the never looked back at that rating, until now, because they are collapsing from within. Had there been some solid opposition against the WWF, right now, then the McMahon owned federation would be in some real trouble now.

-In other ratings news, WWF Excess did a 0.5 rating! HAHAHAHA!!!!! That's so hilarious. Again, it's further proof that many are so sick of the WWF's shit lately, that they won't even bother to tune into Excess for more WWF stuff. You might as well take the show off the air for this weak rating. I'm sure the TNN execs will hound the WWF for this.

-Props to Chris Jericho for ripping Eric Bischoff for never offering the opportunity to Jericho to even climb the ladder to get a WCW title shot. Bischoff only thought that you could be champion if you were approaching 40, were from the WWF, or if they totally kissed his ass. Jericho fit none of that, as he was just a young wrestler, who was showing loads of potential. Things became worse when one Kevin Nash took over as head booker in late 1998, in which he buried Jericho as much as he could. Of course, Bischoff put Nash in that position.

Dumbass Eric Bischoff, who is only out to save his own ass all of the time, defended his position by denying any comments that he said and mentioning the Bill Goldberg situation. Ok, it's storytime: During Bill Goldberg's run as World champ, Jericho did a storyline where he would be the next opponent for Goldberg to basically run over. However, Jericho was a bit too good of an opponent, as the early promos actually pissed Goldberg off! So with that, as Goldberg mentions in his book, Bill went to WCW bookers and wanted to kill off the Jericho feud, immediately. Ahh, how funny the past can be.

-Buff Bagwell is writing a book?!? Oh my God, that's the most hilarious thing that I've ever heard in my almost 3 years as a column writer for LoP. What will he write about? Maybe how WCW should have pushed him to the top, and how the WWF missed a big opportunity by not giving him the WWF title on the first day he was there. What a buffoon. If you thought reading the Rock's book, while he was in character at the end, was bad, then wait until you read Bagwell's crap.

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@That's all for today. Just remember today's important lesson: numbers don't lie! So until the next column, just chill.....

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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