Welcome back...to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Like yesterday, LOTS to discuss. As I write this column, I hope to catch the Live with Regis show with Triple H. I will also discuss Chyna on E!'s Howard Stern show, and of course, the Monday Night WARS! Of course, it won't be Monday Night Wars coming up... But for now, let's savor it and review it, so on to the PDC.


Another legend has left us. At age 34, the former 2 time WWF World Champion, passed away in what is said to be heart failure. The weight problem he had could have been the main factor that killed him, with Yokozuna considered to be much more overweight than he was during his WWF days. It's indeed a shame that Yokozuna fell on hard times about the weight, as all he wanted to do was wrestle. With many athletic boards banning him and the WWF not allowing Yoko back in until he lost weight, he would have to lose weight to get back into wrestling here in the states. Instead, this problem got the best of him, and now we are without him.

During his prime, in 1993-1994, this could could move for his size. Other individuals would be so slow at that size, or there were guys that were smaller, but much slower. I personally liked his matches with Bret Hart, who always worked with him well. Yokozuna was also the man who crushed Hulkamania in the WWF, and I know I won't forget that. Also, he tagged up with Owen Hart in 1995, which is indeed sad since both members of that team are no longer with us. Rest in peace.

Credit: PowerWrestling.com for the Yokozuna picture. Check out their Wrestler Bios section for an excellent biography on Yokozuna.


Since I did the recap of the show last night, I believe I can say more than I would from just flipping back and forth.

First off, I don't know what WCW was thinking when they booked the Harris Boys and the Perfect Event. At least put them up against a talented team in 3 Count, or at least the Jung Dragons! Look at my recap, and you'll see that the Harris Boys did nothing but elbows and clotheslines, with an H-Bomb on Stasiak to win. Of course, this match led to Shawn Stasiak getting mowed over by Bill Goldberg, which I enjoyed.

Nitro had a BORING Mean Gene interview, which I thought were extinct? Of course, Terry Taylor is booking now, and if you remember during the NWO days, Taylor enjoyed having live interviews with Gene during the show. Speaking of interviews, Pamela Paulshock gave at least 6 or 7 interviews last night...maybe more! Of course..most won't mind.

So 3 Count are the ones who paid KroniK to attack Bill Goldberg? That's the dumbest booking I've seen lately. What purpose would a boyband have of paying Kronik to manhandle Goldberg? It's sloppiness like this that keeps WCW down in the ratings.

MAJOR PROPS to WCW for the Misfits in Action Team Canada skit! A-Wall (get it??) and Lt. Loco had me off my chair laughing at their impersonations! This is by far, the BEST thing anybody has booked for the MIA. Mark it on your calendars folks, MIA was cool for once. I wonder if Team Canada had to be held back like the Horsemen did when the NWO did the famous Horsemen "spot" skit?

Now we get Kevin Nash "shooting", saying that the Outsiders will be back. Legend should show that if it's brought on TV in a professional way, then that means it's a work. Something is fishy here, and I hope Drunken Scott Hall isn't still under WCW contract. OR they could be just signing him to work on a nightly basis, instead of a contractual basis. How about that?

Decent 3 Way match, as the 3 Way match at Havoc should be good too. Crowbar and Vampiro had a rough match, although it was a "Sabu match", which is defined as a match involving spots-break-spot-break-spot-break and on and on. Those two would clock each other, and then just walk around or lay there. And I thought Rob Van Dam was rough to watch in those kind of matches. Not a bad build up for only one week with Vampiro and Mike Awesome. I wonder who those druids were though?

For those who are wondering, I think Shane Douglas is actually injured. It was reported here, earlier, that Shane suffered an arm injury in Australia, and that's probably legit from how Shane tried to wrestle. I don't know? Steiner vs. Awesome wasn't bad, although both are better when they have smaller wrestlers to toss around.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Pretty good show this week, with some pretty entertaining stuff overall. Two good Nitros in a row....wow, the whole world must be changing.


for an overall good show in my opinion. I predict a 2.1 in the second hour without the World Series to worry about.

RAW is War

Great intro with the Yokozuna tribute. Nothing but class there.

Rikishi came out and did a long interview....15 minutes worth. That's ok, because it allowed me to keep up with my Nitro report.

AWESOME lady's match with Lita and Trish Stratus. I'm sure there will be monkeys taking lots of screenshots to have "EXCLUSIVE Bra and Panties PICTURES!! FULL NUDITY!!!" We should pay them with bananas. Anyway, back with the match, it was a good one. Not only did we see some stripping, but some good action surprisingly. I thought Trish was already in her panties with the bottom she was wearing. But that's not it... Ivory makes her debut as the latest member of RTC. Now I was expecting Mona to appear, any day now, as they RTC chick, but that's ok. Ivory has that mean attitude that will fit in perfect with RTC. Good booking WWF!

Kane and Jericho feuding? Very interesting. Maybe X-Pac and Kane have made up their differences?

AWESOME match between Tazz/Raven against Too Cool. All 4 workers gave it their all, and props to probably Pat Paterson for the ending. Now I'm not just saying this because I'm a known fan of Tazz/Raven, and a well known basher of Too Cool, but the ending was great with Raven evenflowing Scotty when he tried the W-O-R-M, with Tazz making the cover.

Looks like Chyna will be helping Mr. Ass get more over with fans from now on. I feel bad for Guerrero, because it looks like not only will he carry Gunn, but probably drop that strap as well. DO NOT doubt that Chyna won't turn heel either, because I smell a swerve coming where she'll rejoin Eddie.

My good buddies Calvin and Jaymz called the Hardy Boyz being under the masks, as both of them were all over it. The WWF set this one up well, as I was thinking it could have put the titles vacant. But nooo. Hardys can quote Dark Helmet on Spaceballs by saying: FOOLED YOU!!! (be sure to click that phrase to actually hear it live!)

Good main event, with Kurt Angle thankfully keeping the title. However....


for having Stone Cold Steve Austin giving Angle the stunner. It's been the word lately that Austin is booking himself now, and for tonight's event, just crapping on the World Champ, he's officially turned on his Hulk Hogan mode. It's funny, because he imitated him in 1995 while in ECW. You can just SMELL the ego now. The WWF should know better by making their champion look bad. Apparently they don't.

Benoit....Malenko... together again? Horsemen in action?

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: This was a pretty good show by WWF recent standards, but anytime they totally shit all over their World Champion with Stone Cold for no reason, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth just after the show. This show should have tied Nitro at B+, but the FINGER OF SHAME knocks the grade down to


for that ignorance. All hail Steve Austin, the next leader of Hulkamania! I predict a 5.1 for the first hour of RAW.


-Chyna on Howard Stern(E!)-

This segment was actually very revealing.

Chyna came in, and they discussed her recent pictures in Playboy. The whole time, Stern is going back and forth to whether Chyna looks good, or is manly. They do the usual joking about how tough Chyna is, and they discuss Chyna's REAL LIFE boyfriend Triple H. It's revealed that Triple H likes to "use the back door" with Chyna. Oh my.

However, the callers and a guy in the studio was very cruel to poor Chyna. Some crazy guy wanted to challenge Chyna in an arm wrestling match, which Chyna declined. Chyna seems very unwilling for this, and the guy was badmouthing her! THEN, some caller called in and yelled at Chyna for her "jaw surgery". Chyna said that she had it done to fix her "underbite" that she had, and NOT manly looks. Then another guy called in and was badmouthing Chyna for ruining storylines with Triple H! HAHAHAHA!!! Somebody is taking it too seriously.

Then, Marissa McMahon, also known as Marissa Mazzoli from Livewire, comes to join the show. She is Shane's wife, and like everybody else, Howard Stern has a hard-on for her. He's constantly hitting on her, admiring how much of a God Shane McMahon truly is. Hey, I agree. Marissa said she didn't marry Shane for the money, as she actually lived next door to the McMahon's back in the day, where she was with Shane. She's a PR head at the WWF, and Howard joked about her salary, possibly being $3 Million a year.

This was a very funny segment, with some real life shoots on Chyna in this segment. Just brutal.

-Triple H on Regis-

Swordfish A la Helmsley, ummm ok!

Triple H does his entrance like he would at a WWF event. Music, water, and all! Regis said his water spitting was just lovely. They discussed his match with Chris Benoit, and Triple H said he beat the hell out of him. Damn, the game posed, and he's f'n HUGE. Regis asked if he's married or single, and he says single. DUH, Chyna said she was going with Triple H yesterday.

We bring an audience member out, and Triple H slaps him in a pedigree position. Lita and Angle coming up later this week!


Regis hypes the book, and they talk about Triple H's Swordfish. Regis sprays the grill, but puts too much! They put the Swordfish on, and they add salt, pepper, and paprika. They put on olive oil, and Triple H threatens Regis with a lemon pealer. Put it in the oven for 351 degrees, or whatever. Regis happens to find a cooked pan in the oven. Throughout this skit, Triple H slowly hits on the co-host. Triple H shows us special tricks with lemon, and gives the plate to Regis. Both hosts LOVE eating Triple H.

End of Segment....


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