Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, Halloween Havoc is tonight, so that means prediction time. Last week for the No Mercy predictions, I got hammered by only getting two or three right. I hope to make up some ground this week with Halloween Havoc, but it's rather hard with the new creative teams. Oh well, I'll try my best and I'll stick to my opinions. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-After reading Calvin Martin's post about Jim Ross being the scapegoat for Jeff Jarrett leaving, it seems that Jim Ross has been having some internal problems in the WWF lately. I have heard everywhere about Vince McMahon being very pissed at Ross because he knew Jarrett's character hasn't reached its full potential. Ross has always been accused of being an Austin "mark", as he's always siding with him when Stone Cold refuses to wrestle someone. Ross has had a few other problems like ripping on Pat Patterson's homosexuality, and taking a few cheap shots at others in his column. Whether or not if he's in real trouble with the WWF is hard to say at this moment.

-It seems that Terry Taylor will stay with the WWF, for now. I'm sure the WWF's trust in him went down when he was leaning towards jumping on the WCW bandwagon. I don't really see why the WWF kept him, as he's an average, conservative booker and he's mainly for talent relations..which is easily replaceable. Of course, he does know a good bit about the WWF, and the WWF has lost a good chunk of their office already. But for now, Taylor stays....joy.

-Taz was at the Titan Towers recently for a lovely photo shoot, as it seems that the WWF is excited about Taz despite all of that garbage others have said about him being screwed with Russo gone. I'm wondering how much of Taz's success will be based on the things he did and said in ECW about the WWF. I taped the ECW TV shows back then, and I have many many comments about the WWF there, and I also have a part where Taz took off a RAW is WAR shirt off of a fan and proceeded to catch it on fire in the ring. If I owned a federation, I wouldn't forget about that stuff..but then you could say that it was just Taz's gimmick..to be the F'N badass of ECW. Also, that WWF angle was in ECW then, so you could say he was just playing along being against it.


-According to Slam! Wrestling, Vince Russo wants Hogan to job to Sting at Halloween Havoc. This could be a good reason Hogan no showed at Nitro, and reason why it might seem like he won't show up at Havoc. Of course, everyone and their mother is calling this one a work...and of course, there are a few good reasons for that. Whether or not Hogan shows tonight just might determine his future in WCW, like if he's willing to give the new creative team a shot. But then again, by not showing up, it could be dragging this work a little more.

Halloween Havoc Predictions

=Lash LaRoux vs. Disco Inferno for the cruiserweight title. Even though Lash is showing great talent lately, I believe that Disco will keep the title just for the fact that I've heard that the creative team likes Disco's gimmick and attitude. Winner: Disco Inferno.

=Brad Armstrong vs. Berlyn. Stupid Berlyn will continue to bore us with a win over someone who shouldn't have a spot on a pay per view. Alex Wright, ahem, Berlyn will again use the assistance of his bodyguard to beat this loser. Winner: Berlyn.

=Chris Benoit vs. Rick Steiner for the television title. Chris Benoit will win this, as I somehow feel that Russo and Ferarra aren't the biggest fans of a Rick Steiner type wrestler. Plus, they love Benoit, but then again they could have Benoit drop the title for bigger and better things. Winner: Benoit.

=Ric Flair vs. DDP. Damn, this one is too hard to call. This could be Ric Flair's final match, so knowing that, I'll say that Flair will put DDP over. It's a shame if this is Flair's last match. Winner: DDP.

=Filthy Animals vs. First Family (Maybe a three way with Harlem Heat). Filthy Animals seem to be the DX of WCW now, and the creative team loves them! They will win this one with lots of cheating. Winners. Filthy Animals.

=Hitman Bret Hart vs. Total Package. Even with Lex's new attitude, Bret will win this one for the momentum heading into WCW Mayhem, the next pay per view which happens to be in Toronto. Winner: Bret Hart.

=Hulk Hogan vs. Sting if it happens for the World Heavyweight Title. It's funny how a world title match isn't a main event. Anyway, if Hogan does show up, I have this "work" feeling that Hogan will walk away with the strap in order to job it to Bret Hart at Mayhem in Toronto next month. Even though I'm pulling for Sting in this one, I predict that it's Hogan's win if he shows up. Winner: Hulk Hogan.

=Goldberg vs. Sid. Goldberg...Spear! Jackhammer! 1-2-3! I have this feeling that Sid just might have some kind of supporting role after this match. Goldberg is slated to be "da man" in WCW now, as they are giving him the ball again. Winner: Goldberg...but I wouldn't be surprised if the Outsiders possibly screw Goldberg, and make Sid the third Outsider. That would be interesting, but I'll stick with Goldberg winning this match.

@That's all for today. I'm hoping that I don't mess up badly on the predictions this week as I did last week. But hey, I'm not perfect. Well, thanks for reading, and I'll be back with some news or thoughts after the pay per view along with some Monday Night previews. Just chill till the next episode.

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