Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column! Lots to discuss today, as I wonder if I'll even get this thing done today with the limited amount of time. We have to discuss the events at No Mercy, Goldberg on CNN, Chyna on Live with Regis, and of course, the ever so fun Monday Night Hype. Let's jump into it, so on to the PDC.


-Chyna on Regis-

Miss Chyna was on Live with Regis today, demonstrating the wonderful WWF Cookbook today. She came out, and Regis played dumb by asking her if she posed in Playboy. By the way, no marks from a smashed vase to the face from No Mercy the night before.

They discussed Chyna's body and work outs, blah blah blah blah blah! Doesn't any other talk show hosts NOT talk about her HUGE size and muscles? Why not talk about her longtime boyfriend, Triple H? Anyway, she then poses for the crowd, and then Regis does the same. Chyna has Regis beat on bicep size, but oddly enough, not by much.

They start making this weird kind of salad, where they chopped up lots of green vegitables, and other nasty tasting stuff. I believe someone dropped some food on the floor, but put it back into the bowl. Yeah, great quality WWF Cookbook there. It was more of a comedy sketch, with Regis, Chyna, and whoever was the co-host. I'm sure many will take that cookbook with consideration now.

Hmmm, I could be able to do ALL 5 days of this cookbook stuff, because I write the PDC around the time it comes on. Tomorrow: Triple H will be on, to maybe do a better job with food than Chyna?

-No Mercy-

REJOICE!!!!!! Kurt Angle is your NEW world champion! Horray!!!!!!!! No more Lame Duck World Champ baby! Now many could argue that it's too early for Angle, but I don't care. I'm tired of seeing the Rock losing tag matches on regular shows, but getting the annoying clean win at the Pay Per Views. Even better, it's time for the Rock to wrestle the midcard with Rikishi, to get him out of the title picture for a while. Angle is your champ now, and Triple H is aiming for him now. I think a tough victory, and a clean one at that, should be enough for Triple H to get a title shot.

If Chris Jericho and X-Pac fight one more time, I'm going to scream!!! Doesn't anybody notice the pops Jericho gets? Why not push him again, because he proved himself with Triple H and Chris Benoit, although many will argue that those guys made Jericho look good. But the crowd loves Jericho, so why not push him? You must listen to the crowds now... I bet the WWF puts Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho against each other, ONE MORE TIME.

Let me see here...going by the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show where I gave predictions on the updated card, I went 3-4-2, which ends the good streak of predictions on WWF shows. The '2' represents the No Contests by the way. I chose wrong on the double main events, as I predicted Benoit over Triple H, and Rock over Angle. I did predict the RTC vs. Chyna/Mr. Ass match perfectly on the show, stating that Eddie Guerrero would interfere. Ugh. Maybe I'll come close on the predictions next week. This is way better than the 2-8 I went on one Pay Per View, earlier this year...

-RAW Hype-

If the Rock regains that title tonight, I will fail the WWF hard tomorrow!

I'm sure we'll see Triple H now aiming for Kurt Angle's newly crowned title. Don't forget the Rock could be involved, as the WWF could clusterfuck the main event at Survivor Series with another Triple H vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rock match.

However, evil Rikishi, who THANKFULLY was not crushed by Steve Austin, will probably start something with the Rock, although I thought he needs time off to rest those knees? At least that is what I thought?

I'm sure we'll see a nice, long interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin about getting arrested, blah blah blah blah blah! Why don't you just give us Rock vs. Stone Cold now, so that this storyline won't be torture to watch unfold. It's coming for Wrestlemania 17, which is around 5 months away.

I'm sure Edge/Christian will reveal who was under the masks, and prove to be the NEW world champions....OR, we'll see Edge/Christian just easily manhandle Los Conquistadors for the titles. Crazy stuff here.

I'm hoping that new feuds will arrive tonight, instead of extending feuds like they did after the Pay Per View this year.


-Goldberg on CNN-Time

Thanks to Coolbeans for alerting me when it came on! I'd give you a detailed report, but Nick Ponton was ALL OVER IT already for this segment, so I'll just whip out some opinions.

I found it rather odd that Vince Russo was talking praise about Goldberg in this piece. This is a guy with real life heat with Goldberg, but yet he's kissing his ass in this segment. They also showed the booking crew, which shows Disco Inferno involved. Yes, that's why the Boogie Knights are always on television folks.

Goldberg said that he was already a 'real' athlete when he came in, and that he didn't know much about wrestling beforehand. Yep, there's where the ego comes from. He still doesn't understand the business, and that's why he goes crazy when asked to do the 'job' to another wrestler, or to at least have another wrestler get a rub off of him.

Goldberg also said that he bought $1000 worth of video tapes to "get an edge", with some of them being Ninja tapes and wrestling tapes. He must have rented the following tapes: Halloween Havoc 1994, Wrestlemania 9, Road Wild 1996, and anything that was ego tripping about Hulk Hogan. Yes, he said Hogan was his "idol", when talking about the HUGE Georgia Dome battle with Hogan in 1998. By the way, that very match was the last time Nitro won the Monday Night Wars. Anyway, Goldberg himself proved why he's not a good "business man" in wrestling because he thinks he must always win or look indestructable. No! It's about making the whole company look good, with helping other wrestlers to make an overall great wrestling product. You should note that your own ego trip, Hogan's many ego trips, and many others have helped to give lower numbers to federations.

It was a good segment though, because CNN rules the world.

-Nitro Preview-

I like how WCW.com loads up on the Shockwave now. Good thing that I'm on a network here at college, or I'd be screaming at home with my modem.

Uh oh... Somebody has set up Kronik to take out some lucky individual(s) on Nitro tonight. Yep, they will both promote themselves out there, give their opponents stiff shots, and not sell a thing. I don't care what they do on Nitro, I want to see the match with Bill Goldberg already. There is NO WAY that either guy will be able to cooperate with each other during this match. Both teams think too high of themselves to want to lose. I can't wait!!!

Oh boy. To hype up the "kickboxing" match, Mike Sanders will show that he too has Martial Arts skills. I don't mind this feud, but it's odd that WCW has two GOOD commissioners, compared with a sort of boring one in the WWF right now. Oh well.

Yipee. Misfits in Action have something in store for Team Canada. Now I'm not going to bash Russo here, like I started last week. But hasn't this MIA experiment gone on too long now? Nobody cheers for them, and nobody cares for them either. Most hate Storm, but appreciate his wrestling ability, and there are some odd Elix Skipper fans out there. Duggan is more over as a heel than any of the Misfits. I'm sorry, but just nobody cares about General Rection, who I've always considered to be overrated, Lt. Loco, who could be used better from past experiences proving that, Corporal Cajun, who used to be decent until he started getting lazy, and finally, A Wall(you get it?), who is one of the weakest big man in the business. But that's just my opinion.

I hope that Nitro puts the Perfect Event vs. Harris Boys in the second hour, because to quote Weird Al: "I can't watch this". Both teams are just horrible performers, as proven many times on Nitro, Thunder, Pay Per Views, and former WWF careers(not for Palumbo). I just hope Kevin Nash is announcing tonight, so that he can bash the hell out of Shawn Stasiak again. That was priceless last week.

I'm hoping that WCW gives Kevin Nash the live mic on Nitro tonight, because I want to see if he'll have the balls to actually "shoot" on television. It's $1.3 Million that you could dump from the large costs of running WCW, and it really challenges the WWF to pick up this MAJOR headache to a locker room. Just do it WCW!

Bill Goldberg will be wrestling somebody, probably another young, up and coming wrestler to look bad. Damn shame.

Last week's Nitro was pretty good, but that's in front of a sellout crowd, which probably won't happen tonight. WCW better fire off a great show, with the WWF coming off a PPV. No World Series tonight to worry about, with just the Jets pounding on those Dolphins on Monday Night Football.

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