Welcome to the MONDAY edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll take a look back at WWF's No Mercy, and give it the usual review and grade. Also, if there's any developments towards RAW, we'll discuss those too.

I have to tell you though... I may seem like I'm rushing today's column, for I have some kind of weird eye irritation that's pissing me off. It started before I started watching No Mercy, where my left eye just suddenly swelled up, became red, and were extremely watery. Thanks to Visine©, I've reduced it significantly, but I bet that looking at a computer screen won't help matters. I hope it's not Pinkeye. Of course, I wasn't abducted by aliens, like Eric Cartman once was on the hit show South Park, if you understand that allusion.

I was planning on reading more of Foley's book, last night, but that condition occurred. FINGER OF SHAME at my left eye, I guess. I might as well stop talking about Foley's second book, because the more I say that I'm going to read it, the less I actually do. Enough of that.

Let's review No Mercy so that I can rocket on out of here!


I did NOT catch the first match between Lance Storm/Hurricane versus Hardy Boyz for the WCW Titles, for I was late on arrival to where I was watching the PPV at. I could have lied my ass off, and said that I saw it, based on other people's opinions, but I won't stoop that low. Hardy Boyz won, as I figured, and I'm hoping that the Hurricane picks up a tag team partner to better suit his role, like Christian, who will probably be finished feuding with Edge, after what happened in the ladder match.

Next match was Kane vs. Test. It was about as much as I expected out of these two giants. Test won the match, which will cause Jim Ross to jack off, even harder, whenever Test fights on RAW from now on. I was thinking that this Pay Per View was in total trouble by the looks of this match, but I would be wrong later on....

Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler was somewhat better than expected, with both ladies looking quite good in their little outfits. Both ladies are MUCH BETTER looking than any of the WWF divas, which is probably why they were booked in this type of match. One thing that the WWF must realize about these ladies: they aren't wrestlers.

Next, it was Christian vs. Edge in the Ladder Match for the IC title. I would have been more pumped for this match, had the WWF done a little better job with their storyline. Overall, the two had a good match, but I can say, now, that the ladder gimmick is getting pretty old. I didn't before, but when it was first booked, I wasn't as pumped as I was for previous ladder matches. I liked the finish, though, with the single person Conchairto on top of the ladders. Very brutal. Edge wins, thus hopefully pushing him up the ranks. Christian would be a GREAT heel partner for Hurricane, since Christian would work well with Hurricane's comedy.

Dudleys vs. Big Show/Tajiri is something that you'd find on Smackdown, which in fact, I believe they've fought before on that show or RAW. I'm just not thrilled to see the Dudleys in action anymore, nor do I care to see an out-of-shape 483 pounder in any match. Dudleys retain, which made me happy from my predictions.

Booker T vs. Undertaker was next, with lots of anger towards its result. Sure, I knew it was coming, but it's a blatant insult to see the WWF having more confidence in an old fart, who is slow, out of shape, and arrogant about his opponents, winning the match. Fuck his seniority, for the Undertaker isn't going to give the WWF anything special anymore.

YES!!!! YES!!! There is a Wrestling God!!! Chris Jericho beat the Rock for the WCW Title! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!! Now, it feels GREAT to be a wrestling fan again! I'm hoping that this title change was done to please the many long-time wrestling fans who are getting sick of the current scheme and hierarchy in the WWF. For the first REAL time, the WWF has awarded Jericho for his continued hard work and popularity from the fans. Instead of giving us repetition, with the Rock usually winning at Pay Per Views, the WWF surprised us with an unexpected win from Chris Jericho. Better yet, they are going to rematch, probably at Survivor Series, thus NOT giving us the lame Rock vs. Austin feud, that nobody, and their mother, wants to see.

And the match was great too! The feud has been great! I can't WAIT until RAW to see any sort of conclusion, to maybe hype up their rematch at Survivor Series. I mean, everyone in the room, where I watched the show, was cheering when Jericho had the Walls of Jericho on the Rock, and they were loving it when Jericho eventually won. It's a breath of fresh air, I hope, for the WWF's sake in refreshing things through the storylines, style of wrestling, and much more.

Final match was Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam. Not bad overall, but it seemed as though RVD was doing the majority of the bumping in this match. When Kurt Angle took the stunner and fell out of the ring, I was in disbelief, since Rob Van Dam looked as though he was going to win. However, leave it to Vince McMahon make the finish look bad, as he got Angle up to kill the pin. That made no sense. Austin would eventually pull a victory out of his ass, which was very much predicted by everyone.

LAST WORD: Good Pay Per View overall. Too many McMahons at the end, which only shows you what the WWF is truly about. The wrestlers aren't allowed to be showcased.... However, one was truly showcased, as Jericho finally got the big win, and possibly the respect that he deserves. I'll give this spendid show an


(A minus), and that's generous, with the big win from Jericho.


Well, WWF.com is hyping something about the Rock's response to Chris Jericho's title win last night, thus having both wrestlers probably rematching at Survivor Series. Thank the heavens! They are also hyping Stephanie McImplants's response to the situation, too, where her hated enemy, Chris Jericho, is now the WCW champion. It's funny.... the best WWF feud occurs, and who attaches themself to it? Stephanie. She's a McMahon alright.

Also, it's being hyped that Steve Austin and Rob Van Dam will be aiming for each other, probably setting up RVD vs. Austin at Survivor Series. No mention of Kurt Angle, who is likely to be depushed. I'd bet that he'll feud with Test. Anybody care to take me up on that bet?

And finally.... Looks like the Edge and Christian feud is not over. I guess Christian will be instantly recovering from a move that would kill a normal human being.

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