Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. No Mercy is right around the corner, with it being the wrestling return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will it bring in the buyrates? Well, we'll see in a couple of weeks how 'well' the WWF set this card up. Let's look at this and more, so on to the PDC.

Bret Hart

No more Hitman in WCW folks, since WCW officially handed Bret his Fed Ex firing Friday(more on that in a moment). After a backlash from Hart's agent, mixed stories from insiders, and other garbage, it was official. Bret was fired.

I read his Calgary column, hoping for a 'shoot' on the federation who might have damaged him for life, on the federation who didn't use him well from day one, and the federation who didn't have the balls to personally tell him he was fired. He didn't, since it was expected due to the famous Thunder column.

You know, it sort of scares me about Bret Hart. Wherever he goes, it seems like it drops. When he was the top man in the WWF, the interest and viewers started do drop... He was on top of the WWF when WCW was #1, but the second he was screwed at Survivor Series 97(if you didn't see it, rent it!!), the WWF's numbers got better, and better, and better! The addition of Bret didn't do a thing for WCW, ever. Of course, we have the wonderful Hulk Hogan to blame for avoiding Hart, but that's a different story.

However, I don't believe that. I feel that he's been SCREWED several times in this business. Hulk Hogan and the WWF screwed over Bret at Wrestlemania 9, burying him from main event status for a long time after that. Then, the "Clique" made his heel rival, Bob Backlund, drop the strap immediately to Diesel, which just trashed someone who took Bret to the limits. Plus, the Clique politics helped to keep him out of the World Title contention for a while, until he won the belt back before then dropping it to Shawn Michaels. Then we go to Wrestlemania in 1997 where Shawn Michaels "faked" a knee injury to avoid paying back Bret, and then we got Survivor Series 1997, the screwjob of them all.

From day one in WCW, Hollywood Hogan feared the Hitman. He made sure that Bret would never get on his level, and that's why you kept seeing those odd heel turns by Bret Hart. Then Kevin Nash's booking buried Bret Hart even more, especially since Nash did NOT ride on the "Wrestling With Shadows" special in 1999. Then, we get wonderful Russo giving him many swerves, ruining him yet again. Then, of course, Goldberg messes up Bret with the superkick, and Bret gets a Fed Ex letter, which fired him for getting injured on the job.

The Fed Ex is famous, especially with X-Pac(Syxx then) and Davey Boy Smith receiving them as well during injury. X-Pac had a tough neck injury to recover from, and Davey Boy Smith was on his death bed, with an odd back injury caused by the Warrior's trap door in the ring. Of course, X-Pac or Syxx was in WCW's doghouse for his attitude at the time, which should be noted. Still, it's a nice slap in the face when you get fired over an injury caused from performing. By the way, Steve Austin was also another one who was fired when injured, although it was also the new Hogan era that had him released too.

I don't think we'll see Bret Hart in wrestling again, although he could prove me wrong in next week's Calgary column when he announces his future.

WWF No Mercy Predictions

Steel Cage match: X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho
Here's my question. Now if you were going to have a rematch, why did you have Chris Jericho win the last match?? It makes no sense to have a rematch in the heel's favor, as you are repeating an outcome. Especially if X-Pac wins this match, we'll have to see one more Pay Per View match between X-Pac and Jericho, and that's not cool. These two have fought WAY too many times, and their matches aren't even good. I'm hoping that somebody, in the back, sees the nonsense they keep doing with Jericho, and calls on Patterson to 'book' a great win.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

Tag Team Titles: Hardy Boyz vs. Los Conquistadors
Just like the other Edge/Christian goofball tricks have failed, so will this one. Many fear that this match might not happen though, with Jeff Hardy's injuries... hmm. I'll still go with the Hardys.
Tito's Pick: Hardy Boyz

Table Invitational: Dudleys vs. RTC vs. Lo Down vs. Too Cool vs. Tazz/Raven vs. Edge/Christian
Geesh. Let's throw a bunch of wrestlers in one match, that way our large depth roster can all be happy. How about trimming the fat to make solid shows all of the time? I smell a screwjob with will have the top faces(Dudleys) against the top heels(Edge/Christian), possibly at the next Pay Per View.
Tito's Pick: Edge/Christian

Intercontinental Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Mr. Ass
I saw that Jim Ross cancelled this match in his Ross Report, but the good lazy people at WWFNoMercy.com have yet to change the card. So just in case, here's my prediction:
Tito's Pick: Eddie Guerrero

Rikishi vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rikishi needs time off to rest injuries, so us "smart fans" should know that means Austin will win this. Plus, there is no such thing as advancing wrestlers in the WWF now, especially over Austin. Austin wouldn't put over Triple H, so why would he put over Rikishi? The funny thing is that Austin's win totally craps all over this storyline, especially with the build up. Way to go WWF.
Tito's Pick: Stone Cold in a squash!

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit
Match of the Night, and possibly the match of the year. Right here are the WWF's two best wrestlers who can make their opponents look good. Therefore, they will make each other look superhuman. Their match on Smackdown for Benoit's second appearance is legendary. Let's *hope* the WWF gives this one time, and a good ending. I see Stephanie and Kurt Angle helping out Benoit, to finally go over a main eventer on a Pay Per View.
Tito's Pick: Chris Benoit

World Title: Rock vs. Kurt Angle
NEVER AGAIN will I bet against the Rock. Never ever! Especially since the Rock and Stone Cold will be feuding for Wrestlemania, and oh, we can't make the Rock look bad before that super match, which would be around 5 months away. No such thing as doing that. If you smellllll.....what the Rock....is quacking, Mr. Lame Duck champion.
Tito's Pick: The Rock

Blame WWFNoMercy.com if this card is wrong. I'm on a good WWF streak, as I hope to continue it tonight. I've got burned on the main event matches, thanks to the Rock, though. There could be a swerve with Rock and Rikishi tonight...

By the way, don't ever count out this man.

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