Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Oh darn, I missed Chunder this week..oh darn. Of course, I missed Crackdown since I don't have UPN!! But enough of that, Monday Nights are the only things that matter. The show that J.R. commentates is the one I'll watch, and WCW only really cares about Nitro. Today is Friday, and is it me, or does all of the great news occur on Friday? Of course, I always post this column before the good news comes out!!! That's what I get for making and posting the PDCs every morning. On to the PDC.


-Hahahaha, the Warrior coming back to WCW..hahahahaha!!!! That's too funny. That's all we need is for that wash-up of a wrestler to embarass himself in WCW again. But wait, WCW now has the super creative team to the rescue. Maybe they are thinking since they gained a little ratings, they can revive the Warrior. Yeah right. Not even making the Warrior a pimp and having him walk down with hos would get attention to him now. If they do bring him back, for the love of God, don't make him come through the ring again or let him get on the mic.

-Look for even more involvement with women in WCW, thus continuing their efforts to look like RAW. I guess I really pay for it when I flip back and forth on channels for missing the guitar pieces around Elizabeth. Oh well, I'm not perfect. Back to the women. Kimberly will get a Sable like push now, as she has more goods to offer than Sable. She can talk a little better, and she's more talented atheletically than Sable. She'll do fine, just as long as her attitude doesn't end up like Sable's.

-Already, reports are surfacing about Randy Savage leaving the WCW. It might seem true, but just don't rule him staying with WCW just yet. Rumors are meant to be struck down, and this could be just another one. Of course, Russo isn't a big Macho fan, so it might be true. Just have to wait and see like all of the transactions these days.


-According to Slam! Wrestling, an Owen Hart biography will be aired on A & E on November 16th, at 8:00 pm. This is a must see, and a must tape because A & E sure knows how to do a biography. If you saw the Andre the Giant one, you know what I'm talking about.

-I love how Lucas just struck down the rumor that Hogan was not coming to the WWF. Of course, Lucas does lie at times to throw fans off(ex. Vince not coming back)....but I highly doubt Hogan would ever return to the WWF..unless the money was right. Hogan left on somewhat bad terms with the McMahon steroid trial, and Hogan has always badmouthed the WWF throughout the years. But wait, Taz has been badmouthing the WWF for years too..and he's with the WWF(I have two or more incidents on tape from ECW TV back then to prove it). Hmm, I guess anyone can turn around and wave the WWF banner.

-I keep hearing stuff on Jim Ross, and how he has become a "power hungry" individual. Jeff Jarrett is the one very vocal about this, as he feels he did anything Stone Cold told him to do, and since Austin hated Jarrett, it reflected in his relationship with Jarrett. I know Jim Ross is one of those in charge of talent relations, but he doesn't control what happens in the ring. Jeff Jarrett was being built up pretty good in the WWF, and I'm sure the WWF had plans for him to continue to grow. But instead, he jumped to WCW, where he could end up exactly like he did last time.


-Well, apparently, there is lots of confusion on what time ECW will be on tonight. The usual time, for those who don't know, is at 8 pm, but last week I was told that during the ECW show, there was commercials for a Monster Truck show at 8. Also, I've heard that some television listings have ECW at 7 pm at night. That's just nice, another reason for lower ratings by confusing the viewers. Don't expect a jump this week from their best rating yet of 1.2. That's a shame.

@Yay, I just love slow newsdays. Hopefully more news will come out with Halloween Havoc coming this weekend. Thanks again for reading, and chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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