Welcome to the daily column that is ALL OVER IT everyday, the Phat Daily Column. The votes are in, as your help in voting for Smackdown and the WWF Wrestler of the Week will help me shape my WWF day column again. I appreciate the help fellas, since UPN is non existant here at Ohio University with Time Warner cable. Well anyway, let's get on to the PDC, shall we?

Note From Tito: I just want to apologize for the mix up on the Bret Hart news. One industry source says one thing, another insider says another, and it's been quite confusing for us to report it, and I assume you, the readers for reading different stories on a few posts. Again, I apologize for any confusion, as we hope to have the actual story up really soon.


Your Smackdown Grade: A-

I received a few emails about Smackdown, describing what was a pretty good show overall. This is the second A- in a row, voted by YOU, the readers. A- had a good 30% of the vote, with an A / A+ and a B+ just behind that with 22%.

So since I didn't see the show, I'll just run down the card to see how it probably got the A-. It looks like they started the show up with an interview, which prompts a FINGER OF SHAME for being chickenshit on an opening match. But it could have been short, but that's not the point. The WWF thinks this formula works so well, yet they don't see how their ratings and attendance is lower than what it was last year.

I would have loved to see that Tag Team battle royal! Damn I wish I had UPN! It's funny how the WWF operates, as Tazz is just another victim to Steve Blackman. You know, at least there is hardcore fans out there who appreciate Tazz and Raven, and nobody cares for Blackman at this point. Oh wait...Shane McMahon does. My bad.

Oh, it looks to me like the PTC won't be too thrilled with the RTC/Chyna/Eddie Guerrero segment. Yay, more WWF bashing by the PTC, and they'll probably pressure another sponsor out of leaving the WWF. By the way, have you been to their site? Now, I'm not giving out the address because they don't need my plugs, but their site does nothing but aim at the WWF. Gee, there are plenty of other shows out there, especially some vulgar new shows, but the PTC keeps coming after the WWF! It's nothing but a jealousy over professional wrestling and success. Nuff said!

Oh god, I'm sure the William Regal match with Perry Saturn and Al Snow was sooo fun to watch. I just don't understand how Saturn and Snow were awesome outside the WWF, but amounting to nothing within the WWF. Very strange.

The WWF tried to hype this Rikishi feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but the bad preparing of this angle is really not making many interested in this feud. At least television viewers. I guess we'll just see how it goes down at No Mercy.

I'll tell you what, Road Dogg is getting all the matches this week. Leave it up to the old DX to do whatever they want, and wrestled whoever they want. Raven jobs again, as he's proving to the WWF that he really wants to be there. Too bad Raven screwed up his second ECW career. Too bad this wasn't the Road Dogg, who was cool, in 1998.

FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for having Steve Austin ruin a match between Chris Jericho and the Hardys vs. X-Pac and Edge/Christian. Now I didn't see the match, but that's retarded of the WWF for Austin to attack the WWF's younger stars. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Phew! From the looks of it, Trish Stratus didn't have any silicon accidents during his match with Lita. I was kinda scared there when I read the match line up earlier.

Damn UPN again! I would have loved to seen Rock vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle. However, thanks to the WWF booking, we know that the Rock will DEFEAT adversity and win at No Mercy. Yes, the LAME DUCK will be your champion forever. If you smelllllllllll..........what the Lame Duck.....is cooking.

Wow, two fingers of shame and I didn't even see the show. Good thing I didn't.


Lots of WWF buyout news keeps flying around. Also, lots of talk about the term monopoly going around as well. Now from an economic standpoint, I could define monopoly for you, but I'm not all clear on the laws or regulations of monopolies. Some could say that if the WWF buys WCW, they will have destroyed their only competition, and they will own the cable airwaves since WCW will stay on Turner channels. That's not the case if you ask me.

The only bad thing I see the WWF having is monopsony power, which is described as a labor market with only one buyer or something like that. The war with WCW has helped to increase wrestler's salaries to record highs, but that's from competition. Without WCW's challenge, Vince wouldn't have to worry about paying the wrestlers to stick around like he did before. He could now get a bargin deal on any up and coming wrestler, or a veteran wrestler trying to get a new deal. There will be no other federation bidding on the wrestler anymore, which creates a very scary and sad situation for the wrestlers. I could be very wrong on this theory though.

Lots of insiders are already saying that it's a "done deal" as we speak. Well, I'll believe it when I see it, especially since the deal will take a nice long time to sort out. Ted Turner, a figurehead of Time Warner, is said to be one of the main ones wanting to sell to the WWF. Wow. That's the same man who challenged the WWF back in the late 80s when purchasing a wrestling promotion. My oh my, how times have changed.

Let's discuss Kevin Nash now, who everyone oddly thinks is a lock to get back into the WWF. Yes, he did leave on good terms within the WWF, as he gave proper notice before leaving, and went out like a champion, jobbing to everyone. Yes, he and Vince still get along, as it's reported that they still talk. HOWEVER, Nash was a part of the "Clique" that helped cause trouble(you'll see what I mean in tomorrow's column) backstage, and if the WWF isn't letting Shawn Michaels do much with the company, why would they bring back Nash? Plus, Nash is sooooo past his prime right now, and as an old man, those knees, which he's been on plenty of times in WCW, are very bad. Plus, many of the WCW defects came to the WWF to escape an ego like Kevin Nash. He will rip up locker room morale if he comes back...which is the main reason why he will NOT come back to the WWF. Now if he does, please remind me about this day that I said he wouldn't return, and I'll gladly put my foot in my mouth. Mark it on your calendars please.

Scott Hall isn't coming back either, for reasons I've stated before. Argh! Since many of you keep insisting Hall is coming back to the WWF, we'll go over it once again!!! Scott Hall, or should I say Razor Ramon, was showing signs of what exploded in WCW: his drug habit. He was starting to check in and out of rehab, and the WWF didn't think much of the "bad guy" after that. Plus, as you will all recall, he took a nice shit on a plate on an airplane, and served it to Miss Sunny. His crazy behavior and bad habits led to letting him negotiate with WCW. The WWF is fully aware of his stupid behavior in WCW, so with the WWF problems, you won't be seeing Razor in the WWF anytime soon.

WWF Phat 5

5. The Rock- 9% of the votes. Your WWF World Champion doesn't seem to be liked within the Smackdown for Tito polls, or that it's very obvious that a man with only 8 moves can't go any further up the charts.

4. William Regal- 12% of the votes. I'm SHOCKED and at the same time THRILLED that the voters came through on this one. Regal had a great week, as he's wrestling in his best shape of his career. More power to you Regal!

3. Triple H- 21% of the votes. The Game took a beating from Benoit this week, but he looked good in his match with Kane on RAW. Probably did the same on Smackdown.

2. Kurt Angle- 22% of the votes. Your Olympic hero got #2 after two main event wins this week? Hmmm....

1. Chris Benoit- 24% of the vote. Hmmm, online hardcore Benoit fans strike again? Looking at RAW, and just seeing the results for Smackdown, I don't know on this notion... HOWEVER, this poll is for the readers, and I'll allow it. :)

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