Stop! Colaborate and Listen! Mr. Tito's back with a brand new edition.....of the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in, and they are the biggest shocker!!! I'm serious, I about fell off of my chair when I read them. Anyway, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.8
Second Hour: 3.1
Third Hour: 3.0
Composite: 3.3


First Hour: 5.6
Second Hour: 5.3
Composite: 5.45


RAW: 5.45
Nitro: 3.05

-WOW!!!!!!!! That's all I need to say, as this is good enough proof that the WWF needs to bust their ass to stay on top, because a hungry WCW is coming to get them. I'm sure Russo and Ferarra were hugged when the ratings came out, as WCW's numbers jumped pretty good from last week, and they wouldn't have done that without taking some WWF viewers. RAW, in my mind put up a decent show, but nothing spectacular like they are capable of doing. Nitro put up on of their best all around shows, and look what happens. This is the lowest RAW has been for a while, and the highest Nitro has been for a while. The pressure is on the WWF now to stay on top, and to get back their ratings that they lost. Yeah, maybe now we'll get to see top quality matches on RAW.


-Wow, Calvin Martin sent me the word about ECW being ahead of WCW in ticket sales. If you don't believe it, then click Here!! That's rather odd, but remember, ECW just about sells out every arena they are in, and WCW has had a few house shows with hardly any people showing up. I'm still confused at the chart, because you'd figure a Nitro, a Thunder everyweek would have an impact on that ranking. That's Ticketmaster's rankings, so be sure to check it out if you don't believe me.

-WCW is really serious about this run at the ratings. They've hired new management, they've taken a chunk out of the WWF's creative team, and they've hired a few personel to work on little things like costumes. What next you say? Well, I hear that the next Nitro will be out of this world. That's right, since the Pay Per View will be over, there will be new, fresh storylines starting. Russo and Ferarra had to hold back on a few things this past Monday because they had to build up WCW's Pay Per View. Next Monday, they don't have to bother with the set matches to hype up from a pay per view.

-Well, poor Vampiro has been begging to get out of his contract early, instead of being wasted on television like he did against Disco Inferno. Is WCW stupid in not recognizing what a talent Vampiro is? He's one of the future superstars of wrestling, and WCW can just treat him like garbage? He'll go somewhere else, whether it be WWF or ECW, and he'll show WCW what they missed out on. Many people say he has had personal problems with WCW management, and that's not the case. They just have no respect for him at all for some reason, and that's they way it has been since he came into WCW.

-Oh joy, more Insane Clown Posse news around. I just love this stuff!!! Now, apparently, they are out of WCW...again?!? Seriously, what is up with these clowns? Oh wait, they are living up to their gimmick of being insane. Oh please. Just shut up and be a part of the show. If you want to cause problems, go elsewhere. I doubt ICP will come back to WCW, as Russo and Ferarra are there now. That duo tried to put ICP in matches where they were to lose and be made fools of. ICP just needs to rap, which they happen to be good at, and stay out of wrestling until they have the attitude for it again.

-One thing I find funny about Hak, is the fact that long time buddy, Todd Gordon, is the lobbying to get Hak in the WWF. If you don't remember, Todd Gordon was the "mole" a few years ago that convinced a few ECW stars to make the jump to WCW. He was ECW's president at the time, and he was immediately fired afterwards. No wonder the WWF doesn't show interest in Hak with that idiot representing him.


-Holy cow, the WWF stock has already doubled its worth after opening yesterday. That's impressive, showing that the demand for those stocks is unbelieveable. The WWF IPO was entering the market a week after some drops in the market, and for their stock to double at this time is great! So should you buy this stock? Well, just remember, this is it's opening week, so it will just grow from the cheap price it started with. It will eventually peak, and maybe drop a little. Just better hope when you own that stock that the WWF stays on top of things.

-Oh joy, today we'll find out if Terry Taylor is the next to leave WWF for WCW. He's having a meeting with Vince McMahon to discuss his future with the WWF. Everyone else has been talking about Micheal P.S. Hayes being another one to make the jump, but if he does jump, what could WCW use him for? My thoughts exactly.


-Don't think that there is a fallout between ECW and TNN just yet. ECW is TNN's top rated show, and TNN knows that. Yes, right now, they have had many discussions about what to do with the show. ECW wants them to advertise, but TNN thinks they can be popular on their own. I think TNN is just doing that in order for ECW to put up a top notch show of main events everyweek. I'm sure ECW knows this, but really, they have no choice. They need TNN, and they know it. If this deal does fall through, that shoots down ECW's reputation for any other cable network to pick them up. But they are in no way about to have a fallout with TNN.

@That's it for today. Thank you so much for reading everyday. I'll be back with another Phat Daily Column tomorrow, so until then, just chill...till the next episode.

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