Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat WEEKLY Column. Today, we'll take an extensive, or what time permits, look at tonight's Pay Per View. This Pay Per View is sort of a set up to the even bigger, at least in name, PPV, which is Survivor Series. So we'll have to see what plays out.

I FINALLY caught the movie where the Dudley gimmick was based on. The crazy gimmick with the glasses was NOT invented by the Duds, for the Hanson (or Hansen) brothers had it in the wonderful hockey movie called Slapshot. The Hanson brothers defined what the word "hockey goon" was in the movie, for all 3 would just check and fight, the whole game. If you haven't seen Slapshot, go out and rent it in the near future.

Foley book news: I went through a few chapters yesterday, but I'm still no where near the end. Oh, and speaking of books, later on this week, LoP's very own William Martinez will have his Kurt Angle book review in this very column, for anyone seeking a good opinion about his book. Look for it around Wednesday or Thursday.

Let's hype No Mercy! On to the PDC!


The Story

So how did this event come about? Well, before the triple threat main event was signed, No Mercy was supposed to be headlined with another Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin, where Angle would defend the title against Austin. However, plans changed, due to what the WWF felt was a weak reception of fans towards Kurt Angle's World Title win at the last Pay Per View. For the most part, the WWF blamed him for the ratings drop, hence the title victory by Steve Austin on his first RAW back. To make matters worse, it was decided that Rob Van Dam should be added to the match, to play off Austin's emotions, and to now have Vince McMahon involved with the feud. Oh boy.

The hottest feud in the WWF was Chris Jericho vs. the Rock. For a while, the Rock and Jericho were becoming a regular tag team. However, after a match against RVD/Shane McMahon, emotions got the best of both wrestlers. They brawled backstage, and have shown nothing but hatred towards each other, making for great television. This match was sparked by Jericho's win, via Steve Austin's interference, against Rob Van Dam for the #1 contender's match, regarding the WCW World Title.

Other matches.... The Booker T vs. Undertaker and the Kane vs. Test matches stem from the WCW title victory by Booker T/Test over Undertaker/Kane, and they've been bothering each other ever since. The Lingerie match came about from a bikini contest, which Torrie Wilson won, only to have Stacy Keibler attack Torrie afterward. Christian vs. Edge was poorly hyped, with Christian joining the Alliance as a terrible excuse to add heat. They made the match a ladder match because nobody would care otherwise. Hardyz vs. Lance Storm/Hurricane came about because they fight too many mixed six man matches against each other.

Mr. Tito's Predictions

Kane vs. Test
*Yawn* Since the announcers and the Good Ol' Boy Network© road agents have this weird boner for Test, then that means he's going to win it. Of course, Kane is a part of the network, too, but when you hear Jim Ross openly jack off, during his commentary, about how "great" Test has been since he joined the Alliance, then you should know who will win this match. Wake me up when the match is over.
Tito's Pick: Test

Booker T vs. the Undertaker
Undertaker? Putting over younger or better talent on a Pay Per View? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right! The result of the Smackdown match between Test/Booker T vs. Undertaker/Kane should tell you who wins this match. How pathetic. The Undertaker has NOTHING to gain out of winning here. Absolutely nothing.
Tito's Pick: The No selling Dinosaur, the Undertaker

WCW Tag Titles: Hardys vs. Lance Storm/Hurricane
Here's a typical Smackdown match. I don't see any worth in changing those lame WCW titles here, but we could see it done on a television show. Unless any 4 of these guys are treated as though they have potential in the WWF, then none of their matches will be fun to look foward to.
Tito's Pick: The Hardys

WWF Tag Titles: Dudleys vs. Tajiri/Big Show
I believe that the original plan was to have Spike and Big Show win the titles, and I don't see the WWF giving the titles to Big Show/Tajiri instead. Plus, we'll add that to the fact that the WWF Good Ol' Boy Network© doesn't like Tajiri too much, meaning no titles for him.
Tito's Pick: The Dudleys

WWF Intercontinental Title (Ladder match): Christian vs. Edge
This feud is fading fast. It would be very wise to change the title here, and then put Christian with Hurricane for a very entertaining tag team, coming out of the Alliance. I'm convinced that Christian is nothing but a tag wrestler, which has somewhat hurt this feud, since the WWF won't make Christian a credible IC champ. Edge has singles superstar written all over him. I see this feud finishing tonight.
Tito's Pick: Edge

WCW World Title: Rock vs. Chris Jericho
It's a big shame that this feud is ending tonight, for the WWF wants Rock vs. Austin to unfortunately headline Survivor Series. I sure don't, and from what I've read through e-mails and on message boards, the fans feel the same way. Jericho vs. Rock is so damn fresh, it's ridiculous! What better way than to keep this hot feud going than to have Jericho win the WCW World Title to piss off the Rock for another Pay Per View match at Survivor Series? It won't happen. FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for not recognizing that this is the hot feud they need, and NOT another Rock vs. Austin feud.
Tito's Pick: Rock

WWF World Title: Steve Austin vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle
Angle is NOT winning it because the WWF thinks he's not worthy of being champion, again. Rob Van Dam will NOT win it because of backstage problems surfacing. Therefore, Steve Austin wins. Look for some blown screwjobs or a big swerve to occur, namely with Vince McMahon.
Tito's Pick: Steve Austin

The Future

Since this section has been well received, then I'll keep it going. For next month, I believe that the WWF is going to push Austin vs. the Rock, no matter what or how the fans really care. A Jericho vs. Rock rematch would be money, as would a match between RVD and Steve Austin, since RVD has a win over Austin, you know. But we won't see this, for Austin vs. Rock, part 7237646636883 will be shoved down our throats.

That's all I have to really predict.

NFL Picks

For the Jacksonville vs. Buffalo game, I picked the Jaguars to win that game, to which I picked wrong. Ouch.

Cincinnati over Chicago
Baltimore over Cleveland
Tennessee over Detroit
Indianapolis over New England
New Orleans over Atlanta
St. Louis over the Jets
Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay
Carolina over Washington
Arizona over Kansas City
Denver over San Diego
Green Bay over Minnesota
NY Giants over Philadelphia

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