Welcome to the wonderful Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll be looking at various topics, and we will also be looking at Anarchy Rulz, as I attempt to predict those matches. Sorry for the slight delay today, as I was up last night doing World Wide and Jakked results. With that being said, on to this LATE PDC.

Sunday Rant

So we are hearing rumors of the WCW sale once again, eh? Apparently, Eric Bischoff's lead Mandalay sports team is going to buy this federation which gives you a NEGATIVE $82 Million profit. Well, at least now, Bischoff will have TOTAL control of WCW, which he's always wanted. Sure, he had a lot of power before and basically did what he wanted, but he wasn't a part of the corporation who own WCW. Now he is, and you can expect Russo to get dumped on his head if this deal happens, thanks to their relationship growing sour after Bischoff's hiatus.

People always question why I bash WCW's booking. Have you heard about this? Jeff Jarrett will tag up with Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf vs. Beetlejuice and a "mystery partner". Oh my God, that's terrible. I'm finally convinced about Russo. He wants to get a cheap laugh rather than to put on a good show. Sure this might be funny, but it will most likely be a letdown, just like that Miss WCW competition.

Speaking of letdown, that new Stone Cold theme prepared by Disturbed is terrible!!! It sounds like a group of 13 year olds in a garage, attempting to play his theme. Even better, it sounds like Austin's theme redone on those cheap theme imitation CDs. Maybe it's how the song was arranged? Maybe it was the band?

Well, I think I'm pretty well caught up on the WWF now, thanks to 3 hours of their programming yesterday(Livewire, Metal, and Jakked). You don't understand how sick I am of seeing the Stone Cold segments on Smackdown. I'm not bashing it, but after the second time, it was hell to watch it the 3rd.

With seeing those wonderful WWF programs, I can make a good decision on the best of the WWF. I'll have to agree on my Smackdown polls, and thank the readers for doing an accurate job. Although I'm not so sure on the Tazz vote, although he did get a win over Lawler, and he did win his tag match with Raven against Jericho and Lawler, even with Raven getting the pin. Many readers thought it was unfair for other readers to do that poll, because I guess "net fans" will 'mark' out for certain wrestlers. What's my response to that? I don't care. Now if Tazz starts winning at the #1 spot with a few other odd ball wrestlers behind him, then I'll regulate it. But I felt that the Smackdown for Tito went pretty well, and I encourage everyone to help me out next week as well.

Doing the 3 WWF shows, I was able to compare WWF Metal and WWF Jakked. They both had the same matches, although in separate order, but there were a few other differences. For one, the announcing team on Metal is HORRIBLE. Kevin Kelly and Tom Prichard aren't that good of an announcing team in my opinion. You are putting two 'happy' announcers who put over the faces instead of a mix of, like any commentator and Lawler. Whereas Jakked had Coachman and PS Hayes, who displayed good chemistry. Hayes could play that heel commentator off and on, and both guys had more energy for each match. The other guys were just talking and miscalling moves, and also hyping Austin's investigation. Hayes and Coachman were kissing TNN's ass, but they were at least calling the matches well too. Jakked also had more action included from the matches, where Metal cut matches short to show you what happened on Smackdown.

I also did the WCW World Wide recap, and from watching that, I truly do miss Bobby Heenan. I've always thought that Bobby Heenan and Scott Hudson would make the BEST WCW announcing team, which did happen one week if you can recall. Remember when Shiavone took 3 weeks off that one time during the return of Bill Goldberg last summer? Those shows flowed well thanks to great commentary by Heenan and Hudson. But noooo, things between Russo and Heenan aren't going well right now, and Hudson is always with Shiavone now.

My feeling on Bobby Heenan is that he just doesn't have much to work with nowadays. He's had to put up with Shiavone not reacting to his comments for several years now, and the talent and angles of WCW haven't exactly been good to work with for Heenan. If you are going to give him the World Wide treatment, then just release him. I'd love to see him commentating for the WWF again, especially on Smackdown to give Jerry Lawler a deserved break every week.

But like always, that's JUST my opinion.

Anarchy Rulz Predictions

Cyrus vs. Joel Gertner
This one is a very hard one to call folks, especially with the unknown deal with USA Networks and ECW. You see, if they remain on TNN longer, they could keep ripping on TNN with Cyrus still on top. However, they could just kill the angle with Joel Gertner winning. But where would that lead Cyrus? This match will be a funny one, but I'm very close to undecided on this match. I'll go with...Cyrus just because I don't think ECW will be off TNN soon. Maybe at the next PPV, which is next month by the way.
Tito's Pick: Cyrus

Steve Corino vs. CW Anderson
Although I feel CW is a talented wrestler, I don't think he's "Main Event" material quite yet. The King of Oldschool certainly is, as he should have been World Champ 2 times now. But noooooo, Justin Credible has to keep that title and be a lamer duck than the Rock is at World Champ. I'm *hoping* for a Corino vs. Lynn feud for the World Title after this Pay Per View
Tito's Pick: Steve Corino

Rhino vs. Rob Van Dam
Close your eyes for this one, as RVD struggles to carry Rhino everytime they fight. It's not RVD's fault either. This one should be obvious, as Rhino and RVD need new guys to feud with. At least it's obvious to me. Maybe World Title vs. TV title soon? Lynn vs. RVD all over again? Oh please give it to us!
Tito's Pick: Rob Van Dam

FBI vs. Tajiri/Whipwreck
Damn visa problems.
Tito's Pick: FBI

Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
Yuck. Get that title of Credible's waist so that he can improve in the midcard division! Lynn is by far, the best overall wrestler in ECW. Award him please so that the World Champ can actually put on GREAT MATCHES with contenders, unlike that current champ who used to be Aldo Montoya. Nuff said!
Tito's Pick and I'm hoping it's Heyman's Pick too: Jerry Lynn

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