Welcome back to another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Crackdown and Chunder were on last night, but of course you know the story on Smackdown, and I didn't feel like watching midcard matches that I could see on the second hour of Nitro. Oh well. On to the PDC.


-Hey, today is Friday. You know what that means! The Insane Clown Posse will probably announce on their hotline that they won't be returning to WCW. If they do this, that's 3 straight weeks in a row!!! Great going guys! People wonder why I hate them so much. I don't hate them for their music, but I hate their attitudes. They were jerks in the WWF, and they are continuing the trend in WCW. WCW really wants to work with ICP, and that's a shame that they must put up with this garbage when they want to sign them.

-Haha, it's funny to see that Lenny Lane and Lodi might have to give up their "brother" angle. From Lodi's page, he states how the WCW management has no problems with their gimmicks, but the upper dictators of Time Warner don't like it at all. This is why you haven't seen the ambiguously gay duo on television lately. (they might as well change their names to Ace and Gary) But anyway, it will be interesting to see if the duo will be allowed to continue their gimmick. The upper management at WCW likes a good wholesome wrasslin show, and nothing controversial like the WWF. That's not a bad thing to think.

-I just love WCW rumors! You know, the ones about a certain wrestler getting released from WCW and jumping elsewhere. I'm wondering who will actually get released. A few people have been rumored just because of injuries, or the fact that they make millions making shitty movies(Piper!). Now it's ok to cut the losers, but the ones injured, like Scott Norton, don't need the bad treatment. Bill Busch shouldn't be like Bischoff and fire or release employees like he did with X-Pac. I suppose we'll just have to keep our eyes open to see who officially gets released.

-I'm hoping my stupid cable company, the one that doesn't provide me with UPN, tries to get the new Turner South station which is set to debut soon. Why you ask? Because Turner South will feature old WCW matches, that's why. Back when they were the great NWA! I've been marking out for the old stuff ever since I purchased Starrcade 88. If you are a new wrestling fan, you might want to check out the old NWA sometime. It's some great stuff...and guess what? It's actual wrestling! (credit: Isaacs)


-Once again, Triple H will be getting the screws. Instead of having a match alone with Stone Cold, he will now have to share it with the Rock. This sucks hard, as Triple H will never get any respect in the WWF. People wonder why he never gets respect or why people say he isn't over. When you can't wrestle one on one with Stone Cold, besides that night when Stone Cold ran down, it would be hard to get any respect and/or rub off the WWF's top man. Also, who hasn't seen enough of Rock and Triple H. Wait, I shouldn't have said that, as the marks will be like "I love it, and I want some more of it!!" Seriously, why not take the Rock out..save him for later, that way we won't, or at least I won't, get sick of Rock vs. Triple H and it would help build up a Stone Cold vs. Rock match for the future.

-Damn, I just noticed that according to Scherer's numbers, that WWF Jakked and WWF Metal, two WWF syndicated shows, are doing excellent in the ratings! Metal did a 1.0 in the past week, and Jakked did a 1.5. Now they aren't in EVERY market, but that's the ratings for the current market that they are in. That's excellent though, considering those shows are either late at night or early in the moring. Plus, if you're like me, and you see a syndicated program on, you just shake your head and change the channel because they are strictly overplayed highlight shows with an occasional match here and there. I wonder what WCW World Wide's ratings are...

-Well, I've heard a few rumors that Jesse Ventura and the WWF are talking about a Wrestlemania appearance. This would be good for Ventura, as I highly doubt he'll get a public office higher than the Governor. Not only did his first WWF stint making him a laughing stock, but his recent comments with Playboy of all magazines will really murder him. Yesterday, I saw it on Headline News that he said "religion is a crutch for the weak minded people who need strength in numbers". I remember him saying something about how the US shouldn't worry too much about prostitution and drugs, as their are other problems to worry about. Well, Ventura, in my opinion at least, has really shot down many future possibilities. Hey, but he could continue showing up for the WWF!

@That's it for today's PDC. Look for yet another torturous edition of Bad Tito to show up on the Evolution sometime soon. So until the next column, just chill....till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, the only columnist on the internet doing 8 columns a week, signing off!

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