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Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. If you don't know the drill by now, we'll be taking a look at last night's WWF Smackdown. Not a hard format to follow. The show review columns are by far, my favorite ones to do, with the exception of multimedia reviews.

Oh, speaking of reviews.... I read some of Foley's book yesterday, getting through a few chapters. Hopefully, I'll have one of those late nights where you shove in around 100 pages, like staying up from 1 am to 4 pm, reading non stop. I really want to get this book finished so that I can start the Kurt Angle one, while that book is still fresh and new.

I know that a lot of readers are still thinking about buying Angle's book, and if I can get it read, then I hope to provide my perspective if anyone so chooses to follow it. I know I helped some readers decide about the Chyna and Goldberg books, since I read them fairly close to the time they were put out.

Bravo to Star Trek: Enterprise, which is UPN's #1 show! This show is entirely different from any of the other Star Trek series, like the garbage hyped up over on TNN. Oh, and speaking of good shows, I recommend checking out Smallville on Tuesdays, on the WB channel on Tuesdays. It's a prequel to Superman, and it's nicely done. I actually have some good shows to watch on television, for the first time in a long time. The only stuff I used to watch was just wrestling and the Simpsons. Now, I have Simpsons on Sundays, RAW on Mondays, Smallville on Tuesdays, Enterprise on Wednesdays, and Smackdown on Thursdays. My VCR is probably going to blow up from all the times it will be recording now.

I also watch Oz, when it comes back to HBO, and I used to watch Jackass on Mtv, until everyone involved with that show caved in from pressures of outside groups and the media. Such a shame, because I got a good kick out of guys taking a beating on stunts or taking the most insane dares. It was the only thing good on Mtv. Now, the only thing worthy on Mtv is Tough Enough, and that restarts around January. D'oh!

Finally, it's a damn shame what is happening to WrestleLine.com. It was a high quality site with some very excellent writers and content. They are becoming a casualty because of money problems seen on the internet, as many ad companies just aren't forking over the banner rates anymore. You could have a site that gets around 30,000 hits per day, but the ad companies won't pay you the promised rates per 1,000 hits. Then, they won't acknowledge the amount of clicks your banner receives, either. Banner companies are the true bastard of the internet slowdown, and their banners are what pays for the costs of bandwidth and hosting for many webmasters.

Wrestleline is "just another victim" of the sickness that the internet is facing, and that's a shame. It's even more of a shame because many websites go out of their way to add more banners for the banner companies, but that falls on deaf ears. It's pathetic how banner companies have crippled the internet. Very pathetic.

Well anyway, let's get to the PDC.


Opening interview..... I can't say that it bored me this week. Why? Because it had the hottest feud in the WWF! Besides the rambling of the large chested McMahon in the ring, Chris Jericho and the Rock argued, until finally, the Rock drilled Jericho with a Rock Bottom. This feud is so damn hot that it MUST carry on to Survivor Series. NEVER in the longest time has a feud, between two WWF wrestlers, been this damn good. I just *Yawn* to think of the Rock vs. Austin feud that the company is about to jack off all over on, for possibly Survivor Series, in comparision to this hot feud between Rock and Jericho.

Molly/Hurricane/Lance Storm vs. Hardys/Lita was good, but expected since we've seen variations of this match many times now. I don't know, I'm just not enthused about seeing Hardys vs. Hurricane/Storm for the WCW titles, no less, since the WWF doesn't especially care for any of the 4 wrestlers for the company's future. Yeah, they give them airtime, but only to embarrass them or hold down the potential of what they could do.

The second match was Tazz vs. Maven, round 3. Is this the best of 5 or 7 series? Nidia escorted Maven to the ring, and it appears that Nidia may have had some implants done. Yeah, she's in the WWF alright. Typical Tazz whooping on Maven, until Maven got the win off of a schoolboy. Wow, couldn't they have done this in the first week? I mean, Tazz isn't really worth sparing his wrestling career, fitting as he's an announcer now and a BIG shell of the once badass that he was in ECW. Plus, there was no Al Snow run in, which could have set up Tazz against Al Snow for somewhere down the road. Trainer vs. Trainer.... I'm sure the WWF Good Ol' Boy Network© is probably upset at how sort of clean the victory was for Maven, but screw them.

*Yawn* Mick Foley is already boring as a commissioner. At least William Regal looked the role, and his cheesy comedy made the bookings of the matches extra special. Foley announced that Tajiri and the Big Show are somehow #1 contenders for the WWF tag titles, and that they'll face the Dudleys at No Mercy. I guess Spike is injured?

Booker T/Test vs. Kane/Undertaker went for too long.... Just a boring match overall, with the slow Kane and Undertaker to blame. The match ended with Booker T getting the pin on the Undertaker, which only tells you who will win their match. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THE UNDERTAKER HAVE TO GAIN IN WINNING A PAY PER VIEW SINGLES MATCH?!?!?!? Ahem. Excuse me. But seriously, what does the Undertaker have to gain? Wouldn't you rather have youth and a heel that's actually has a lot of crowd heat to win a big Pay Per View match? I just can't stand to see this crap going on, all of the time.

Oh my. When the ratings are down, who shows up on television again? Vince McMahon. You see, Vince has NO confidence in writing good shows or storylines. Whenever his shows are in trouble, he'll start showing up and eventually turn on the faces to become Mr. Evil Corporate Man again. It's the same pattern, over and over again. At least now, he's talking to Rob Van Dam, which is pissing off the Alliance. I bet, however, that Vince joins the Alliance at No Mercy.

OK match between Tajiri and D'Von. D'Von did the bumping, while Tajiri did the dishing out. I liked the finish of this match, where Tajiri took the 3D and D'Von took the chokeslam while the ref was distracted. The WWF needs to badly get the titles off the Dudleys, who seem to be in the same routine every night.

Funny how the WWF booked Raven and Justin Credible to face the feuding Chris Jericho and the Rock. You knew something was up. Jericho went mad, and brought a chair into the ring, taking out the two washed up ECW stars, and then the Rock. Then, to add more heat, Jericho did the People's Elbow. Man, the WWF writers are on cue for this feud. Keep it going! Keep it going! A WCW title victory for Jericho would be money, this Sunday, setting up an incredibly hot rematch at Survivor Series.

Boy, the Edge vs. Christian match has been poorly built up. Does Christian's joining up with the Alliance add more heat to this feud?

Yet another Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle match. I'm sure Kurt Angle is tired of working with RVD due to how many times Angle has been busted open. The match was good, again, with an unusual ending. Austin came down to attack Angle, who had RVD beat. Kurt would eventually get the better of Austin, hitting the Olympic slam. RVD would then nail the 5-Star Froggy Splash on Austin, to which Vince McMahon walked down and saluted RVD. Interesting...

LAST WORD: A FAR BETTER show than RAW, but how hard was that to achieve? The Rock and Jericho feud is very red hot right now, and the triple threat main event has some intrigue to it now. As for the rest of the show.... I've seen a lot worse. I'll give this show a


which could be a tad generous. It was better than RAW, and that's more than enough for me.

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@That's it for today. I HOPE to have a weekend column up, but if not, look for some bullshit excuse on Monday. Har har. I'll try to get something up. Until then, just chill till the next episode.

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