Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Smackdown is tonight, which we'll hype in today's column. Just to keep letting you know... this column is totally SPOILER FREE. I try not to read anything in the Smackdown spoilers, unless someone blows it for me by sending me a message about a part of it or whatever. So I have NO prior knowledge of what may occur. Sure, it hurts the credibility of the column to those who read the spoilers, but I like appealing to those who look for the element of surprise when watching shows.

Another thing I want to discuss is something on the Monday column. I'm getting accused, through e-mail and other sources, of editing that column on Tuesday with the Booker T/Austin vs. Angle/Undertaker prediction. I did NOT edit that in, no matter what you want to believe. I don't write columns every day to look good. I write for fun, with no power trip intended. But since some are deciding to call me "bluff" for what I did, I'll prove, to the whole world, that I did in fact predict that Austin would have Booker T as a partner, and that Angle would choose the Undertaker as his partner. Look Here:

Read the time for the Monday or 10/15/01 column. It says 3:30 pm on it, meaning that I did write a column for that day and well before RAW. My posting url wasn't working at the time, and the next time I was on was to write the Tuesday column, in which I copied and pasted the Monday column without altering or adding a thing. If I still had my PDC archives, I could prove it even better.

But I don't care. Believe what you want to believe, if it gives you another lame reason to bash me for having so-called "ego" problems. Yeah, and I have sooooo much to gain by being Mr. Tito, one who doesn't get paid for doing this everyday and one who has no ties to the wrestling industry. Do whatever the hell you want.

On an entirely different note, I will say that I finally saw a Pride event, courtesy of Dr. Krueges. Speaking of Krueges, happy birthday to him, as today is his birthday! Anyway, my thoughts on it are this: it's intriguing when you get an all out brawl, but once they start grappling for long periods of time, then it's a total snore. Just like UFC, when I used to watch them when they were first starting.

I mean, I could seriously care less about two guys fighting over submission holds or choke outs, when it's real. Now when a guy makes another tap in a very short time, then it's fun to watch. But when it takes over 20 minutes or goes to a draw, that just puts me to sleep. But that's just my opinion, as I know there are many who can't wait to get their Pride dosage whenever an event is held.

On to the PDC.


For tonight's Smackdown, the WWF is likely to do one of two things: One, they'll continue to have Rob Van Dam showing alliance to Steve Austin, and make it seem like Kurt Angle is doomed at No Mercy. Two, the WWF could have all hell break loose between RVD and Austin, giving the fans the conflict now instead of at the Pay Per View. Either way, I bet you that Steve Austin will retain the title at No Mercy, with my thinking that RVD will somehow try to screw Austin out of the title, but fail.

Why? The WWF will NOT give Rob Van Dam the title, no matter how popular he is with fans. For him to get on that level, he'll need to change his attitude and stop drilling stiff moves on the company's top stars. The WWF has NO confidence in Kurt Angle as world champ, as seen by last week's RAW and why RVD was added to the No Mercy main event. It should be a good 3 way match, minus the repetitive ending.

A few matches are announced on WWF.com, with the rest developing as the show progresses. Undertaker/Kane vs. Booker T/Test will unfortunately go down, to you know, remind us of the two sad singles matches at No Mercy. Geesh. I wonder how it really feels to be a wrestler, who has to go out of their way and work harder to make a giant, and old, slug look good? I recall this happening in the Time Warner owned WCW, during their downfall.

The next match is, yet another, Hardys/Lita six man/woman match against Storm/Hurricane, only you'll have to insert Mighty Molly in for Ivory. *Yawn* When are they going to come up with more original matches? Oh yeah, maybe when pigs fly out of my ass. No wait, maybe when the WWF realizes that they have this INCREDIBLE talent roster, when they aren't using to its full potential.

And finally, we'll see the 3rd match between Maven and Tazz. Now if Maven doesn't win this, then this little feud makes no sense at all. Hell, getting squashed, twice in a row, by Tazz really didn't make much sense, either. I smell a screwjob for this one, and hopefully, it will be with Al Snow doing the evil deed. If the WWF books an Al Snow vs. Tazz match at No Mercy, FINGER OF SHAME to them for not giving their one on one feud some time to develop.

I guess if Maven does win, the 2 squashes in the previous weeks will justify the loss, according to the WWF Good Ol' Boy Network©, who seem to override everything when it comes to veterans who can't make an effort to EARN a push, by simply improving themselves. They just sit around and expect the world to be handed to them, and get jealous when they see how huge Rob Van Dam has become. Why do you think that only Booker T has seen some glory in the WWF, which has been tainted, too.

Oh well. At any rate, I pray that Smackdown follows the usual pattern and proves to be better than RAW. I'm sure that won't be hard to do.

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@That's all for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, with a FULL Smackdown review, unless the VCR from Hell decides not to tape it on the timer. Until then, have your pets spayed or neutered! (Bob Barker 4 Life)

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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