Welcome to the column that is alive and well, the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are indeed in, as we'll see how much the NLCS and Monday Night Football took away from wrestling. It has a very interesting effect on casual fans, which we'll discuss. Without any more introduction, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.7
Second Hour: 1.9
Composite: 2.3


First Hour: 4.5
Second Hour: 5.1
Composite: 4.8


RAW: 4.5 Tito's Pick: 5.0
Nitro: 1.9 Tito's Pick: 2.0

-WWF Weekend Shows-

Heat: 2.2
Superstars: 1.1
Livewire: 1.1

Where are you at casual fans? They were obviously more concerned about the Titans crushing Jacksonville, or the Mets just so happening to win the NLCS for one half of the fixed subway series. The numbers you see here are basically the fans who won't turn the channel at all for you. You have some of the WWF's fans in the first hour of Nitro, as they just jumped ship once the second hour started. So WCW's fans, like last week, is around 1.9, and WWF's fans are around 4.5. It seems that the WWF has a bigger effect when super sporting events come on than WCW, which shows the nature of their programs.

1.9 is still bad for WCW though. I'm hoping that Vince Russo never mentions the fact that his WCW did better ratings than Sullivan's Nitro, because that's a sham right now. But having the baseball playoffs and always a Monday Night Football fan, which Sullivan never had facing him, is always a legit excuse. At least I hope.

The first 15 minutes of RAW did get the lowest rating, but I think that's unfair to say that NO 20 minute interviews will be a failure. Plus, Eddie Guerrero got hurt before the match could have been hot. I say give it one more try, or at least wait until the baseball playoffs are done. The 9:30-9:45 slot wasn't so hot, as they had two angles running, and the Al Snow vs. William Regal match. I think Regal will make a great champ by the way, as opposed to Al Snow, Mr. "I can't get over in the WWF". Of course, I blame the WWF for caving in on several attempts for Snow.

Nitro actually did decent, for them in the first half hour of Nitro, but they fell in the second half hour. These head to head quarter hours are very strange, as I don't see how WCW dropped for the last half hour. I guess Kevin Nash and Sting just don't draw like they used to? I don't know.

Superstars and Livewire held modest numbers for their TNN shows, as that was their USA average at the end of that time. Sunday Night Heat keeps fluctuating from decent to low on the ratings. If you didn't know this though, that Heat is part of one of Mtv's best nights now in overall ratings. However, it's not catching on with the Mtv crowd, which was Viacom's hope.


Yes folks, WCW finally got the balls to execute Drunken Scott Hall from their roster, claiming that he breached his contract. The breach is his behavior on an airplane during a European tour, which was over a half a year ago. Nice of WCW to act now, as those in charge then thought Scott Hall could return so easily. Wow, no confidence in Juventud to correct his problems!

Before I rip into Hall more, let's get a few facts clear about air Juvy. For one, he's been convicted on several counts of DUIs, and of course, he was arrested and convicted in Australia. The Australian one is bad, as WCW wanted to make a good impression on Australia with that tour. Well, they did, but the Juvy situation was always something to put up with the press. Scott Hall has NEVER been convicted of anything in the court of law during his tenure in WCW. WCW just sends him home when they see him intoxicated or just stoned out of his mind! He was on something when he tried to board a plane in Europe, which made him have to stay in the current country for another flight. So over 6 months later, Hall is FIRED from WCW.

I say REJOICE as this problem loaded individual will be kept of television for his ignorant faults. Yeah, everybody has problems, but not around 6 times within 4 years of having to go into rehab to sort out his life. He's a walking timebomb, and the ridiculous joke of bringing him back can now end. Now I hear that Kevin Nash is pissed off, and I say let him get on that mic and "shoot". Let him mess his own career up so that WCW can fire him too.

If you think the WWF will take Hall or Nash back, you're crazy. If Hall's real life problems aren't enough, the fact that he usually makes a mockery of other wrestlers backstage is. His attitude angers a lot of wrestlers, and decreases locker room morale. The WWF doesn't want that, nor do they want a washed up wrestler anyway. With Nash, it's well known that his knees are in very bad shape. That's one thing, and just the locker room presence is another. He was a problem back in 1995, when he and the clique had Vince's ear, and I hope that Vince McMahon knows what harm he could do to the WWF powerhouse.

Nash has not drawn any new fans for WCW, nor did Hall when he was last in WCW. They aren't worth it WWF, since they are two cancers in wrestling. Sure, they were great in 1996, but this isn't 1996.


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Al Gore got the win, or should I say Pinfall, last night on George W. Bush for the debates. Yes, being aggressive in a debate is much better than acting like a nice guy, isn't that right G.W. Bush? But ignoring all of that, I will report that I have signed these two individuals to a 3 tier cage deathmatch for the Presidency of the United States of America! Details are "sketchy" at this point, as I'll give you more information another time. Look for that either on the day before, or during election day. It's gonna be extreme!!!

Well, it's a parody going to happen, and not a hopeful dream like the Smackdown challenge.

Wow, the Yankees won their series to face the Mets in a "subway series".....gee, how did I know that going to happen?

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