Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I missed No Mercy yesterday, as it was the Hardest Thing to do since I had something planned for months to do last night. Anyway, from what I'm hearing, it was a decent Pay Per View. The question is what will happen tonight on RAW? What will Nitro do to counter a RAW after a pay per view? That will be decided, so on to the PDC.


-Wow, Triple H won. I have this bad feeling, however, that Stone Cold is going to win it soon...whether it be on RAW tonight, or a later Smackdown, that belt is Stone Cold's! At least Triple H didn't lose it at a Pay Per View, as he never got a chance to defend his belt at the last one. Now you have the Rock and Stone Cold feud firing up, so it's highly unlikely for those two to wrestle without a World Title on the line. So poor Triple H is going to lose that title soon.

-Jeff Jarrett dropped the strap last night, and now he's on his way to WCW. He could show up at Nitro tonight, considering it isn't much of a drive from Cleveland to Philadelphia, which is where Nitro is tonight. People have been questioning when Chyna would win the title. I heard that the original plan was for her to lose this match, and keep the feud alive. The WWF wants her to always chase the title, and not win it just yet. With Jarrett leaving, they were stuck, and they couldn't afford having Jarrett keep the title.

-Wow, X-Pac proved himself last night, as he won the four corners match. I'm wondering where the WWF is going with this angle, as it seems to be going no where fast. No matter how much X-Pac wins, he'll never get any recognition due to his size.

-Another Wow, as Val Venis defeated Mankind. I guess the WWF is very serious about having Val become more of a main eventer now. I expect a quick rematch for this feud, and maybe that could happen tonight.

-Yet another Wow, as the New Brood won. I didn't expect them to win, since they have been lying down for every team in the WWF lately. Hopefully, this match will get them back their winning ways.

-Wow again, as Fabulous Moolah won the World Title last night. Yeah, and the WWF rips the other federation for having old champions. Moolah defines the word Dinosaur, so the WWF better be prepared to take the heat when it comes.

-So what on earth can you expect tonight on RAW is WAR? I'd expect one of the titles which switched hands to be dropped to another wrestler. Well, I expect at least one title change..no matter who drops them. I'm guessing at least the Tag Titles and the Intercontinental Title will switch. Ha, my luck, the titles will switch on Smackdown.


-Alright, Nitro is at Philadelphia tonight, and that's easily one of the best, if not the best, wrestling cities in America. Russo and Ferarra begin tonight, and I expect some fireworks, but nothing too big. They might hold back a little since the Pay Per View is next week, but they could go all out to give WCW a stronger Pay Per View buyrate. Ferarra and Russo better do good tonight, or the Philadelphia crowd will let them have it. Expect more stuff with Sid and Goldberg tonight, as if you remember from last Nitro, Goldberg speared Sid when he wasn't allowed to touch Sid. Also, expect more hype for Sting vs. Hogan. I'm hoping that Russo and Ferarra books a strong undercard. The past few weeks have killed Nitro from terrible midcard matches. I hope they realize this, and if I see jobbers getting Nitro time, I'll nail them in my Grades, which are coming back tomorrow.

-With Russo and Ferarra coming in, many wonder what will happen to current WCW projects, like Berlyn, Maestro, and Dustin Rhodes's new character. Those were the current booking team's creations, and they could just be dropped like bad habits. I doubt that, but now Russo and Ferarra have the task of getting them over. You could just drop Maestro, but I'm sure they'll do something about Rhodes and Wright..wait, that's not their names in WCW..oops.

@That's it for today. Not much news today, as everything will center around tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with the Returning Monday Night Grades as well as many other goodies. Chill till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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