Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Forgive the late timing, for this is the only time of the day that I could set aside one hour to whip up a column. Today, we'll just take a look at the current news in professional wrasslin'. Sound like fun?

For anyone who's asking, I do not get WWF Jakked in my area. What relevance is that? A certain rematch between two individuals, who were hoping to enjoy last week's Heat review, is going down on that show. Everyone seems to egg me on when it comes to the former 24/7 Hardcore Champion. Stop it!

As for RAW... The feedback was slightly mixed, with most of the readers agreeing that RAW was a weak show. I felt that the "sports entertainment" and the filler matches really held down the show. I'm still baffled at Mick Foley and Trish Stratus opening interview. To back up my opinions, later, we'll take a look at how "great" the ratings were for the follow up show to the "Best RAW ever" or the last RAW leading up to No Mercy.

Speaking of Mick Foley, I hope to read his 2nd book this weekend. I believe that I'll be slightly ahead on my schoolwork to finally read that puppy. If not, I'll just throw the book aside until I'm on break from school around Thanksgiving. While I'm on the subject of Thanksgiving break, I'll be working on a 'special' project for LoP for everyone to enjoy. At least I hope I can do it.

On to the PDC.


-Don't believe that RAW was a bad show? The show before the Pay Per View scored a 4.1 rating. OUCH! That's 0.4 points below last week's rating of 4.5, and that show was hyped as the greatest RAW ever! Ok, ok... The Yankees vs. Athletics game 5 playoff match up was on for baseball, and I guess some people wanted to watch the Cowboys vs. Redskins embarrassment. Still, if a wrestling show catches fan's interest, then there would have been more viewers or at least something near last week's ratings.

-And I'm very sure that DirecTV is going to laugh at the low buyrate that No Mercy is expected to get. It will be one of those Pay Per Views that the WWF will hide the buyrate of, ya know, like they did with Backlash, Judgment Day, and King of the Ring for a while (I know Linda eventually announced them.... months later!). Of course, when the buyrate is announced, it will all be blamed on the failed deal with DirecTV, and not poor build up on the show.

-Rob Van Dam apparently missed his cue to come out during the lame Austin/Alliance interview on RAW. Geesh. First, RVD busts open several wrestlers with some stiff kicks, mainly top stars. Then, while wrestling Kurt Angle, he sort of gets lazy in the ring on suplexes, which pissed off Angle to get a little stiff with him. Finally, he blows an on television cue for "sports entertainment". Rob Van Dam is very popular, yes, but he could be in deep trouble soon, especially when backstage player, Triple H, returns. Expect a depush, like Jericho has received, in the future.

-If you never thought that the WWF could be in trouble, financially, then look no further recent shows. For their current Canadian tour, it took the WWF longer to sell out the arenas, if they didn't all together. It's not like the WWF comes to Canada often, too, which makes matters worse. It seems as though the WWF is only selling out arenas in hot spots, such as New York City or Chicago, while in other areas, it takes time to sell out the arenas, or it doesn't happen at all.

-It's a damn shame that William Regal is hurt once again! Sure, he'll have his comedic backstage moments, but the dumbass writing staff of the WWF was really hoping for a Foley vs. Regal feud, leading to a match down the road. Regal has to be the most injury prone individual, ever. Well, Eddie Guerrero is in the running for that award. But especially lately, Regal is like the Samuel Jackson character in Unbreakable anymore.

-And finally.... Props to the WWF for their large contribution to the relief fund for the New York City, as recently announced. I apologize for saying that the WWF didn't do anything for the cause, not knowing that they would eventually do something like this. Again, I'm sorry.

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