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Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, we have No Mercy tonight, and as usual around the time of the Pay Per View, I have my predictions ready. It should be an interesting night, especially with Jeff Jarrett's departure. But anyway, I'm just wondering what news will pop up this week. On to the PDC.


-Early word about the WCW's choice of two hours will be in fact, the 8 to 10 slot. With all of their recent transactions, however, they just might go after RAW by doing the 9 to 11 slot. WCW is now ready for the fight of their lives. They are to the point where all they can do is get better. WCW, like in 1995, is getting stocked up for the fight of their life again. For those who have singled out WCW, thinking that they can't climb the ratings, just consider what they did back then. But of course, WCW then wasn't losing by about 3 points every week in the ratings.

-So what on earth is WCW's plans for Jeff Jarrett? Well, since Russo and Ferarra is at WCW now, I figure they will have some crazy ideas for him. After all, it was probably them that scripted all of his domestic violence stuff. Some people say that Jarrett will be put in the NOW BORING West Texas Rednecks. He could probably get them over, but I highly doubt he'll join them. Hopefully, he doesn't go back to the character that was trying to be a horseman, cause that would be annoying. I expect somewhat continuation of his 'don't piss me off character'...only WCW style.

-I have seen numerous reports on the net surfacing about the status of Hak. I've been hearing this and that about WCW releasing him or asking him to take a paycut. Whatever. WCW can use Hak to help elevate their programs. This man can take punishment like no other(besides Mick Foley), and WCW just doesn't get it. Maybe with the new creative team, they could help get Hak into the superstar that WCW first intended to do. Potential is the word.


-I've seen various columns discussing the recent Big Show angle where his father has cancer. Everyone has been asking me what my thoughts are. I just think it's just another shameless attempt to grab ratings by the WWF. This goes with the garbage like the Transvestite angle, the Castration angle, and Chaz domestic violence angle. It's garbage, and the WWF doesn't need that garbage to get ratings. If anything, it will turn people off. It's turning me off.

No Mercy Predictions

=Val Venis vs. Mankind. This one is obvious, but Val Venis will put up the effort in attempt to establish him as a wrestler better. Winner: Mankind.

=British Bulldog vs. The Rock. The Rock will lay the smacketh down on his monkey ass, but again, like Val, the WWF will want to establish Bulldog again..and continue his heel push by making him put up a good match vs. the Rock. Winner: Rock.

=Four Corners match with X-Pac vs. Kane vs. Bradshaw vs. Farooq. I expect for X-Pac and Kane to totally split up here, and X-Pac just might turn on Kane..causing one of the Acolytes to win. Winner: Either one of the Acolytes.

=Good Housekeeping match with Jeff Jarrett vs. Chyna for the Intercontinental Title. Chyna will probably squash Jarrett, especially now that Jarrett could be on Nitro the next night. If I were in the crowd, I'd probably cheer Jarrett just because he's even in this match. He's not contractually obligated to doing this match. Winner: Chyna.

=Ivory vs. Fabulous Moolah. Ivory will continue her run in the women's division, and she'll now fight wrestlers close to her age after this one. Winner: Ivory.

=Big Show vs. Bossman. I expect a disqualication..oh wait, it's the hardcore match. Hmm..I don't really see Big Show as a hardcore champ, but I don't see Bossman defeating Big Show at a pay per view. Whatever happens, I think the Big Show will win. Winner: Big Show.

=Bob and Crash Holly vs. the New Age Outlaws. This should be a funny and entertaining match up. I don't see the Hollys winning this one, as they just don't match the talent of the Outlaws...yet. Winners: The NEW AGE OUTLAWS!!!

=Hardys vs. Edge and Christian in a ladder match. I expect Edge and Christian to win this one. No reason really, just a feeling. Winners: Edge and Christian.

=Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold will win this to set up a Rock vs. Stone Cold match at Survivor Series!!! Winner: Stone Cold.

@Oh well, that's it for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow once again to give you a Monday Night preview. So until the next PDC, chill!

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