Just another manic Monday....wish it were Sunday.. Welcome back to another wonderful Monday Night Hype edition of the PDC. I'm your host, Mr. Tito, if you didn't quite get that from the column title. Today, we get to preview RAW and NITRO, as RAW will really have to hype their PPV, and we'll see if Nitro was smart to book a good show in front of a hot crowd. Also, thanks for the positive feedback on yesterday's "WCW's Missed Opportunities" column, as I'll do history columns from now on Saturday. I'm thinking of doing something with the WWF this Saturday, but I don't know what just yet. I'll look into it. Anyway, on to today's column.


-Nitro Hype-

Oh my Gosh, it's Sting vs. Kevin Nash. Oh look, two guys now past their primes. Of course, one of those wrestlers, Sting, can still put effort while the other dickhead, Kevin Nash, goes on radio broadcasts, admitting how less of an effort he puts in for WCW from the millions he makes a year. He's also bragging that he'll get into the WWF easily, which I'm hoping that Vince and company slam the door shut on his stupid ass.

ANYWAY, this should be a pretty weak match folks, because Nashy-Poo just can't "get it up" for a wrestling match any more. By the way, it's a Lumberjack match, which if the current bookers would watch some past tapes of Lumberjack matches, they could do it right. Instead, this one will be stupid, with probably a Jarrett run in so that Big Lazy will be Sting. I REALLY hope he doesn't get into the WWF when his contract ends.

Oh joy! WCW is going to screw up the WCW tag titles again in the rematch of Jindrak/O'Haire vs. the Boogie Knights. Did anybody in WCW ever hear of a clean, clear cut victory in WCW? Jindrak and O'Haire are more than skilled enough to destroy the washed up Disqo Inferno and Alex Wright.

If that lame tag action wasn't enough, we get to put up with the stupid 70s gimmick of Mike Awesome and Crowbar versus the returning Perfect Event. Yay, the gimmick I hate versus the team I hate. WCW REALLY wants people like me watching their show tonight!

Oh joy, another Misfits in Action and Team Canada battle. You know, I remember that there was a time when Lance Storm was rising to the top, and was getting a good, strong reception. Oh wait, this is WCW, where you get held down if you start stealing the show. It's been the same thing ever since the early 90s, and it will never change in WCW. More guys will just leave the company, and become superstars in other companies. Why? All because WCW doesn't GIVE A FUCK about their future. That is why they are in such a fragile state right now.

Years of pushing glory hogs like Kevin Nash, and only pushing Bill Goldberg and Scott Steiner.....all 3 guys who ruin locker room morale, and will either kiss ass for their position, or make violent threats to the bookers if they don't get their way. Yet, nobody has the balls to send their asses home if they don't like it. Those 3 jokes do NOT put asses in the seats, as proven here in the 'States. Thanks to this continuing effort to hold down some of the finest talent in the land, WCW has the best chance ever of folding.

But nooooo...... You have RETARDS like Vince Russo making the dumbest decisions. Oh, let's shove the Misfits in Action down people's throats, especially since nobody cheers for them. Oh, let's give a gay "Fat Chick Thriller" gimmick to Mike Awesome, no wait, let's hide this man's great wrestling talent by making him a 70s guy! Better yet, let's give that gimmick to Crowbar too, since we've held down his great wrestling talent from Day 1. Better yet, let's call in David Arquette to be World Champion, and also ruin every WCW title going. Yeah, that will fill the seats, as ever since early Spring, Russo hasn't done SHIT for this company.

Go ahead and give me your faulty claims about the "higher ratings". A braindead person who couldn't write or speak could book a better show than Kevin Sullivan did. That's why Russo looks good to many, and hell, it even fooled me. ANYBODY could be better than absolute crap! Vince Russo sucks so bad, and I won't mind the sale of WCW just so somebody fires his ass. I'm sick and tired of all of this bogus hype, garbage pushes, and just stupid gimmicks that he brings to the WCW table. You see, WCW is increasing their profit debt with Russo, and NOT closing it from gaining money.

It's horrible because the locker room morale is excellent in WCW. There are lots of young guys who WANT TO WORK. However, the leadership, we'll call him Russo, can't make a good booking decision if his life depended on it. Yeah, go ahead and send me your "claims" about Russo running the WWF. Like how easy it was to make WCW look good after Sullivan, it was easy to make the WWF look good when you had guys like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the McMahons, and great young talent to work with. Gee, how easy is it to write for that group?

Wait a second, where was I?

Yay, Bill Goldberg's idea continues tonight, as he'll try to extend his streak. Remember kids, this is GOLDBERG's IDEA, which isn't gaining much interest. But hey, we'll still shove it down your throats, because whatever doesn't work, must continue in the Russo era, eh Misfits in Action?

We are also thrilled to have Kwee Wee vs. Johnny the Bull, which I *hope* is in the second hour so that I can see the Titans destroy Jacksonville. Oh wait, I better shut up about the NFL, since I got nailed on last week's game.

By the way, wasn't there a rumored amount of time for Vince Russo to have? Like, it was something with 15 weeks, and if I'm correct, it should be ending just right around Halloween Havoc. One of the few times that I hope a rumor is true.

Look at me! I'm a long time WCW fan, crying for this federation to get some help!


-RAW Hype-

Thanks to little or NO competition by WCW tonight, and since it's the RAW before the Pay Per View, you can expect a very lackluster RAW is TNN!

Yes, that means about 3 LONG interviews to put up with. No hot matches, no well wrote angles, nothing. We'll have the Rock come out to do an interview for the start of the show, with Angle bragging on how he beat the Rock's ass at Smackdown. THEN, we'll have Triple H either coming down during the Rock interview to make it 30 minutes long, OR, he'll start another long segment to hype his match against Chris Benoit, who still can't talk on the microphone. THEN, it will be Mick Foley discussing the Stone Cold match against Rikishi.

Oh by the way, the WWF already flushed the Rikishi vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin match down the toilet since Rikishi needs time to heel up his knees. Yeah dingleberries, you should book someone who you can depend on for an angle, not somebody who Austin will easily squash so that he can take the time off, thus completely destroying any kind of heat Rikishi could have received. Yay. Maybe with the time off, Rikishi can convince his good Samoan pals to come with him to the WWF, so we'll get a crazy stable of his former team member, Samu, probably Yokozuna(who they considered Japanese at the time!), and many others which I can't think of now. Oh boy!

My Gosh, I hate the RAWs before the Pay Per Views.

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