Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Wow.....that's all I can say for the past few weeks. It feels like old times again, seeing who the WCW stole from the WWF. This time, WCW is a little meaner. Not only are they trying to take the top talent, but they are taking WWF's creative team as well!! Things are getting pretty interesting again. On to the PDC.

Note: I meant to say Thursday Night Shows instead of Monday Night Shows in yesterday's column

WCW Talent Raid Part 2

Is it me, or does it feel like 1995 again? The WWF is on top, and we have a fighting WCW under leadership of an administrator, then Bischoff now Busch, who wants to take all talent possible for their own federation to become successful. This time, however, WCW is raiding mostly the WWF creative team, and if there is a wrestler they can steal on the side, so be it. Back then, like now, the WWF got cocky on top and overlooked their employees' contracts. They didn't take time to notice that one was running out soon, nor did they care if a few people weren't under contract.

First, you have the creative team, in which the WWF lost two key prospects. They didn't bother having Vince Russo and Ed Ferarra under contract, so WCW came in and swiped them from the WWF. Just like that, the WWF lost their two top writers, and it was to their favorite organization, WCW. Now, you have others that might now jump to WCW. Terry Taylor, who was fired from WCW a couple of months ago, MIGHT jump to WCW. Also, Bill Banks, a good writer from the WWF magazine, has resigned..and rumors have him heading to WCW. Still, there are more rumors stating that there will be more.

Wrestlers will be jumping as well. Already, WCW snatched one of the most over heel wrestlers in the WWF, and he just so happens to be the intercontinental champion as well. Jeff Jarrett's contract runs out today! Yes, as Wade Keller first broke the story and Calvin Martin first reported it, Jeff Jarrett can now work for WCW...without any stupid no-compete clause to stop him. He can show up at Nitro if he pleases. This is a terrible blow to the WWF, because they spent a ton of television time getting Jeff Jarrett over. Now, all of that time has been spent to making him popular for his WCW entrance. Jeff Jarrett, so far, is the only wrestler to defect so far, but I'm sure there are a few waiting in line to do so. Unlike 1995, the WCW is going after the WWF's creative teams more than their wrestlers.

So where does that leave the WWF? Well, this might just piss off Vince McMahon more. Even though they have lost their two best writers, Vince will step it up like he always does. Right now, he's going through all of the WWF contracts and seeing who he could protect from making the jump. The WWF should remain the same during this talent raid, but keep in mind, WCW can only get better. This week, WCW begins their storylines with Russo and Ferarra at Nitro...so let the new War begin!

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

-This week, Smackdown got a 4.6...as they continue to have good, solid ratings against the Thursday Night Shows. I think it's funny that FOX blames the WWF for cancelling their shows..anyway. Smackdown pulled this with the baseball playoff games going on, along with the other strong national television programming. Thunder, contined to float around the same numbers, as they pulled in a 1.8, as it's very close to Nitro's rating now. That's scary.

-God, I love this Vampiro saga. I'm wondering why WCW constantly messes with the idea of "putting him on the shelf for a while" or just releasing him. His talent is undeniable, and WCW must be blind, or smoking crack not to notice it. He's the talent that WCW should be pushing, and not holding back. Backstage politics are killing this man's career, and WCW management won't agree to see what this man can really do. Yeah, just let him go WCW, and see what a monster the WWF makes out of him.

-Oh joy, Kurt Angle will finally make it to WWF television. According to Jim Ross, expect Mr. Angle to be on WWF TV in a couple weeks. This comes after a hard year spent wrestling dark matches and house shows. I guess he just was never ready until now, because he's been with the WWF forever, and he hasn't been able to show what he can do on television. We'll just see what a great talent he is when he comes in. I expect a Ken Shamrock type character.

-Well, I've heard that Jeff Jarrett will be at No Mercy, and he'll drop the IC strap. Hey, his contract runs out today, but he's at least being a great man by showing up at No Mercy. I don't care if you hate him for leaving the WWF, he will be gaining my respect for wrestling the PPV. No doubt.

@Oh well, that's it for today. I suppose you can keep an eye out for the next WWF employee to leave. It seems like, to quote the man Christopher Micheals, that "WCW is raping the WWF again!" Yes indeed. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode.

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