Welcome back to the PDC. I missed both Monday Night shows; one because of no UPN, and the other because of lack of motivation. Doh! Oh well. Tonight we have the lovely ECW show on TNN, which I'm hoping to remember to tape that as I have had no ECW Impressions for 2 weeks now. Well, anyways, on to the PDC.


-The WWF management is dropping like flies. According to the man they call Bob Ryder, Terry Taylor has a few things contractually he needs to clear up. He was presented with a no compete clause earlier this week, but he refused to sign it. He wants to talk to McMahon very soon about this ordeal. Bob went on to say that WCW is interested in Terry Taylor. Wait a second! Wasn't Terry Taylor released from WCW last year? He sure was, so why on Earth is WCW wanting him back? I just guess that everyone booking a WWF show will be talked to by WCW about making a jump. Interesting....

-Alright, once again, I have to discuss the Rock's status due to the many e-mails. Alright, the Rock isn't slated to win the World Title until either Survivor Series...and if not there, it's guaranteed at Wrestlemania. I have heard rumors about the Survivor Series match up, like if Stone Cold is the champ coming in. I have heard that Stone Cold just might turn heel on us during that match. Anyway, the Rock will be champ very soon, so be patient!! Right now, he's just passing time with the Rock and Sock connection, and being a tag champ until it's his turn.

-Oh cool, I heard from Lucas that Mankind's biography is #10 on the most wanted list at Amazon.com, the leading internet book seller. Wow!!! That's very good considering that it's a wrestling biography against the usual books that Amazon sells. I'd really jump for joy if it shows up on New York's Best Seller list when Mick's bio comes out.

-God, I wish I had Smackdown. Anyways, lots of stuff, again, happened this week. We have new tag champs, Rock and Mankind..which by the way makes it harder for those many tag teams in the WWF to win when there are two main eventers holding the titles. Also, I was pleased to hear that Stevie Richards, or Dude Love now, got to wrestle a match! I'm happy for Stevie, and I'm glad the WWF has put him in a good position to establish him as a star. Looks like Big Show is paying dues for a big payoff, as in losing to Bossman. I gotta start bothering my cable company, TCI, about this. Oh wait, they are now called AT&T cable now, so like their phone service, they won't listen to customers.

-I held back on this comment due to spoilers, but of course, now I can mention it. At No Mercy this Sunday, there were be a final match between the Hardys and Christian/Edge. It will be a Ladder Match, and it should be a good one considering I haven't heard of a tag team ladder match(but I'm sure somebody had one). But don't get your hopes up for the winners, as it's for cash..and not Terri. But remember what you can do with the money..


-Blah, Kevin Nash stated on WCW Live that when his hair gets darker, as in dyed, then he'll be coming back. Whatever, that's the lamest thing I've ever heard of. Kevin Nash is a big goof, and I lost all respect last January when he layed down for Hogan. Now, he's "getting the band back together" which could mean joining Hogan for the third time. Yes, that's repeating history for the third time. Hall and Nash need to be on their own as Outsiders this time, that way they don't need to feed off of Hogan anymore. They can be over on their own.

-People keep asking me what I personally feel about Hogan. Well, I hate works..especially the ones that toy with injury or retirements. I don't like what Hogan is doing. If it can revitalize his character, then maybe it's cool. But if it's just to rejoin Hall and Nash, and reform the NWO again, then I won't be for it. In fact, if I see the NWO reformed with Hogan, Hall, and Nash I will instantly fail Nitro in my Monday Night Grades, which are coming back Monday. It failed the second time around, and it's garbage if they try to repeat history a third time. I don't care what WWF writers you bring in, the NWO won't work again!!!

-Speaking of WWF writers, I've heard that Russo and Ferarra are responsible for the upcoming scripting of Nitro this Monday. That's right, so we'll get to see how good they are without the creative ability of the WWF wrestlers. This is an early test for the duo, not only for the fans. WCW management will be there breathing down their necks the whole show to see if they make any early significance. If they do, then they will get respect and more creative ability will be allowed. I'm hoping they have something in store for the Philadelphia fans, which are easily some of the best wrestling fans in the world.

@That's all I could rig up today. So until the next edition of the Phat Daily Column, just chill....till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999