Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss the federation who might end up being the only survivor of 2000, the WWF. Yes indeed, as some scary circumstances have arrived for both WCW and ECW, which also has the WWF possibly buying one out...maybe both out? Anyway, today is WWF Day, and YOUR day since you voted on Smackdown's grade AND the wrestlers for the Phat 5. On to the PDC



Your Smackdown Vote: A-

I'm actually shocked by that grade, as it usually takes an action packed show for an A- to be given out, with a few flaws. That's at least how I grade it. It was a close race though for what grade would win. 26% voted for the A-, 22% voted for the A / A+, 21% voted for the B+, and 19% for the B. Very tight race.

Looking at the card, it looks like the WWF decided to go for a hot opener with the Dudleys vs. Lo Down. Whoa. Lo Down has made it on RAW and Smackdown? That's SHOCKING. I guess they are finally off the Heat/Jakked tour, OR they were just getting tested by the WWF. Probably getting tested.

I would have loved to see that 3 way dance between X-Pac, Chris Jericho, and Eddie Guerrero. A hot opener and a good follow up to this are the makings of a good show. Of course, matches like Al Snow vs. Albert would be hell to watch.

Triple H/Road Dogg vs. Perry Saturn/Chris Benoit......who on earth booked that strange match? It has the makings of a great match, but why involved Saturn and Road Dogg? I guess since Saturn fought Triple H on Heat, and since Road Dogg is Triple H's pal? Very interesting.

The WWF spared us of the long interview for the middle of the show, and not the beginning. Now could you guys try this format for RAW??? Please?!?

Argh!! I think the WWF knows I no longer have UPN, so they put on good matches like the Hardys vs. Raven/Tazz. See, on RAW, they put Raven up against Steve Blackman in a "wrestling" match. Here, Raven tags up with Tazz against one of the best teams in the land.

Kurt Angle vs. Kane would probably be as expected, and I question the logic of having the Rock face Val Venis in the main event. First off, Val Venis is already washed up thanks to stupid gimmicks, and secondly, Val just doesn't wrestle like he did in 1998; he's already lost a step! Someone must have been smoking something bad backstage, but somehow, this show manages to get an A- by you, the readers.


Well, Vince McMahon has reportedly admitted to be looking into buying WCW. Now if Vince were to make this investment, he would easily have a stranglehold on the wrestling world, especially with ECW going down the tubes. Vince would be a true wrestling God, and there would be nothing to stop him. Those independents rising, who are starting to get television deals would NEVER have a chance at the WWF, as they don't right now either. WCW will be the only federation ever to get the best of the WWF, as I don't quite see the others standing a chance.

But I don't think Vince will buy it. You see, I'm thinking he's very confident that WCW will fold, and he'll be able to pick up some talent for a really cheap price. He probably feels that whoever picks up WCW will have the same headaches as Time Warner did, and they will NOT be profitable. He could be right, but there are a few reasons why he wouldn't buy WCW....

A. Vince's money is already with the XFL, which by judging by the history of rival leagues(CLICK HERE to read my column on that), could cost Vince lots of money. Buying WCW will probably cost him about 1/4 or more of what he's worth, and he can't afford that with the XFL not possibly lasting.

B. Too much talent in the WWF. Especially if you pick up guys like Scott Steiner, Booker T, Sting, DDP, Jeff Jarrett and others... You'd have guys who were used to main eventing in WCW, but they might have to play "second fiddle" to the WWF stars. Especially guys like Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner, who I see being trouble for the WWF. For one, Steiner is a maniac, and Jeff Jarrett had a bad ending to his WWF career last time. I'm thinking the WWF could use some of the younger talent though, especially the best skilled tag team in Jindrak and O'Haire. Not to mention Lance Storm.

There would be many other problems as well, but I'm sure I've mentioned them several times and so forth.

Gee, looks like I forgot to cover ratings this week. Hmmmm. Well, just put it this way. The WWF's numbers were OK I guess, but for the fact that Nitro got a 1.9 in the ratings? Oh gosh, that's horrible!

Well, I see the Rikishi talk still continuing to this day. It seems oddly split between fans about the decision by the WWF. One half LOVES the decision, and they are marking out as we speak. The other side either doesn't like the way the WWF did it(racially motivated) or just doesn't like the decision as Rikishi for being the driver. I suppose we'll have to see how Rikishi performs against Stone Cold, as I have that bad feeling that Austin will go over Rikishi at No Mercy. I'm not saying it will be a good match, but that Austin will basically squash him.

Of course, maybe that's fitting when you don't know your angles too well, eh WWF? The booking by the WWF has become so half assed that they weren't sure who would be the driver until probably late last week. They tossed around names of it being Mick Foley, the Rock, or Chris Jericho, but it was NEVER Rikishi the whole time. They might claim it, like good ol' JR will do in his report later today, but that's not the case.

Besides, the WWF did quickly think of the "who hit Austin" angle just moments before they found out that Stone Cold couldn't wrestle the Survivor Series match, so I guess maybe it's ok that they had no idea who hit him, right?

WWF Phat 5

5. Rikishi Phatu- (9%) You admit to hitting Austin, and you'll get on the Phat 5.

4. The Rock- (10%) Holy Hell! The Rock actually made the Phat 5! I suppose some of the Rock haters out there didn't stack the votes this week?

3. Chris Benoit- (11%) Good lord, his match with Triple H at No Mercy will be awesome!!

2. Triple H- (20%) Anybody willing to work with Saturn twice a week should get a high spot on this chart. Maybe Saturn could do more? Anyway, Triple H is the man, nuff said. Besides Benoit, nobody performs or makes their opponents look good like Triple H.

1. Kurt Angle- (24%) Hmmmm, there must be some Kurt Angle fans attacking my polls. Either that, or everyone loves his performance week in and week out.


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