Welcome to the 200th Consecutive Phat Daily Column. It's been a long road, but I will say that the streak ends here. No, I'm not taking a day off, nor do I plan to soon. You just won't hear about the streak anymore. So really, what I'm trying to say is that you can rely on me everyday of the week for news and wrestling opinions. Basically, thoughout this streak, I've proved that I'm daily. So it ends here. The only time you'll hear about the streak again is if I do a complete year of no days off doing the column, and that seems impossible. So that's that, on to the PDC

Note: WWF and WCW ratings are delayed due to Columbus day. Also, I'm bringing back the Monday Night Grades next week! Sorry for not having them this week.


-Reading the Smackdown spoilers this morning, I will say that Smackdown looks to be a good show this week. Look for the never ending saga of the Rock and Sock connection, as well as a follow-up to what happened to Triple H Monday. There is a lot of carrying over from RAW in this edition of Smackdown, as in many angles are continued here. Expect a few surprises, but nothing major. Couple funny segments happen as well. So enjoy!

-People keep asking me about Kurt Angle. Well, I suppose the WWF isn't ready to put him in the spotlight yet. I've heard that they aren't sure how they'd bring him in, or they think that he's not accustomed to the wrestling ring yet. That's odd, because he's been wrestling those houseshows and dark matches for a long time now. I think the WWF is paying him a fair amount of money too, so they better light a fire under his ass for him to make some progress!

-Reading the Droz message, or at least his family's message, on WWF.com yesterday, it pointed out that D'Lo was not at fault for the injury, as it was an accident. Great to hear that, as I get too many e-mails blaming D'Lo for hurting Droz. Geesh. People just don't know what an accident is, as the wrestlers risk their bodies everyday to entertain us. I also heard that the swelling in Droz's spine has gone down, thus giving him a better chance of walking again.


-Just a quick apology to Live Audio Wrestling for not crediting them first for when the Hogan story broke. I read it first at Scoops, so I assumed they were on it first. Once again, I apologize.

-Well, Nitro will be without to of their best wrestlers, Benoit and Malenko, for a few weeks as they are going to tour Japan up until a little before Halloween Havoc. Doh! There goes two WCW wrestlers who I like to watch wrestle.

-I just love hearing these online wars about where Vampiro is going. People are just making asses of themselves bitching back and forth at Bob Barnett, who I suppose is a close friend of Vampiro but he's really a just another idiot. But anyway, Vampiro will be returning to Thunder this Thursday, and he will be wrestling in the Saturday Night Tapings. That's good, because now we can see him return with ICP. Maybe this time they can all stick around together, instead of pulling those disappearing acts everyweek.


-Well, ECW on TNN pulled a 0.9 which incidentally was their rating for their first week. Gee, that's no improvement! I could rant on about last week's show, but I forgot to tape it before going out Friday Night. But anyway, something needs to be done. Whether it be beefing up the shows with stacked main event cards, or just telling TNN to get off their asses and advertise! Like I said, something needs to be done.

Well, I said I wouldn't do anything special for 200, but I lied. Here is a new segment that I'm adding. For those asking me for the angle updates, I have to say I'm on hold for those because of the new creative teams at both federations.

Duels of the Fates

Basically, this segment currently reviews their current status, and I'll predict their future either being good or bad.

World Wrestling Federation

-Ah yes, the top of the world!! WWF is still on top, and they seem to dominate Mondays everyweek. Also, they have a mighty powerful show in Smackdown, which is making waves in the national television market. Many have suggested that the WWF will be hurting when they lost Russo and Ferarra, but so far, nothing looks to have changed. WWF has huge dreams in going public, which will really make them gigantic. I personally think that the WWF is in for a subject change, because some of their storylines are getting stale. Even if that's the case, the WWF wrestlers are so damn over right now, you don't need storylines. Oh well.

Good Fate: WWF will continue to dominate the ratings, and everyone will buy stocks! Great new talent will come in, like Taz, and it will keep the WWF running strong.

Bad Fate: The lewd angles that the WWF has been putting up as of late, like the domestic violence and Mark Henry, might cause lots of controversy like never before. Also, another in ring tragedy could put a huge blow on the WWF at this time. Another thing that would hurt the WWF is if the other Big 2 federations don't get their shows larger, fans will lose an interest in wrestling overall, and then you'd still lose viewers.

World Championship Wrestling

-WCW continues to get it's tail whipped in the ratings, and their storylines are still confusing. Will Russo and Ferarra make a difference when they come in? Only time would tell really, and cooperation from wrestlers, such as Hogan, would really help WCW out. WCW desparately needs to drop an hour of Nitro, as that would do wonders for Nitro. It seems like WCW can only go up. WCW needs to move fast before it's too late!

Good Fate: Russo and Ferarra make the company do a complete 360, and bam! WCW is steadily climbing to get their ratings back.

Bad Fate: Russo and Ferarra's angles would turn off oldschool WCW fans, as they care for pure wrestling, and not the sleeze that they can produce. Also, young talent might get totally fed up with WCW for not getting their promised pushes, and be like Jericho and make the jump.

Extreme Championship Wrestling

ECW has the best fans in the country, but the smallest number of them also. Basically, if you live in the West, and you don't have the internet, you would have no clue when the ECW on TNN show is on. Their pay per views are selling good, but a couple of lost talents, like Taz and the Dudleys, might hurt in the long run. ECW is still running strong from their standpoint in their area, but not nationally. To make money, everyone must know your product. TNN simply isn't doing it for them so far. Something there needs to be done.

Good Fate: TNN advertises ECW and/or ECW beefs up their TNN show card to make the show a ratings success on a Friday! ECW would now be able to officially call themselves part of the big federations now, and they could be a major threat to them as well.

Bad Fate: The TNN deal would fall through, and that would severely hurt ECW's reputation for getting on at another network, thus their national exposure would be killed. Also, a huge talent raid could once again happen, and if they snatch wrestlers like Rob Van Dam or Sabu, ECW would be in great trouble.

Last Word: Basicially, all three of these federations can go up...or they could go down. I hope that all three find success, that way, if we get bored of one, we can enjoy the others and so forth. I really hope that ECW and WCW step it up so that the WWF doesn't get lazy at the top. But oh well, all of this has been my opinion.

PDC Flashback

March 12, 1999 was the day I went off due to many markets shutting down ECW's television program. After being shutout a year ago, I decided to go off in my column in favor of readers who also were getting screwed out of this. Many local television stations said to hell with the ECW television show, and they would put in WWF Shotgun or WCW World Wide instead to make a little more money of syndication. To read this PDC Flashback click HERE.

@Well, that sums it up for #200 in a row. I'll be back tomorrow, since you know there's a good chance I'll be here. So until the next PDC, just chill!

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