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Opening interview: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Gotta love those crowd killers. Shane McMahon and his big chested sister, Stephanie came out to do their usual stuff, and then brought down William Regal. Regal's excuse for turning was that he didn't see Kurt Angle as a proud WWF champion. What a bullshit excuse. FINGER OF SHAME! Can't we write that the Alliance just simply offered Regal more money to join them? How hard is that? Steve Austin would come in.... WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Then, Monotone Linda McMahon came out, and announced that the WWF would have a NEW commissioner, thus firing Regal as WWF commissioner. A non-internet fan could have predicted who the commissioner would end up being. *Yawn*

Crazy match between the Dudleyz and Spike/Big Show. One of the more entertaining tag matches that the WWF has done for a short while. I liked when the Big Slow tossed Spike over the ropes and onto Bubba and D'Von. NASTY bump after the match, though, where the Duds launched Spike over the ropes and onto a table. Spike got some air on that one.

What was the Diamond Dallas Page interview setting up?

Anybody find it ironic that Steve Austin suggested, to Shane, that Rob Van Dam must pay his dues in the WWF, by fighting Jericho to earn a spot instead of directly wrestling the Rock for the WCW title?

Good to see Billy Kidman back in the WWF. He was the face, although an Alliance member, against the much hated X-Pac, representing the WWF. Good cruiserweight match. Billy Kidman got the surprising win with sort of an inverted Razor's Edge on X-Pac. Wow. Looks like Kidman will have to job to X-Pac at the Pay Per View now, instead of keeping the titles separately.

Another good match between Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam. However, it looks like Van Dam has busted another one open with his stiff style of wrestling. That makes Jericho twice, and Angle and Austin just once, for all of those who Van Dam has given a crimson mask to. Yikes. Van Dam's push could be in trouble, and it would be already if the fans didn't absolutely love him. Steve Austin would eventually screw Rob Van Dam out of his match, giving Chris Jericho the win to fight the Rock at No Mercy. Next week is going to be a hot week for the Jericho-Rock feud.

Hey, Mick Foley is the new WWF commissioner. Wow... not hard to predict that one. Because the WWF has no confidence in Kurt Angle, we'll be seeing Steve Austin vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle in a triple threat match. Sure, the match will be good, but there's NO chance in hell that anybody but Steve Austin will win that match.

Surprisingly, the Kane vs. Shane Helms match was fun to watch, until the run-ins occurred. Helms called Kane "Citizen Kane", which many have been waiting for. I find it extremely funny when Helms tries to do powermoves on the big men. Test would later show up, as did Booker T for a beatdown on Kane. Then, the Undertaker rolled down to the ring, in his wheelchair, to save his brother Kane. After the match, Test announced that he's challenging Kane. Oh boy! We get to see two separate lame singles matches, where one younger guy will have to sell for the older one. I'd rather that the WWF make it a tag match instead, and save time for a better match.

Looks like Sunday Night Heat is trying to stack the show again. Edge and Booker T will get it on as the Heat main event. That sounds good, but any WWF viewer would just say "fuck this" because they'd have to watch all of Heat before seeing the main event, which is torture with the WWF NY stuff and the other lame matches usually booked. I suggest tuning in around 7:35 pm.

Maven vs. Tazz... what a waste of a match. Why have Maven get humiliated twice in a row? After the match, Maven fought off Tazz, which Al Snow congradulated him on. The WWF has a money feud with Al Snow and Tazz, if they'd only do it.

I can't really say much, or anything positive, about the main event between William Regal and Kurt Angle. Lame run ins galore!

LAST WORD: The wrestling, besides the last two matches, was solid, but the Sports Entertainment of the show was extremely boring. I could care less about wrestlers or personalities spending 10 to 20 minutes talking about how they'll do this or that to who they hate. Why not let action speak for words? Action is way more exciting than talk, especially since talk can be so repetitive. We'll give this show a


(C Plus), for the lame interview segments and weak matches to finish out the show. At least the Jericho and the Rock feud should get good for next week, so we'll look foward to next week's shows and put this one behind us (or me).

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