Welcome back...to the one and only Phat Daily Column. We've got some lovely Monday Night shows to go through tonight, and I'm wondering if WCW will step it up bigtime tonight. I'm also wondering how true the Hogan situation is. Even if he did give his notice, he still has do whatever WCW uses him for..but of course, he could veto all of the angles!! Anyway, on to the PDC.


-Many wonder on what the new WCW management will do with Eric Bischoff. Right now, he's sitting at home and collecting a hefty paycheck....hey, that's what many WCW wrestlers have been doing for the past year. Anyways, the new management is suppose to re-assign him, but I think that's unlikely. Bischoff, although he brought success to WCW, has brought more trouble in. Bill Busch especially recognizes the lowered morale of WCW, and he's continually in a fight to fix that. It's an uphill battle for him, but I heard, so far, that he's doing a good job of boosting the wrestler's morale.

-Also, everyone wants to know who is this person or persons that Bill Busch has acquired that's bigger than the signing of Russo and Ferarra. I wouldn't think that it's any WWF backstage guys, and it's NOT the Undertaker! So who could it be? Many are suggesting an ECW talent raid, but I'm not so sure of that. Since Raven came back to ECW, he told everyone in the locker room about the garbabe that went on there. Besides, if ECW lost any more big names, they would really be hurting. We'll just have to wait and see.

-And a follow up to the Hogan situation. Nothing is official yet. Notice yesterday, for those who try to name themselves after one half of the Hollywood Blondes, I stated that it's a rumor. Two good sources, Slam! Wrestling and Scoopswrestling, were the ones breaking the story. Whether or not it's true depends on how much Hogan will be used. But if he is going, he must keep with his contract until the 90 days are up. Of course, like I said in the intro, he could just veto every single angle or match throne at him. Let's hope that if he's leaving, that he doesn't screw over Bret Hart by not giving him his promised match.

-What will happen tonight on Nitro? Well, I don't know...but I expect more of the same with Bret Hart/Hogan/Flair and DDP/Sting/Package. I expect DDP and Total Package to possibly have a match, considering that Package put DDP in the torture rack unintentionally. Expect lots of hype for the Hogan-Sting match, which is what, the 4th time they've headlined a pay per view? Also, be on the look out for up and coming mid-carders, like Benoit and Disco, who are champions, to have a good part of Nitro as well.


-Oh my, tonight the WWF invades the Georgia Dome...which is the heart of WCW country. You'd think that WCW would sign an exclusive deal, like the one the WWF has with Madison Square Garden, but noooo, WCW doesn't, and the WWF is storming in and making a fool out of WCW...or are they? Just take a look at the recent shows which were done in the South for the WWF. Crowds have been much more quiet than normal, and this time, the WWF is at the place where WCW hypes its biggest shows of the year. We'll see tonight, or hear, how loud the WCW based crowd can get!

-Contrary to what many people think, Steve Austin will be at RAW tonight. He'll probably continue his angle with Triple H. Hey, I saw what Triple H did to a rattlesnake on Smackdown. Did anyone find that to be the worst way to get heat? Anyway, expect something like Triple H attacks another wrestler or personality, and then you see Stone Cold coming down to the rescue. Been there, done that.

-Oh darn, the wedding has been postponed....that means they will have to maybe wrestle instead of having a long soap opera like angle. That's good to me. I was expecting some kind of attack during this wedding, which would be interesting, and I imagine that someone, who is also a big part of the wedding, would turn heel and ruin it. Whatever the case may be, the WWF decided to delay it. They were moving very fast with that angle anyways.

PDC Flashback

December 19, 1998 was the first PDC since LoP went down for two weeks. There was a great down time on many wrestling sites due to all of the websites taking up too much space and bandwith. I was out of work for 2 weeks, posting an occasional column at Matt Monroe's Diamond Cutter Union. When LoP came back, I was given a posting url...and I was very gracious for that. After this column, I began to work a little harder on the Phat Daily Column. To read this PDC Flashback, click HERE.

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