Welcome to another fun filled edition (sarcasm) of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll just BS about the current news in pro wrestling. Very easy format, eh?

Several people questioned my "B+" grade in Monday's PDC in the old e-mail. The show had a good match in Shane/RVD vs. Rock/Jericho, a great match in Austin vs. Angle, a big title victory by the Hardy Boyz, and something actually new for Chris Jericho to do in the storylines. Now if the other stuff was a little better, we would have been in the A-range. Note that I probably would have received lots of comments if I rated RAW a much lower grade as well. Same thing goes on every week.

Speaking of RAW, I completely forgot to talk about the Diamond Dallas Page segment! I must have laughed too much to remember it. It may have been extremely corny, but I couldn't help but laugh at DDP's acting. It had me in tears from laughing.

While we're on the subject of laughing, please find every available Steven Lynch song to download, to which you'll find your sides hurting from the laughter.

On the LoP front... Please excuse some loading difficulties as of late. I believe (or at least think) that we're experiencing server problems. Please be patient, thanks.

On to the PDC.


-No ratings to discuss today, since Monday was Columbus day. I'm very curious to see how they turned out, especially since the WWF hyped this show up to be one of the best RAWs ever. I'm even more interested in how Austin vs. Angle did, since the WWF was making Steve Austin the center of attention again with his return. We'll see if he's truly a draw anymore.

-I keep hearing of rumors about a big WWF cut going on, in which the WWF will do some mass releases soon. Unfortunately, it seems like it will happen since many of the Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestlers are primed and ready to come up, and plus, if you didn't notice by watching, the WWF shows only feature a select handful of wrestlers each show. Therefore, many have the night off instead of working every televised event. Now the WWF has probably compensated for this by starting the split shows, but with the WWF's overall worth dropping, they may need to trim salaries. Now I may dislike several wrestles who I perceive as worthless, but I do NOT wish for anybody to lose their job. It could be a very sad Spring Cleaning (after Wrestlemania, the WWF usually releases wrestlers).

And while we're somewhat on the topic of the WWF doing "split shows", then why not with the B circuit (the tour with lesser name wrestlers, as compared to the A circuit) travel to smaller venues, like the WWF did before they became big business in 1998, and especially 1999. Like, why not go to the venues of 5,000 - 10,000 seatings, which should sell out on the B circuit tours since fans around those arenas have been craving wrestling for years, instead of travelling to larger cities.

-More and more stories are popping up with Rob Van Dam receiving some backstage heat for busting people open or whatever else he's done wrong, in the WWF's eyes. All I can say is that things will get VERY nasty once Triple H starts wrestling again. Triple H, despite many people denying it, has a good bit of stroke, since he's, you know, banging Vince McMahon's daughter and probably since he's been a WWF wrestler since 1996 and stepped up when the WWF needed him in late 1999. Man, will that be interesting to read about.

-I read in an earlier post by the great William Martinez that the Big Show weighed in at a lean, mean, buffed, and JACKED 483 pounds. Holy cow, that's 33 pounds above Big Show's WWF debut! See, this is what I mean when I get pissed off about why the Big Slow is in the WWF now. Under any other circumstance, even Rikishi now, the wrestlers are told to lose weight or else. However, Big Show is a good pal of Shane McMahon, and since Vince McMahon GETS OFF on anybody tall, he's allowed to remain in the WWF. Gotta love the favortism and hypocracy by the owners. But good lord, 483 pounds is very unhealthy, especially for a man who looked lethal in 1995-1996, at a weight less than 400 pounds.

Not much else out there to discuss!

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@That's all for today. Let's hope something interesting develops in the wrestling world to have better material for tomorrow. Just chill....

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