Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today is MONDAY NIGHT IMPRESSIONS day with a lot to talk about when concerning RAW and Nitro. Especially RAW from their ending. Well, I really want to get into today's column, so on to the PDC, and sorry for the short intro.

But first....

Big thanks to whoever held up this LoP/Mr. Tito sign at Nitro!!!


Yes, the production was bad in Australia, but who could blame them without all of the production equipment down there? Of course, Nitro isn't exactly the best looking wrestling show on television anyway, but down there, the sounds seemed lower and the quality was dark. But that's ok, as I will NOT hold that against them for this week.

Geee, somebody (Elix Skipper) has ripped off DMX's song for their theme. I remember when Rey Mysterio used to be a dominating cruiserweight. I guess lots of operations and bookers can change all of that, eh?

Wow, nice of WCW to SHIT on the World Tag Titles too while they are at it! They had Disqo and Alex Wright win them, but get the titles reversed thanks to the Commissioner, Sanders. Nice way to tarnish your champs, Jindrak/O'Haire. Real nice.

Who cares about who knocked up Ms. Hancock??? The announcers blew the cover tonight on the case when Shiavone or someone said "it's not Buff?!?". Mark Madden was oddly decent in this segment, as maybe that's a better role than just shouting when he commentates during a match.

The "Down Under...wear" (Get it??? Har Har) match made me wonder. Torrie Wilson was stripped to her panties, but yet she was trying to cover herself up!!! Now she's been out on Nitro many times in bikinis and much less than bra and panties. Maybe she doesn't want the Australians to see her?

That stuff with Jeff Jarrett was indeed funny last night. The Chosen One cracked me up with his shots towards Sting, especially since he looked like the Old Sting very much. Could that be a sign of the REAL blond Sting's return, as originally hyped at Halloween Havoc?

Wow, nice of WCW to just trash Big Vito like that. I mean they worked so hard on his push before, and now Goldberg just runs him over. I actually can't wait for Bill Goldberg to fight KroniK, because it's going to be stiff and out of control. Possibly one of the rare matches a legit fight erupts.

I just don't get how WCW is trying to push Mike Awesome as a lethal Hardcore Wrestler and a 70's Guy? I just don't understand the logic there!!! He really beat David Flair's ass, and then Ric Flair showed up asking for Awesome to stop. I love how many people forgive in WCW. It's not like David Flair screwed the Nature Boy over twice now, oh no.

Sting vs. Scott Steiner was an OK match with a good ending. Nuff said! I guess the feud with Konnan and Franchise isn't bad, although it seems like they push Shane as a main eventer on Thunder, and a mid carder on Nitro. How odd.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: It's a decent Nitro, with some obvious annoyances you'll find everyweek in WCW. It's very obvious that the management of WCW is why it's in the gutter right now, including bookers, agents, and any authority from Time Warner. It showed tonight with Vito getting crushed, Mike Awesome as a Hardcore 70's guy, and the Tag Titles. The show was watchable, with obvious problems though. I'll give it a


because some of the matches were decent and the stuff with Jarrett was classic. I predict that Nitro will suffer during the second hour with a 2.2 rating, thanks in part to the "who hit Austin" stuff.


To me, RAW is War returned to their roots. They turned up the dial....they pushed the envelope...they acted just like they did in 1998 when they were charging to the top of the mountain. That's right. We saw the raunchy angles returning with Eddie Guerrero in the shower with Hos, and of course, Rikishi saying he hit Austin for racial purposes. Looks like we are back to the sleeze again folks, the material that got the WWF to the top.

First off, let me say that the choice of Rikishi was very unexpected. NOBODY, despite what they claim, chose Rikishi to be the driver. I don't care who claims they did, I won't believe it. I looked around for several weeks on message boards, other columns, and so forth...and NOBODY called it. To me, it was unexpected for the WWF to choose him, but it's a good choice if you ask me. Rikishi needed direction in his career, and by turning him heel, you'll get that. However, his explanation was NOT RIGHT by the WWF's part. His reasons were racially motivated, and for the WWF going that way they get the


for that garbage. What are you going to do now? Start a Samoan Nation of Domination? The WWF went this route when somebody trashed the Nation of Domination's locker room, and they were pushing it anyway with the whole Nation angle anyway. I don't think it's right, as I think the WWF could have made Rikishi a heel this way:

Rikishi: Yes, I hit Austin. I hit that GLORY HOGGING Son of a Bitch! For years and Months, he's taken all the credit in the WWF and he's been the top dog, when all the while it was the Rock, MY COUSIN(he is in real life), who was the one who put him over. I wanted MY COUSIN to shine in the ring, and with Austin continually stealing the spotlight from him, the only way to stop Austin, was to get rid of him.

OR something of that nature. This racially motivated reason will probably turn some viewers off, and let opinionated guys, like myself, to continually bitch about it. But the fact still remains: it's wrong. When these federations try to be "real", they'll do anything for shock value. This was the wrong attempt for it if you ask me. I think if they just turned him heel without those reasons why he did it, it would have been better accepted. I've read lots of emails and feedback already on this show, and the fans aren't too appreciative of why Rikishi did what he did.

Oh, by the way, when it's with Austin, don't ever forget that there could be someone behind Rikishi....Click Here. :)

The show started out with a LONG ASS INTERVIEW, with the return of the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. By the way, I did see why the WWF is mad at HBK for forgetting his lines. Man, he was struggling during certain parts.

Jackie vs. Lita was an OK match, as they've had better. I like how Debra and Chyna are like sisters now, which is getting a lot of heat from other writers. Well, if you remember correctly, Debra left Jeff Jarrett in the end and was supportive of those fighting against Jarrett. Jarrett's final opponent: Chyna. So don't say anything without using logic please. Also tonight with Debra, it was officially announced on TV that she was in fact Stone Cold's wife. Well, I really hope that the WWF doesn't have any other plans for Debra, other than managing Austin, because they just shot all of those ideas down.

Raven continues to pay dues, as he did in a "wrestling" match with Steve Blackman. I don't get why Raven wanted a "wrestling" match. I'm hoping that the WWF picks up a copy of Extreme Evolution soon to see how the REAL Raven is. The REAL Raven would murder Steve Blackman in a match, especially hardcore.

Oh joy, it looks like Triple H will get the win at No Mercy since Chris Benoit got the tag. The match was very good, since Benoit and Triple H helped to carry their opponents....as usual!

Holy Lo Down on RAW! Good old Edge and Christian tried to pull a screwjob on the Hardys, but it again failed. Yay. Speaking of failed, I wonder why the WWF tries to hold matches like Test vs. Al Snow when they know nobody will cheer. Face it: Al Snow will NEVER be over in the WWF. Test, without charisma, will NEVER be over either. Hell, not even Miss Silicon can get Test over!

Nice of the WWF to do that GTV segment, with Eddie Guerrero in the shower. It's ironic how they were wrestling the RTC during the match, because the PTC will definitely bitch about that one. The WWF should know better to push the evelope like that, especially with many more parental cults out there.

Mr. Ass did play a decent role in this whole thing though. He came down for the save to get a good pop, and there was some tough heat with him and Eddie outside the arena. So I guess it's now Eddie Guerrero vs. Mr. Ass, and not X-Pac?

The main event was about as good as you'd expect from those wrestlers. That sit down finisher is going to cave in some other wrestler's chest...you just wait on that!

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Well, this was indeed a very controversial night of WWF television. I don't like the idea of having the motive being racial problems within the WWF, because for one, it's a turn off for viewers, and it's a problem with parents letting their children watching RAW. The show was better than their average crap, so for that a


is awarded, with a few points knocked off for the Double Finger of Shame. I predict a 5.4 for the first hour, since the WWF lost a lot of casual fans, thanks to the TNN move.


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