Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. No pay per views tonight, so as usual, it's a slow news day! Oh well, considering this is the 197th consecutive column, I think I know how to get by on these days. But anyways, there is one big story developing, and I will address it greatly. So on to the Phat Daily Column.


Yesterday, I reported from Scoopswrestling.com that Hulk Hogan has given his 90 day notice to leave WCW. Everyone is wondering where this came from? Well, he has that clause in his contract to where he could leave, but he he would have to give a 90 day notice. That shows how much power Hogan has had in WCW, as he also has the veto power on angles in his contract as well. But wait...that's one of the reasons for these rumors to come about.

You see, before Russo and Ferarra were coming in, Hogan ruled the backstage. The bookers couldn't control what he did, as he was way powerful backstage. Even when Bischoff was demoted, Hogan still had much control. That's probably why he's always still in the spotlight, even though the bookers have told him that they want to focus more on Goldberg. Now that WCW has purchased the services of Russo and Ferarra, who will be writing ALL of the WCW storylines, Hogan might have pushed the panic button. Bill Busch is giving faith to the creative duo, and Hogan can now only control his character. Hogan could, and he always has, strike down any angle that any booker used to give him, and he would also strike down any match or ending that would make him lose. This explains why you don't see him clean job....or job often. But keep in mind, these are only angles towards himself...as the new creative duo could just say 'to hell with Hogan' and not book him in any angles at all, so then his veto power would be worthless. Hogan probably knew that the wrestlers he held down would soar with the new creative team, as Hogan is used to having the spotlight all to himself. Hogan, I suppose, wasn't willing to work with Russo and Ferarra, so he's possibly leaving.

Just think, what would happen if he leaves? What could he do? Some would suggest that the WWF would accept Hogan with open arms. Many, including myself, don't believe that. After all of the badmouthing between the WWF and Hogan, there is a lot of heat there. From Hogan's testimony at Vince McMahon's steroid trial to the put downs from the WWF about Hogan, I don't think they would ever join forces again. Some crackers already have said "ECW! ECW! ECW!" I don't think so. For one, for Hogan to be in ECW, he would have to take bumps...and he already doesn't do that, so how would he sell anything there? He'd expect to be the champ and in the spotlight there, but do you think Paul Heyman would sign him just for cheap attention? I don't think so.

I personally think that Hogan is making a HUGE mistake by leaving WCW. He should stick this out, and see what happens. Who knows, like I've said earlier, they could refresh Hogan. They could make his character 'more hip' so to speak. But instead, Hogan might have taken the short route, and that's by giving his 90 day notice to WCW.

Hogan, although I don't personally like him or his actions, has done a world of wonders for WCW. He was the first major superstar to come from the WWF and join WCW. He helped pave the way for many other wrestlers who Eric Bischoff didn't mind spending top dollars on. His willingness to become a heel, or Hollywood Hogan, as the third man of the New World Order helped WCW become the top company for a while. There were plenty of negatives as well, but I've bashed Hogan a lot thoughout my PDCs, so I'll hold off for today. I know there are a lot of strong Hogan fans out there that would miss him if he did actually leave. Maybe after the 90 days is up, he just might officially retire...for good.

But hey, this could all just be an evil rumor........

Other Stuff...

-Damn it, I forget to tape ECW on TNN...and look what happens. I miss a Tammy Sytch segment which has literally pissed many internet writers off. Argh! From what I've heard, it was controversial as it involved her drug abuse or something..I don't really know. Many are saying that it was a ratings grabber for ECW on TNN. If so, ECW was probably thinking that if TNN won't advertise them to get ratings, then we might as well cause controversy. We'll see how this does when the ratings come out Monday or Tuesday.

-Why does everybody keep insisting that Taz won't get any attention now that his main voice in the WWF, Vince Russo, is gone? WWF is really satisfied with signing Taz, and like I've said before, just go see it on WWF.com for Taz's press conference. They had clips, pictures, you name it for that conference. Both the McMahons looked very happy. Besides, I heard he was backstage at the recent Smackdown, and he was at the Titan Towers Friday for an interview. So he's still with WCW..but he's already doing WWF activities...that's unheard of, so I think the WWF is happy with him.

PDC Flashback

November 18th, 1998 was a very important column. It was mostly non-wrestling, as I tackled the ICQ 99 virus that was going around. Back then, before the official ICQ 99 came out, there was a prototype going around. That prototype, strangely, had a built in virus. Since I loved ICQ then, I jumped right on it not knowing what was going on. I plugged a place to download ICQ 99 in a previous column, and I was yelled at for it. I was unaware of what it did, and I then found out that my computer was in jeopardy because it was infected. Well, anyways, this column explains it all, and it also helped many readers out as well. Nobody knew for sure if there was a virus in the prototypes until I made a column of it. Then, LoP readers who had the prototype e-mailed me asking for help. They got their virus scanners and saved their computers. I recieved a lot of appreciation from readers for this column. To read this PDC Flashback, click HERE.

@That's it for today. I keep wondering to myself if the Hogan information is true or not. Oh well. I'll be back tomorrow with YET ANOTHER editon of the Phat Daily Column. So chill till the next episode!

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