Welcome to another lovely edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss the federation which won't be bought by the WWF anytime soon. (Insert loud curse word here) We will review an actual good Thunder, discuss the current happenings of WCW, and to give the usual Phat 5. Just that easy.

After my return column yesterday, I was hammered with e-mails and posts on message boards about my RAW is WAR review. I gave it the big fat F because they shoved Triple H into an angle where they still have no clue how it will play out, they gave the World Tag Titles to the RTC, and for the reunion of DX. It was a decent show all around, but those elements just made it bad for booking. But I'll discuss this in Friday's PDC. Today is WCW Day!

Before we start off, I just want to say that it was rather pathetic of "other sites" to have Gore vs. Bush wrestling match parodies or whatever. Hell, even one site titled their column "Results from the Bush-Gore cage match for presidency", which was released late yesterday. Yes, I've been hyping my Gore vs. Bush cage match for close to a month now, and all of the sudden when I do it, many follow suit and rip off my idea. Especially that site with their "cage match", which is a total ripoff. Even worse is that it ripped off my idea to have some wrestling personality win the match instead of the two candidates. Since the race is still close, you can see the ORIGINAL parody of Gore vs. Bush, still, by Clicking Here.


No need to call this one "Chunder", because it was far from it.

This was the BEST WCW show in the past few weeks, with great booking and excellent all around matches. The only problem with this show was the somewhat dead crowd, but you too would be tired after already watching 3 hours of wrestling or so. The wrestlers showed NO signs of being tired, as they all went through each match with their all.

First off, the decision to make Crowbar the Hardcore Champion was a good one. NOBODY has busted their ass lately like Crowbar, and I'm very glad that somebody backstage is recognizing the talent of this man. Keep him as champ and let him shine!

I actually liked the Natural Born Thriller turn on Kevin Nash. The booking of it made sense, since the NBT "used" Kevin Nash to become a successful group. It makes more sense than just deciding to making a guy tell someone to hit another with a car, right? Exactly. Kevin Nash was fooled, so Click Here to get the full Spaceballs effect!!

Booker T vs. Mike Awesome was good. Jaimie vs. Evan Karagias was good. Even the stuff with Lex Luger and Bill Goldberg was good, and that's shocking. One of the few error free shows by WCW in a long time, and we should sit back and hope that WCW continually improves like this.


No sale to the WWF, so what does that mean? Well, I wouldn't doubt that we say "good bye" to this federation by next year. The WWF, besides the Bischoff group(which is ignored), was really the only true potential buyer for WCW. The WWF was the only who could revamp this federation into a money maker, whereas other attempted buyers wouldn't have done a damn thing, no matter how much of a God Eric Bischoff claims he is.

So what now? Well, I guess for those of you who still enjoy Sting, Jarrett, Nash, Booker T, Scott Steiner, and many more...you might as well enjoy them now, because they will become "cheap" labor to the WWF once WCW. Once they fold, the WWF is going to buy up their talent, but at a very low wage rate for each wrestler. Gee, that's MUCH worse for Time Warner because they will have to pay the debts, and even worse for Time Warner since they won't gain any cash from selling, not to mention that the WWF will buy their guys for much less than intended.

However, the WWF is on a downward swing right now, taking everything for granted. With their ongoing fight with the PTC and pressures from Viacom, WCW could make a decent charge. Of course, that's if they WANTED to, and that means good leadership and innovative booking must take place. I've always said that WCW has the talent to do it, so can we get some strong booking too?

I was glad to see Diamond Dallas Page back on television. WCW oddly kept this man under contract, although he was very unhappy within WCW and offered a sensible buyout for his contract. But no, he remains in WCW, and now let's allow him to shine again. BANG!

Oh God, Mean Gene said that Hulk Hogan may be returning to WCW really soon. Oh god no. Now I know that WCW is suffering from low ratings, but don't bring back that has-been. Sure, he'll an instant short run ratings jump, because all of the hardcore Hogan fans will come out, BUT in the end, Hogan won't draw a dime, just like he claimed for Billy Kidman(which was true). I bet WCW is doing it to eliminate the stupid lawsuits that Hogan *tries* throw out. Geesh. Just release him already, especially since he's on a "pay per appearance" contract. He's not owed any money right now, so get rid of him already! Let the WWF pick up an extra ego....

Be sure to check out this Saturday's PDC for a look at WCW in 1990, where bad decision making and booking officially started, and in my opinion, it has always haunted WCW.

WCW Phat 5

5. Sting- He wrestled the best match in a while on Nitro, Monday.

4. Scott Steiner- Make him champ soon!

3. Bill Goldberg- Just destroying Bam Bam twice this week is good enough...no wait, just for the fact that he wrestled TWICE in one night, and on two shows, is good enough.

2. Crowbar- WCW FINALLY puts some confidence behind this man. Thank God!

1. Booker T- Finally, the WCW World Champ is the #1 guy in the Phat 5. Two big wins against Nash and Mike Awesome this week is good enough to make him the man!

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