Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Monday Night went right by this week, and I've got the usual stuff like the grades, impressions, and Phat Stats© to go over the shows. Without further ado, on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


Tournament action kept going, as Jeff Jarrett was involved heavily in the matches along with the "Creative Control". It seems that it will be Bret Hart vs. either Jarrett or Benoit in my opinion. These tournament matches were very quick, besides the Scott Hall match, where he returned to form. Lots of drama is building for the next week matches, like Luger vs. Sting.

Powers that be had way too much involvement this week, as their henchmen, Jarrett and the Creative Control were involved in a ton of matches. I do, however, like the Creative Control team...that's much better than being 8-Ball and Skull in the WWF. I don't like how they are treating Hacksaw though. Jarrett hit that rather large woman with the guitar..could he be returning to form? Of course, she did him him first..

Short Feature matches really hurt last night, as matches with top superstars lasted 10 minutes at most. It was funny how when I was flipping the channels for the main events, and the WCW one was just ending as I flipped back for a moment. Hey, that's the way the WWF used to be!

David Flair finally has a way of getting over! I can't believe my eyes...his gimmick is actually interesting! It's compelling to see him walking around crazy with the crowbar. Heck, he even fended off Bam Bam. I feel bad for him when DDP comes back.

The Dustin Rhodes Segment was the best segment of the night, as it totally bashed all of the ignorant gimmicks he's been given thoughout the years, as well as all of the horrible gimmicks given to others. That was one of the best "shoot" interviews that I've ever heard in my life, and I wonder how that segment will do in the ratings vs. the opening segment of RAW.

Other stuff like the Disco angle..that's showing signs of failure already. Just let Disco be himself, and he doesn't need an angle to be entertaining. I'm really wondering if Sid is willing to say "I Quit" in the match at Mayhem. Less Revolution and Filthy Animals this week, which made it better. How many people is WCW going to bring in that looks like Chyna? Finally, I really hope Goldberg has the decency to put Sting over, because Sting has gladly layed down him numerous times now.

Phat Stats

Matches: 13
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 6
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 1

Last Word: This show had many quick matches, and the usual up tempo style that the new creative team is bringing to WCW. It would have been much better if done slowly, and if some matches were just a little longer. Overall, a pretty decent show which gets a Tito grade of


this week. I expect a rating, which I mean head to head with RAW exclusing hour 1, of 3.0 even.


Gotta love those interviews at the beginning of RAW. Always a restroom break or a chance to see what's going on at Nitro or to see the opening kickoff of Monday Night Football!

The WWF did a good job with Al Snow tonight, as they really rubbed off the action figure controversy. I swear, whoever thought that was a severed woman's head needs to buy a clue. Anyway, Al Snow lost the Tag Titles with Mankind tonight, but I'm sure the WWF will keep rubbing off the controversy and Al Snow will get some good opportunities at other titles now.

The match with Val Venis and the Godfather was pretty good, as Val Venis was really looking good in the ring last night. Maybe he'll work well as a main eventer..who knows? But what I do know is that Mankind is after his ass!

The Big Show father angle has gone on too long now. I F'N hate this angle..by FAR the WORST ANGLE EVER...and the Most tasteless angle ever! I'd rather see Jeff Jarrett's old Country Western singer angle, which I personally hated, than to see that ignorant crap.

I'm sure Energy drinks weren't too pleased with the Rock's comments before his match with X-Pac, but oh well....just a loyal sponsor, nothing big, right? Anyway, Rock and X-Pac put on a good show with DX running down afterwards to beat Rock's candyass. Gotta love how McMahon singled out Triple H to give him that screwjob of a main event. Classic Vince there.

Damn, I love Stevie's role in the WWF as he was Elvis tonight singing to Chyna. Of couse, Jericho attacked everyone in the ring to end all of that, even Miss Kitty. Jericho and Chyna should be a hell of a match to see!

Kane got attacked by Bossman as I hope and imagine that Kane might now side with Big Show when he comes back form that "funeral". I hope that feud doesn't add to the WORST ANGLE EVER, and that they just wrestle or have some other purpose.

Triple H proved to me tonight that he truly isn't at the top of the WWF. Why you ask? Because he simply can't carry a main event on his own. That match with test was very boring at times, and it was like that because Triple H didn't have the usual wrestlers like Mankind, Rock, or Stone Cold helping the match generate heat. He had Test tonight, who is still young and learning. Test gets pops, sure, but nothing to make you yell at Triple H for cheapshotting him. The crowd, to me at least, seemed very quiet until Vince McMahon almost screwed Triple H out of the title.

Other Stuff like the bar fights with the Acolytes...that sucks. Acolytes are probably the toughest tag team in the WWF, and they don't show it by getting into bar fights. They need to beat on the other teams in the WWF...who cares about them in bar fights? Nobody! Too Cool remains on RAW, as I question how long they will last before they have to wrestle Jakked all the time, like they did for Shotgun. I about fell off my chair when I saw the Mean Street Posse come out in Minnesota shirts and hats. A real nice touch for their lost last weekend. I wonder how much USA will bark at the WWF for having Triple H's ass on camera?

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2 <---If you consider Triple H's win a screwjob by having everyone leave the ring to save Stephanie
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Raw this week had it's high points, and it had it's low points. The matches that RAW did have were pretty good in length, as the main event went way over the 11 o'clock mark. Not a bad show, but I've seen better RAWs before, so therefore, it gets a Tito grade of a


for this week's show. I predict this show will hit a solid 6.0 in the ratings.

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

-Wow, ECW did a 1.1 this week, as they jumped 0.3 points from last week's show..a show which I felt was better than this week's. Maybe it was the Pay Per View hype? That could have been it, as the show had plenty of it! Whatever the case may be, ECW better hope that it keeps in the 1 range, and that it gets higher than their highest rating, 1.2. A few people have told me that they have seen a few ECW commercials for the shows on different cable networks. Well, I just hope that TNN eventually gives ECW some time to advertise on their station.

-According to Calvin's WCW Live Report, Kevin Nash will make his illustrious in ring return around Starrcade, if not Starrcade itself. I guess we don't get to see him staying as manager for long, or whatever he is. Hopefully, Russo and Ferarra put some of that edge that Nash lost years ago when he first came into WCW. I hate when he acts like a goof or a crybaby. If they could somehow get him to where he was when he first arrived in WCW, then it would do wonders for Nash's wrestling career even at his late age.

-Oh lord, Brad Armstrong is really going to go through with the Road Dogg like gimmick. Any other wrestlers you'd like to convert like WWF wrestlers Russo? You already have the Filthy Animals acting like DX in a way, two women, Asya(not Russo's idea, but he'll use her like it) and that new woman that came in to save Booker T like Chyna, and now this? Someone suggested on WCW live last night for Duggan to be somewhat like Mankind, and Russo even said on the show that it wasn't a bad idea. That will get some juices flowing, eh? But hey, whatever works I suppose.

@Well, that's it for today's edition of the PDC. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another editon, and I'll hopefully have some ratings for ya. Until then, why not chill?

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