Welcome to the column that fully utilizes the right to an opinion on the internet: the Phat Daily Column! Today, it's the same as all of the other Thursday PDCs, although different topics will be discussed and the Smackdown line up has obviously been changed. Note that the Smackdown hype is totally Spoiler free, as this is one of the few columns that will ALWAYS guarantee that. Why? Because I don't read the spoilers to ensure that.

Good feedback on the Mick Foley book review... One part I forgot to mention on the Foley book was the amusement park discussion. Mick Foley sort of over did that, but it's not what I was going to mention. Foley is a big amusement park junky, and occasionally, whenever the WWF is in town near a park, he'll get his fix. However, he'll take several wrestlers with him to the parks. With that, Foley is Good has 2 funny pictures of Foley and various wrestlers like Edge, Al Snow, and the Hardys in a snapshot while they are going down a hill on a coaster. It's quite funny to look at. Just thought I'd mention that since I got a kick out of it.

Man, I'm really hoping that my Fundamental Theorem of Professional Wrestling is true, which states whenever wrestling is bad on Monday, it's much better on Thursday. I remember seeing the same pattern whenever Nitro was really bad. Thunder would somehow put together a good show. I guess that's the federations "learning from their mistakes" when they do their tapings. My overall questions is why can't they just continue a string of successful shows? It appears that the WWF tries new stuff on Monday, which makes RAW a very screwed up show anymore. Why try to experiment when you can put on a good show, like it occurs on Thursday?

I really don't get what happens with the WWF writers. Looking at the TVjobs.com post that the WWF made in their quest for new writers, I chuckled at the Soap Opera experience part. In the WWF's effort of putting on 2 shows a week, it appears that they are getting a wee bit dramatic on the writing instead of adding the edge that 1998-1999 had.

What the WWF needs are creative writers to mix with strictly television writers. Creative ones can bring about new ideas, which is what the WWF badly needs. I can only take so many swerves by the McMahons in one month or whatever. Creative writers are found on some of the best shows on television, namely HBO, like they have for Oz or the Sopranos. Their storylines for their characters are incredible and breakthrough stuff.

But of course, the real big breakthrough storyline was a missed opportunity by the WWF. Yes, I'm talking about the ECW/WCW Invasion angle. To this day, I still don't know how a group of writers could screw up what could have made the WWF a very strong monopoly in the wrestling business. Oh wait, I do know... it's Vince McMahon's stupidity without competition. Now, without that strong and fascinating storyline, the WWF's stance as the huge monopoly is slowly dwindling, and with talent cuts on the rise, another federation could walk through the door and surprise people in a few years. Of course, the latest contender, the XWF, has a man named Hulk Hogan helping out with the cause, so I doubt we'll see anybody truly compete with the WWF for the next 5 years. It's that unfortunate.

But the point is that storylines and angles are horrible, especially with the gigantic talent roster that the WWF has. They should be able to constantly shuffle around new faces, but instead, we see the same guys doing the same things week in, and week out, with the McMahon family feeling that their television time is vital. My gosh!

Well enough on this rant... on to the PDC!


-You know, I just have this general feeling that Paul Heyman will soon have a falling out with the WWF. Throughout the weeks, I've heard of stories on how he's not getting his way at the WWF creative meetings, and how he favors Rob Van Dam a bit too much (not that he shouldn't). With the reasonably bad writing right now, it just has to frustrate Paul Heyman that his ideas, whether they are good or not, are not being considered towards the storylines. If Heyman gets to the point where he can't take no more, then it would be interesting to see where he'd turn up. I'm sure there's some up and rising independent fed that lacks a good creative mind or motivation, which Heyman could provide.

-It's funny that the Big Show MIGHT replace Vince McMahon on Team WWF for Survivor Series. Vince adding himself, instead of a wrestler, since Shane was on Team Alliance was quite stupid in thought. Since the Alliance had a non wrestler on their team, why not stack your own team?? I hope an angle goes down where Vince tries to stack his team, and the Alliance responds by replacing Shane, with like a Test or..........

Diamond Dallas Page. Why not?!? The WWF is just totally abusing this star, who could be big for the Alliance. Well, he could have been big, but instead, the WWF allowed for the Undertaker to make DDP his personal punching bag. Does the WWF not know what DDP did for WCW in 1997 or 1998? With Sting on hiatus and the rest of the WCW joining the NWO, DDP was the lone face in the fight. He handled it very well, and he was very popular during the best days of WCW. Why is he being held back? We don't even see his happy segments that much anymore. It's ridiculous how the WWF won't use DDP for anything productive.

-It's interesting to see how the Wall and Big Vito were turned down at the recent WWF tapings. Why did this happen? For Vito, I've heard many reports that he's somewhat hard to get along with backstage. I can't confirm that. What I do know is that during the last months of WCW, he was a decent star and he always gave a consistant effort to provide something to watch. I'm sure, though, that the WWF just laughed when they saw the Wall walk into the arena. The WWF had several talks with the Wall when the WCW contracts were being bought up, and they decided that he wouldn't be worth it. Ouch. I wish they would have picked him up, that way I can continually say "GET IT?!? A..... WALL", which was sparked by good ol' Tony Shiavone's commentary when he joined the Misfits in Action. God, I miss that.

Ya get it? A Wall? Get it? A Wall?


You know what just amazes me? How much Shockwave the WWF tries to place in their ads of their design on WWF.com. It's funny that they allow that, because the majority of the internet still rely on modems for their internet connection, and by having Flash on your site, it alienates many potential clickers for those very ads. Yahoo! has recently started to do the same, which in due time, will prove to be disasterous for them as well. Hell, Flash can even be a bitch for high-speed connections to deal with, so why use such a flawed technology on a webpage? It's so stupid. Webpages should know that they'll get more users if their websites are fast and accessible to deal with. End of digression.

Tonight, on Smackdown, the WWF will resort to making this blockbuster match: Kurt Angle/Steve Austin versus Kane/Undertaker. Here, we'll see the Undertaker sell for Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle will take the majority of the punishment to make this match look decent. Does anybody else see anything wrong with this situation? Kane and the Undertaker are two slow individuals, while the other team has a very experienced wrestler and champion, Steve Austin, and one of the most lethal individuals in the WWF, Kurt Angle. But yet they must continue to make Kane and the Undertaker look great, week in and week out.

Since Rock is the new WCW champion, oddly 3 weeks after losing it, the Alliance has booked him against Booker T. Hey.... that works for me. Look for one of two things to occur, and I'm not looking at the spoilers. One, the Rock will beat him with a clean win. Two, Jericho will help Booker T win what is a worthless title now. Of course, Jericho could try to hit the Rock and miss to help the Rock win. I hope that this match is better than the previous 3 wrestled by Rock and Booker T.

Other matches.... the Dudley Boyz will be defending their worthless WCW Tag Titles against the Acolytes. Have these teams ever fought before? Are the WCW titles even worth anything now, especially when they were used as something to wrap around the Undertaker's neck? I wouldn't doubt that the Acolytes win it here, since the WWF writers feel that non-stop title changes are the way to go right now, especially when they no angles or storylines behind them.

Also on the card, we'll see Test vs. Matt Hardy. This could be a decent match, but I have a feeling that Test will mow over Hardy in the end. That's all fine and dandy, especially when you remember that Test hardly gets any crowd reaction, despite the many times that Heyman, Cole, Tazz, or Jim Ross shove it down your throat that Test has become more intense since joining the Alliance. Oh sure....

But hey.... I'm confident in my Theorem. We'll see tonight if it's proven wrong...

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@That's all for today. I hope to be entertained, tonight (or tomorrow morning) by Smackdown. I sort of have a RAW taste in my mouth from seeing Monday Night wrestling. Until the next episode, just chill....

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