Welcome back to the returning Phat Daily Column. Yes, I wasn't here yesterday, as I went home for the night to vote the next morning on Tuesday. I spent most of Tuesday catching up on the shows, so I'm prepared to fire away on Nitro and RAW. Oh, by the way, this is NOT the Political Discussion Column, so don't expect me to "shoot" on a candidate. I'm sure if you really want to know how I feel, I'm sure you could easily find out somewhere.... but that's not about wrestling!!!

Well, sort of speaking of election night....I spent it watching LOTS of wrestling. While everyone was probably stressing on how close the race was, I was relaxing watching both RAW and Nitro, as well as WWF Badd Blood and WWF Mind Games Pay Per Views from the past. I made it a point when I voted early Tuesday morning to NOT watch the election coverage, nor would I talk about it to anyone...which I did! Instead of watching the slow coverage, I was watching Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind, or Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker in the first Hell in the Cell match!

Add to that I got a good night's sleep out of the deal, and my evening was way better than stressing over election coverage. Now how about that? By the way, I'm sure many of you caught WWF Badd Blood with HBK vs. Undertaker, but you MUST catch Mind Games for one of the best matches ever! It pits Mankind against Shawn Michaels in one of the most underrated matches ever! These two guys KILLED each other, and the end result is rather interesting. After both Mankind and Shawn went through the table, you can see Vince McMahon stepping down from the commentary booth to give both Michaels and Mankind new instructions. What were those instructions? Vince just changed the booking, just before the match ended!!! Originally, Mankind was supposed to win the World Title from Shawn Michaels, but then Vince decided, near at the end of the match, to change that decision, thus is the reason why it was a DQ finish. Rather interesting, eh?

History might be rather odd if Mankind were to win the title then, and who knows what the rippling effects would be? Maybe Mankind could have been the biggest heel in the business with the World Title? You never know. Anyway, if you happen to see that in your local rental store, pick it up! Don't even hesitate. Of course, if you don't see it anywhere, I suggest you buy it. :)

By the way, out of around 276,103,724 Americans, these candidates were our best ones to run the country? OOOOPS! I mean, I sort of predicted history with this close race, as I had both Gore and Bush "knocked out" in my parody I made the other day. To check that out, Click Here. Well, I've gone off on a rant already, so let's save some energy when discussing the WWF.....I mean wrestling. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis and Grades


First Hour: 3.0
Second Hour: 2.1
Composite: 2.55

I thought Nitro was a pretty decent show, except for the Battledome guys showing up. They had some well rounded matches, and having Kevin Nash getting screwed out of the title made me laugh! I still don't understand this Battledome stuff, as maybe about 0.1 of the WCW ratings know about Battledome, or actually choose to watch that crap. It's NOT the kind of crossover that I want to see, as the one I want to see won't be happening now (WWF deal). That's not the point.. I'm giving this show a solid B for this week. Just a good average show for WCW, with nothing exactly standing out. It's very nice to see DDP back too!


First Hour: 5.1
Second Hour: 5.1
Composite: 5.1

***Laughs like Tazz*** Despite all that the WWF tried, a 5.1 is all they could generate? Oh God. They tried to bring back Vince McMahon, who gave some lame speeches in that damn opening interview. By the way, the opening interview is the lowest rated segment, so go figure who cares about seeing people "talk". I bet if you put in a hot opener(without Chyna) to start off a show, ratings will go through the roof. See, casual fans are getting very tired of seeing the same format every week. Duh!!

As for the rest of the show.... What a booking joke!!! Who on earth tried to use logic when booking this garbage? Look... they reformed DX. Why the hell would you recycle that angle one more time? It obviously didn't do much when you tried to reunite everyone the second time around, and let's not forget that DX brutally attacked Billy Gunn to kick him out. Oh no, let's forget that! How damn stupid can you get WWF?

EVEN WORSE. Look what the hell they did with Triple H. They overbooked his ass Monday Night, making him involved in a bunch of feuds at once. He's feuding with the Radicals, Kurt Angle, and now the Rock and Stone Cold? Not to mention that he was the one who "instructed" Rikishi to hit Stone Cold. Did they even know each other back then? Better yet, we now get the stupid heel Triple H, the one who attacks people with sledgehammers! FINGER OF SHAME for booking such slop. Sure, I want Triple H as the top heel, but not in the ignorant way they did it.

Then the WWF screws over Kurt Angle, again, by having Stone Cold stunner him again! How many times must we SHIT on Angle as the World Champ? FINGER OF SHAME for this ignorance, as it seems like Vince Russo is back in the WWF, making the World Champ weak to ignorant booking. Stupid, stupid, stupid....

To make it even worse, DOUBLE FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for making the RTC the new Tag Team champions. I guess it's the WWF's way of giving Bull Buchanan and Goodfather each a title, so that they don't in the future? Oh God, I hope so. I still can't believe that garbage and lack of confidence in the Hardy Boyz, not to mention Vince McMahon's obsession with the PTC, the group he relates to with the RTC. Why don't you just fuel the fire? This show gets an F for the very ignorant booking, although the action of this night is enough to carry the grade to a B+. 4 fingers of shame can't go wrong....

WWF-WCW deal not going through?

You might as well enjoy WCW's last days as a promotion, because the end is very near right now. The money losses are enough to scare away any potential buyers(except for stupid Bischoff), so it's very likely now that when the AOL-Time Warner merger finally gets through, WCW will be put out for good. Sooo....that means the WWF will have the WCW wrestlers anyway, with Time Warner still at a loss of money.

It's such a bonehead decision to not have the WWF buy WCW, because WCW can't survive now. WCW is past the point of being saved, as weak attendance, merchandise, and weak ratings/buyrates are enough for this federation to close for good. It's going to happen, since the only savior, the WWF, won't be able to buy it.

It's my belief that Viacom cracked the whip on the WWF about this deal, and not just the stupid demands of Time Warner if the WWF were to buy WCW. I'm sure those were involved in some strange way, but not strong enough to make the WWF completely stop the negotiations. It's truly sad, as the dreams of a Wrestling Superbowl have now ended.

WCW Women Special on E!

I caught a good part of it, and I found a few oddball things here. For one, Paisley seems to be a very smart individual, who happens to have some math and engineering degrees. Gee, you wouldn't guess that from the idiots that she's always managing. Madusa acknowledged that Paisley "had the knack" or the natual ability to be a good lady's wrestler.

They also discussed how ALL of the WCW women must train to be a wrestler. You see, this is very stupid. These women are VALETS, as they were all once models, dancers, or whatever else. They are NOT wrestlers. WCW forced ALL of them to become wrestlers, and they fired anyone who didn't agree to this. Remember the other valet Scott Steiner had? Shikira(sp?)?

It was a good documentary though, and it's a keeper the next time it comes on television.

@That's all for today. Sorry for not being here yesterday, as it would have been very hard to write without seeing the shows. Enjoy the rest of your day, and keep an eye on the news for any late breaking Florida voting news.

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