Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. We have Monday Night Shows to get pumped for tonight, as we'll see if WCW can continue their crusade to get ratings. Also, the WWF will have to keep stepping it up on Monday Nights in order for WCW to stay where they are in ratings no matter what kind of show they put on. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-On Nitro tonight, you will see the World Title tournament continue with many interesting matches. First off, you have Lash Laroux vs. Scott Hall, which is pretty obvious that Hall will win that one. Next up, you have the Perry Saturn vs. Bret Hart which could end up a classic as long as Russo doesn't make it 5 minutes like the rest of his booked matches. Norman Smiley vs. Billy Kidman will only go in Norman's favor if that match is somehow turned into a Hardcore match, and Kidman has to knock himself out. Meng vs. Sting should be a battle, but I see Sting putting over Bret in the future in the tournament. Look for Luger's involvement in that match somehow. Then, you have Chris Benoit vs. Madusa, and I don't think she'll get the royal treatment like last week. Buff vs. Vampiro is a re-match from a few Nitros ago, and these two work pretty well together. Vampiro was in dispute of his contract, so the booking team then made him lose the match. Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett should be a interesting match, as any Jarrett segment anymore gets attention. Hennig will probably get beat by Jarrett via interference by Russo's henchmen. Should be a good night of wrestling!

-I don't know about you, but I'm impressed with WCW.com lately. Yes, I made a whole column one day devoted to bashing WCW.com, and that was because it was horrible! Their features were never updated, and the only real reason to go there was to listen to WCW Live. Now, all of the features are actually updated, and they have put up a better design on the main options part as well. Bill Banks, who was one of the WWF employees that WCW took, has been working well with WCW.com. However, they are still lacking in the news department, and that can be easily fixed if you know what I mean(certain person). I guess all it took was some WWF employees to make that page much better.


-Tonight, you can expect a few goodies from the WWF in order to fend off that charging WCW. As Kirk Huffman reported earlier, Debra is expected to be at Raw tonight! What her role will be, and who she'll side with is another story. You can expect more of the same with the Rock/Triple H/Stone Cold. You could say that they could fight a tag team match, or just do the usual repetitive interviews all night. I wonder if we'll see Shane McMahon fight again! He's becoming the most entertaining to watch nowadays. Also, expect a rebuttal from the WWF about Kevin Nash imitating Vince. A DX skit would be so fitting.

-Reports keep coming in about the Rock and Stone Cold personally hating each other. And when one says something about the other, like the Rock's tie a rattlesnake in a knot comment, the other whines about it. Do they actually hate each other though? No. It's just competition for the top man in the WWF. Stone Cold has been on top of the WWF for years now, and the Rock seems to be the top man now. Stone Cold has a problem with anyone stealing his thunder, so it seems likely that he'll do anything to stop it. Kinda reminds you of another former WWF superstar who was on top, eh?


-Hey, I went 5-0 on my ECW predictions yesterday for November to Remember, and I don't know as much as others on ECW. That's odd because I've been getting crushed on my WWF and WCW pay per views lately. But anyway, I've already had some mixed reviews of the pay per view. Some loved it, and some say that their equivalent of a Wrestlemaina for ECW wasn't what they hoped for. Rob Van Dam gets the much deserved win over Taz, as RVD has always came up short against Taz in the past. I wonder who Taz will job to next? Mike Awesome keeps his world title for now, as I really hope someone like a Sabu or Van Dam goes after him. Raven hit the Sandman with the cane to allow Credible to pin him in the 6 man tag match. I heard Sandman's deal was short term, so will we see him back? I'd think so.

@That's all for today's PDC as all of the news is centering around tonight's shows. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night Impressions, so just chill...till the next episode!

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