Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Lots of wrestling stuff out there today, as we have ECW's November to Remember tonight along with many internet rumors floating around. Let me see what I can do that, on to the PDC.


-Wow! Many articles surfacing thoughout the net are saying that the WWF has completely turned UPN around! That's right, they say that their viewership is up 40%, and that they are mostly giving the credit to the WWF for it. It said that just about all of the UPN shows are reaching their highest ratings ever, and that many shows who lacked ratings before, are getting decent numbers now. Not a bad deal at all, as I really hope my cable company, now AT & T sees this progress, and gets me UPN! I have two WBs for Christ's sake, please replace one of those!

-I just can't stand the Big Show angle anymore, and how the WWF is really playing it out. Big Show's father passed away years ago, but yet WWF.com is milking the angle as part of their news! Yeah, that's real nice WWF.com, as you get mad when other reporters or columnists spread false news. This whole cancer angle is nothing but a way for the WWF to get cheap heat, and it already has gone too far. Just drop it like a hummer angle!

-Oh boy, repetition is in the air! According to Slam! Wrestling, it seems that there is a good possibility that the Rock and Stone Cold will be the main event of Wrestlemania 2000. Ack! That would be two wrestlemanias in a row for these two, but who could blame the WWF? When those two get louder pops than anybody in wrestling, it seems very obvious to do so. Many rumors were flying that it would be Big Show vs. Austin in the main event, but Big Show just isn't getting over like the WWF wanted him to be. Of course, sticking him in this worthless cancer angle really doesn't help that cause.


-Many are wondering when Ric Flair will return? Well, right now, he's just a little angered at the business. I suppose he's mad at how WCW has dumped some tradition and are now completely believers in Russo's system. Of course, the old WCW was pulling 2.5s everyweek, when they are now at least guaranteed 3s with Russo. With the new creative team, everyone in WCW is much more happier to be there now, as opposed to when Bischoff was ruling the lands. Flair would have stayed away if it weren't for Bischoff getting demoted. Now that Bischoff is gone, Flair, from what I hear, wants some power backstage. With the new creative team, that is very hard for Flair to get now. It seems that the creative team has all of the power backstage, and they decide who does what on WCW television shows. Flair, apparently, was upset at how he was involved with the Filthy Animals, who in my mind, really made Flair look bad. Is Flair gone from WCW for good? Nah, I'm sure he'll come back one day when the creative team needs a spark on their show...kinda like how they used HBK in the WWF.

-Look for some more WCW programming to come on Turner television networks real soon. No, I don't mean another wrestling show, as in another show for bookers to work on, no, I mean two off the wall shows. One, which will probably be on the new Turner South channel coming out, will feature oldschool WCW matches, which would be in my mind, a very entertaining show. The other idea, would be for Hall and Nash to host a wrestling show. It would be a wrestling themed show, if it happened, and it would feature guests, skits, and other strange goodies that I believe that Hall and Nash would come up with. Of course, that show for now is just a rumor floating around, but that's one show I'd love to see! (credit for news: Mike Samuda)


Alright, as you all know, I don't see as much of ECW as everyone else does. I do know about most of the wrestlers in the federation, and I've seen them all wrestle at some time in their career. So bear with me on these November to Remember predictions:

=Sandman, Raven and Dreamer vs. Lance Storm, Justin Credible, and Rhino. I predict that the team of Raven, Dreamer, and Sandman will work well at first, but then they will self destruct due to Raven. Impact Players will take advantage of this, and win to keep this feud going. Winners: Impact Players and Rhino.

=Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka. Could these two fight anymore please? Could Mike Awesome fight somebody else at a pay per view instead of the same guy over and over again? Why is it that Mike Awesome hasn't had any challenges from the top contenders of ECW? Oh well, he's going to squash Tanaka this time around just because Tanaka didn't sign a guaranteed contract with ECW. Winner: Mike Awesome!

=Rob Van Dam vs. Taz. RVD will finally get a win over Taz, but it will only come due to Taz's departure to the WWF. It seems that this is the only reason that RVD gets to fight Taz because of his leaving. It kept getting delayed and delayed when Taz was still with ECW, but now they finally let it happen when he signs with the WWF. Go figure. Winner: Rob Van Dam.

=Sabu vs. Chris Candido. Sabu isn't jobbing a back to back pay per view..that's the last thing ECW wants to do. I imagine something will happen with Tammy or Impact Players will interfere..something. Winner: Sabu.

=Jerry Lynn vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy. I expect Jerry Lynn to win this match just because ECW probably wants to keep his New F'N show, or whatever, gimmick. Expect this one to have some killer moves. Winner: Jerry Lynn.

I'm referring to ECWwrestling.com for the card, so if I forgot a match, sorry.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night previews and other goodies known to make up the PDC. So chill till the next episode!!

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Take Care, and Enjoy November to Remember!

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