Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. As tradition states, we'll take a look back on RAW, and see how well the WWF is building their product towards Survivor Series. I'm not going to say anything now, but this could get ugly.

Yesterday afternoon, I officially finished reading Foley is Good. With that being said, you'll see my FULL review in tomorrow's Phat Daily Column. Yeah, it's about damn time, but writing wrestling columns isn't exactly what I do for a living, nor is it what I spend all of my time doing.

And speaking of books, I'm a few chapters into Kurt Angle's book. I'm hoping to get that badboy in before Finals start next Wednesday. If not, look for that one to be finished around Thanksgiving, where I'll start a vacation from school until early January (thank God!).

And speaking of that time off, I have started the "special project" that I hyped a few columns ago for LoP. Once I have more time without school to worry about, I'll start busting my ass to have it ready, hopefully by Christmas time. It should be pretty good, at least that was the impression I received by the few people who saw my work in its early stages.

Let's get onto the "Meat and Potatoes" of this column...


Wow, imagine that. Vince McMahon starts off the show with a lame interview. Instead of running an angle to build up the Main Event between Rock and Jericho, Vince must stroke his pathetic ego. Even worse, he tries to add some stupid hype to the Survivor Series by announcing that Steve Austin will turn on the Alliance and come back to the WWF. This prompts Austin to run down and give the Stunner to Vince to ABSOLUTELY NO CROWD POP. Yeah, Vince, this is 2001, not 1998, you dumbass. Since both Austin and Vince's storylines have been so screwed up since 1998, it's confusing for the fans to find a way to care about a "big Vince McMahon Stunner", like we witnessed. What a bad segment and a half.

To make this show even worse, our first match was Lita vs. Ivory. The Women's division sucks, ok? That's NOT a sexist remark, by the way, since none of their matches are providing an extra spark for the show, much like Sable actually did in 1998. Yeah, I gave poor Rena some credit, for once in the PDC. But anyway, poor match between Ivory and Lita, with Ivory doing most of the bumping for the weird offense that Lita tries everyweek. By the way, I'm surprised that none of the socialistic groups, like the PTC (Parents Television Council) has made a comment about Ivory's outfit, since you can see part of her ass through a hole... unless I missed it from their ignorant propaganda.

Oh boy... Since Edge vs. Test was such a good feud, anyway, it must be rushed on television this quick instead of the Pay Per View (sarcasm). Test won the somewhat boring match, and became the NEW Intercontinental Champ. Wow, I don't really care. The IC belt lost credibility a long time ago, and the recent many title changes doesn't quite captivate my imagination anymore. And besides, what can Test bring to the Intercontinental title that he hasn't brought to other worthless title reigns? Absolutely nothing. I'm sure we'll hear it, non stop, about how Test has been sooooo great with the Alliance, since he has two title belts now. God, who the hell writes RAW anymore?

I take it that the WWF writers have FINALLY decided that making an alter-ego for the Hurricane could be something good to work with. However, they missed the boat, a few months ago, when they could have done this with the Hurricane from the start. To build up a match in a halfassed way, Gregory Helms, the alter-ego of the Hurricane, asked Christian some cheap questions to attempt to build up the match.

And speaking of Christian vs. Hurricane...... Christian came out in an Arizona Diamondbacks shirt, and ripped the New York crowd to shreds, giving him the most heat of the night. Best moment on the show, by far! Christian vs. Hurricane didn't matter to the crowd, though, as they were caught up in a "Let's Go Yankees" and "Yankees Suck" chant war. When the crowd feels the need to find something to chant for, other than wrestling, then you know that this match was poorly booked.

Our next match was Kurt Angle vs. the Undertaker. Angle bumped around, big time, for the Undertaker, who didn't quite react to any moves like Kane did on Smackdown. Why of course, because Kane knows that this is a wrestling business, and the Undertaker is only out for his own self. Hell, Undertaker couldn't even do the job for Angle, as we had to do a DQ run-in. Geesh! Is it really that hard to lose to someone, instead of resorting to ways to avoid the jobs?

Oh baby! An intergender six man match! Even better, it was a Tables match, too! Have we ever seen these types of matches before, and together?!?!?! The APA/Jackie beat Stacy Keibler/Dudleys in such a lame, yet quick match. I'm convinced that the WWF writers are completely burnt out of ideas for the undercard. Totally convinced. Then again, the midcard guys can't look good with the McMahons, Austins, Undertakers, etc. hogging up the television time.

In the match that COULD HAVE been good.... Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T turned out to be a complete joke. Not because of the wrestlers, but again, because of the lousy writing. The short match came to an end when Tajiri came out to attack William Regal, who was doing commentary. Eventually, Booker T took out Tajiri, and then Tajiri's partner, the Big Sloth came down and took out both RVD and Booker T for a double DQ or No Contest finish. What an absolutely joke. WWF is falling to pieces.....

Our Main Event was Chris Jericho versus The Rock. The match, overall, was decent, but it seemed obvious that both wrestlers were tired from their trip to England from Rebellion. How can you rely on two guys to put up a blockbuster match with jetlag? To make matters worse, we witnessed a horrible ending to this match, which only hurts the Rock vs. Jericho feud. The Rock got his blow-off clean victory over Jericho, as Rock won with an unexpected roll up win. And to "get Jericho's heat back", Chris Jericho drilled the Rock with the WCW title and a chair afterwards. What garbage.

RAW Phat Stats
Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: It looks as though the WWF is experimenting with some of the most insane ideas on RAW, and they learn of their mistakes by producing good Smackdowns. I really disliked this show, for all of the reasons I listed above. We'll go


(D minus) for this show, since this week's edition of RAW sucked a little more than last week's. Plus, this grade gives the WWF a 4 week average of a 'D' for RAW. But those are just my grades...

However, after witnessing the questionable writing for this show, I'm very convinced of something: after Wrestlemania 18 is said and done, the WWF will go downhill. The HUGE Toronto Wrestlemania will be the last pinacle for the 1998 and beyond WWF Dynasty, just as it was in 1990. Hey, the WWF held a Wrestlemania in Toronto that year, in the same exact building. Wow. Isn't this just amazing?!?

And you know what I'm begging for? The return of Triple H. Yeah, he's going to hog a lot of television time for "sports entertainment", but I'd rather see him than Austin or Vince McMahon doing that sort of thing. Plus, Triple H is at least entertaining every time he's in the ring, and since he has power of suggestion over his character, he has storylines surrounding all of his matches.

But damn.... somebody call an ambulance to help this very sick show called RAW.

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@I'm sure many will call me negative, although they haven't really read my Smackdown reviews lately, which have been quite positive. Anyway, I'll be back, tomorrow, to feed everyone some apples and to finally review Mick Foley's second book. Until then, why not chill....

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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