Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope you've enjoyed your week, and it's time to keep the PDC going on the weekend..something that others just don't do. Anyway, ECW happened on TNN last night, and I have them lean, mean, buffed, and jacked!!! for everyone to read. So anyway, on to the PDC.


-The WWF pulled a 4.8 this week, as they continue their good ratings on network television. I'm wondering what they could do to jump that number significantly. Of course, they can't work too hard since they have some rough competition on Monday Nights again. WWF has to show everyone that they won't crack under pressure from WCW, and that they can handle two prime time shows a week. But anyway, I wonder what they could do to jump the ratings a little bit. They stack the shows with some great wrestling action, but the network ratings don't jump... If anyone knows a lot about the Cable ratings vs. Network ratings, e-mail me about it. I'm wondering if the Cable ratings are twice as much as the Network.

-Good lord, the WWF Volume 4 cd has already gone platinum! That's very good news for the WWF, as they will definately have some kind of impact on the Billboard charts. WWF Volume 4 had some rough competition as they had artists like the Foo Fighters and Maria Carey also debuting cds that day as well. So that's pretty good. As for my Grade for the cd Tuesday. I feel that the Volume 4 cd has one great theme (Jericho) and the others are just ok. I don't know about you, but the Triple H theme doesn't impact as much as it does in an arena. Overall, however, it's pretty good.

-If you haven't been to WWFdivas.com lately, it has a pretty cool feature about Chyna on Pacific Blue. She looks to be dressed as herself, and she seems to be a threat to the whole police force! It's worth checking out, as Chyna seems to have done a good job there.

-Jim Ross had a few interesting tidbits on his Report this week, like how the WWF has signed some interesting talent to developmental contracts, so you would only assume many WCW wrestlers who were just released. Also, he noted to pay attention to the Kurt Angle previews, as I guess there will be a hidden message in them. Looks like Mr. Angle won't be the nice athelete that many thought he'd come in as. And finally, Survivor Series is already sold out at Joe Louis arena, so the WWF is still hot!


-Hey, Thunder recieved a 2.4 this week. That's pretty good for Thunder, as it shows that the interest is growing in WCW again. I didn't think Thunder was any good, as it lacked the roster of talent that Nitro has. I just want to know how they book those shows, because there has been a few shows with some odd tag team action. I guess you have to do something with the talent limitations.

-Ryder said that Norman Smiley recieved several stitches after his hardcore match last Monday vs. Barbarian and Meng. I just hope that Norman just takes this with a grain of salt, and shakes it off. Apparently, his catchers outfit wasn't enough. Well, I just bet that Norman is happy with his role. He seems to be really getting over with the crowd by struggling in the hardcore matches. Hopefully, one day, he'll win a hardcore match without having the other wrestler(s) knock themself out.

-Slam! Wrestling is suggesting that Sid just might turn face real soon to somehow join Goldberg to wrestle the Outsiders. I don't know, but just remember how great Sid was as a face in the WWF. He won 2 world titles, with both decent title runs, and the crowd was fully behind him! It does seem reasonable, but I don't know how they could mend broken fences with Goldberg and Sid. Oh well, whatever works I guess.


Good thing they showed highlights of the ECW return of the Sandman at the ECW Arena this week. I'd like to see him re-kindle his feud with Raven, because that was one of the most violent feuds that I've ever seen! Hopefully, Sandman isn't just there for a short time.

Since when did the Baldies become a force? They just come in last week, and everyone was like "who cares?" This week, they are attacking everybody and talking trash on everyone as well. I've never seen anyone take a staple gun to the head before. Wouldn't that do some permanent damage?

Great three way as three of the smallest wrestler, Super Crazy, Little Guido, and Spike Dudley did battle. Little Guido beat some major ass this week as I've never seen him do that before. That wierd powerbomb that Crazy did on Spike off the ropes was unbelieveable!! Nice to see that big FBI member get the Acid Drop on the table outside.

The Pulp Fiction promo was the most boring one of those that I've ever seen. It had wrestlers in it that I could care less about. That segment shouldn't have been needed as they had a whole bunch of matches left to cover from the ECW Arena and the recent TNN taping. That's a waste of time, but I guess they had to hype the pay per view somehow.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 2
Clean Wins: 1
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: I don't expect this show to get any higher in the ratings this week, as it was missing the spotlight on the main eventers for this show. Lots of lower midcard action happening tonight, and way too much pay per view and upcoming event hype. This show recieves a Tito grade of a


and it would have been lower if it weren't for the very entertaining 3 way dance. I expect the ratings to stay the same this week with a 0.8 rating.

@That's it for today. Thank you very much for reading today, and I'll try to be back with some lovely November to Remember predictions. So until then, just chill....till the next episode.

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