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Welcome to the column that fully utilizes the internet as a protection device for expressing opinions, the Phat Daily Column! Today, it's time to hype RAW, and unlike last week, we have an actual wrestling match between two actual wrestlers to look forward to. Thank the heavens!

Book news!!! I am just 30 pages away from finishing the Foley is Good, the second book or biography wrote by Mick Foley. The journey is almost complete!! I'm am confident enough to say that I'll have a full review, of this very book, in the Wednesday edition of the PDC. That's right, and I'm sorry for the long delay. Blame school, work, and the rest of my life outside the 1 hour I spend as Mr. Tito, everyday.

Oh no, I missed Mtv Heat last night. Oh boo hoo. Looking at Turtle2Hug's INCREDIBLE report, I've noticed that Heat is back to its old ways, with a lack of a decent main event on the show and a filler match undercard. Oh boy. It just appears as though that the WWF has a long roster of guys who they don't even use for Heat, while instead, you could see them cheering in Austin's locker room or sitting around for a WWF pep rally against the Alliance.

But what I didn't miss was the Arizona Diamondbacks winning the World Series. Yeah baby!!! Nice of them to beat the monopolistic Yankees, who have basically bought every World Series since 1998, and they even won it in 1996. The Diamondbacks fought hard through the season, early rounds of the playoffs, and now the World Series. They are a very deserving team.

Don't worry, though. Despite the hype that the Yankees are going to lose several "key pieces of talent", they are most likely going to restock their team with more free agents. You know, like the guy who happened to have a seat for Game 1 of the World Series, Mr. Barry Bonds. Boy, will that ever be a crime. I'm sure they'll restock their team with whatever parts they need to win many more World Series in a row, or just to appear at the World Series again. They can keep doing this, while 2 teams, most likely the Twins and Expos, must liquidate their teams because of money problems. Does anybody else see a problem with this, whatsoever?!? Hell, the Twins were nearly a playoff team, and they are going to get torn apart.

But enough about baseball, which is easily the most screwed up scenario in sports, since you can easily buy a championship. Hockey is slowly getting to that level. However, if we take a good look at the NFL, you'll note that NO football team has ever won 3 Superbowls in a row. Coincidence? I think not. Their salary caps and revenue sharing makes every team profitable. The NFL won't be liquidating any teams, anytime soon.

Before I sound like I'm on ESPN's Sports Reporters, on to the PDC!


Tonight, it's Chris Jericho vs. the Rock, in what is guaranteed to deliver as a Main Event. However, it is NOT guaranteed to be a main event, though, even though it's for a big title. You never know what could happen with the McMahons, as Shane might want to face someone in the main, instead of placing Rock vs. Jericho there. It's the WWF, as anything with the McMahons can happen! No confidence in the wrestlers!

But Rock vs. Jericho SHOULD be the main event. And like Vince vs. Shane, it SHOULD be hyped from the beginning to make sure the fans know about what will be the main event. However, since Rock and Jericho aren't McMahons, their match won't receive the hype as Vince vs. Shane did, last week, despite being a really horrible "Street Fight" or whatever they tried to call it. Give Jericho and the Rock 20 long minutes to develop a Pay Per View like match, because why? Because they can. Their match at No Mercy was the best match on the card, period.

And with their match, I'll suggest a scenario, like I did during Smackdown review. Why not have the Alliance members hint that either the Rock or Jericho has joined the Alliance, since neither guy can purposely get along with the other. With that being said, I'd suggest that the Alliance aim to make Jericho appear like he's turning on the WWF. How? Well, if you are going to eventually have Steve Austin vs. the Rock at a future American Pay Per View, then why not plant the seeds now?

After an incredible match between Jericho and the Rock, why not have Stone Cold Steve Austin run down and give the Rock a Stunner to either disqualify the Rock or to help Jericho win. Helping Jericho win would be the best answer to the solution, which would one day set up another hot match between Rock and Jericho, and it would lay the foundation for an eventual and unfortunate Rock vs. Austin match, which will most likely headline the Royal Rumble now. How about that?!?

This odd turn of events could be played up as the "downfall of the WWF" to the Alliance, making the Alliance's actual win at Survivor Series believeable. The way the New World Order became huge, and I'm not making any comparisons to the Alliance, here, was to make its counterpart, WCW, look extremely weak by their various attacks or ways of unity. If you remember correctly, none of the WCW wrestlers were unified to fight against the NWO, as Sting parted ways, the Horsemen still feuded with WCW wrestlers, which left DDP as the lone man to fight against the NWO cause, eventually.

However, I do fear the worst for the Survivor Series outcome for this year. Why? Survivor Series is the event that built the EVIL Vince McMahon, as I discussed in the Weekend Column. Throughout the years, like in 1998 and 1999, Vince McMahon played a part in screwing other wrestlers. With that being said, it's rumored that Vince COULD in fact turn on the WWF and unfortunately join the Alliance. This would be the most ridiculous thing in the history of professional wrestling, especially the WWF. The credibility of it would be just totally stupid and mindless for any owner of a wrestling promotion to do.

And if this happens, I'll have to reconsider why the hell I'm a wrestling fan right now. A Vince McMahon heel turn would NOT make any logical sense, whatsoever, especially since Vince made his WWF out to be a bigger promotion than any of the WCW or ECW parts. He jobbed out the big name WCW stars and ignored a lot of the ECW stars. Then, he shifted WWF stars to the Alliance because he had no confidence in stars, such as Booker T or Diamond Dallas Page. If he joins the Alliance, he's hoping for yet another Vince McMahon versus the WWF top faces, again, which would pit us watching Vince going after the Rock. Whatever.

I'm sure there will be several dumbasses who will get off on seeing Vince McMahon joining the Alliance, IF IT HAPPENS, but not I, and probably a decent percentage of the remaining loyal fanbase, too.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, with a FULL RAW review for everyone to hopefully enjoy or at least get shocked by. So until then, just chill till the next episode!

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