Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope everybody enjoyed their Thursday shows, as we'll see later how they both did in the ratings. WCW would put on way better shows if it weren't for those darn "no wrestling Thunder" guarantees. That there shows you some of the stuff the new WCW management is trying to clean up. Well, anyway, on to the PDC.


-Another one bites the dust! As Calvin Martin first reported yesterday, Terry Taylor has left the WWF to join WCW. Taylor has always had a problem with that one year clause that was offered during the short WCW talent raid, and overall, he just couldn't work out a deal to stay in the WWF. Oh well, he's well known for his conservative booking, when in this day in age, it doesn't get the job done. All I can say is kiss that well-hoped-for Lightweight division goodbye, because it has No Chance In Hell of forming again now. I imagine Taylor will probably do some light booking work, and probably work with talent relations again. At least now, the WWF knows who is on their side now since everyone there has the one year clause. So don't expect another WCW talent raid soon...but of course, there's that other federation that WCW could raid again........

-Wow, Mick Foley and Al Snow are the World Tag Team champions! Very impressive I might add, as Mick has a long list of wrestlers now that he's held the tag titles with, and this is a good belt for Al Snow because he hasn't got much recognition except for that covetted Hardcore title. This is a very good opportunity for Al Snow to get over more as a partner of Mankind. I expect, however, for them to drop the straps quickly since the WWF is loaded with awesome tag teams.

-I'm hoping that D'Lo injury from last night was a work, and not quick thinking to finish a match. If it is a work, it's just another ignorant testament of that garbage. I'm getting tired of seeing all of these injury works everywhere. I hope the WWF and WCW know that some fans actually really care for their wrestlers, and they are sad when their favorite gets injured...or at least it seems like it. So stop those injury works!

-Oh man, I've loving how Stevie Richards is involved with the WWF. Last night, he Steviekicked Jericho, while dressed as a cheerleader, to help Jericho lose his match against the Godfather. Stevie's getting pretty good pops for his efforts lately, and the WWF is recognizing that. For those who mark-out for Stevie, like myself, just sit back and enjoy the ride. He's slowly but surely growing into a WWF superstar.

-Ack!!! Nothing like missing an exciting 4 on 4 elimination match! You have Shane McMahon, Stone Cold, the Rock, and Kane vs. DX. Can any match get any better than this? Well, anyway, Triple H won the thing, as McMahon botched it all up again, as he hit Steve Austin with the title on accident for Triple H to pin him. Wait a sec? Steve Austin let Triple H pin him?!? Oh my! Of course, this was a 4 on 4 event, and it had an obvious screwjob at the end, so I don't expect that to happen in a singles match.

-I've seen that lovely article about how Coca Cola chose WCW over the WWF. Well, considering that WCW already has a good relationship with Surge, who is a part of Coke, it seems reasonable. Besides WWF, why are you stressing about this? Coke SUCKS! Try to get a deal with its rival, Pepsi. It would work great because Pepsi is what everyone drinks, and not forced to drink everywhere they go like Coke.(ex. about all fastfoods, Stadiums, you name it) Ha!

-Damn!! Lucas said on his report yesterday that the WWF Volume 4 cd would probably enter the Billboard top 10, and it just might hit #5 on the charts! I guess the Billboard charts haven't been updated online yet, as I don't see the WWF anywhere yet. To check to top 200 albums on Billboard, click Here.


-According to Kirk Huffman, Dusty Rhodes has quit WCW. I'm sure Russo and Ferarra toasted to that, as that's one of the members of the old, and horrible booking committee they don't have to worry about. I guess he got in hot water when he didn't want to be involved with Dustin's new character. That probably happened because they are just becoming good friends again, and Dustin didn't want to get over due to his father helping him. That's a main reason that Dustin left to go to the WWF then, was to get out of his father's shadow. He doesn't want that again, and Dusty respected that, and now Dusty has quit WCW.

-Not much happened on Chunder last night, as of course from what I keep repeating, the show lacked many of their best talent. The main event match was ok, with Sid and Saturn vs. Steiner and Benoit, but other than that, this show wan't too impressive. Of course, "the powers that be" don't have the luxury of using many stars because of those F'N guarantees in their contracts. I also love how La Parka said he looks what he looks like because of seeing Skeletor as a kid on television on "Masters of the Universe" or He-Man like everyone called it. God, I miss that show.

-Oh darn, Sonny Ono was released from WCW. No big loss there, as he didn't really do much but smile and ride the "heat" wave that his wrestlers were on. The only way he would get over, was if his wrestler was over. The Cat was doing most of his antics on his own, and Ono were there laughing with him. Now, the Cat is better with his many women to the ring, and not a weasel like Ono.


-Ok, tonight at 8 pm on TNN, we have ECW. Last week, if you didn't notice, I kept refraining from mentioning that the Sandman was in ECW again. I only did that for those expecting a surprise when watching the loaded Hardcore show. This week, I imagine that ECW could show highlights of that, or they could have some other matches with Sandman on it. They had their own tapings recently, and it looked fairly good. Of course, as usual, Heyman will probably cut the best matches like he's been doing this whole time with the TNN deal. Enjoy the show, as I'll try to have Impressions tomorrow if I remember to tape that darn show.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with more as usual since I actually, believe it or not, do columns on the weekends, unlike others. So until the next column, just chill...till the next episode!

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